My favourite outdoor games

I told you that I’m not a big fan of the game fetch. Since then I have been asked: What games do you like to play? I have also been asked: What games do Pyrenean Mountain Dogs (or Great Pyrenees) like to play?

I enjoy playing hide and seek – I’m usually doing the seeking. It’s usually very easy for me to find the biped, or cat, that I’m looking for because I make it my business to know where they are all the time. It’s important to me to know where they are so that I can protect them if necessary.

I enjoy playing tug with a rope toy. They taught me as a puppy to release the toy when asked. I sometimes release it without being asked! I find it very funny to wait until a biped is pulling really hard and then suddenly let go. If I time it well they almost fall over and then I can move in and run off with the toy, or just have a nice cuddle.

A ball like mine

A ball like mine

My favourite toy for outdoors is a big ball with a handle. It’s soft and I’ve punctured it with my teeth, but it doesn’t go flat. You can squash it flat, but when you release it air goes back in. It’s very exciting to play with because it’s very unpredictable. It’s impossible to roll it in a straight line because of the handle. When the bipeds kick it, it will suddenly change direction when the handle catches on the ground. But the really good part about the handle is that it makes it easy for me to pick the ball up and run off with it! Then the bipeds have to chase me and try to get it back. It’s the best game ever!

We also play a version of football (or soccer) with the ball. We have one goal area and the bipeds try to get the ball there to score a goal. I keep blocking them. They try to keep the ball on the move as much as possible because I’m often looking for the opportunity to pick it up and run off with it and play at keeping the ball. I make it very difficult for them to get it back. I hold onto it really tightly and I run and I twist and turn. It makes them laugh! Sometimes they don’t manage to get the ball back, but I let them take it when they tell me the game is over. Then they make a big fuss of me.

I enjoy digging in my special corner of the garden. I still sometimes find an unexpected treat or toy there. I enjoy taking logs from the woodshed, if someone has left the gate to that part of the garden open. I arrange them on the lawn. They always put them back again and close the gate!

I’ll tell you about the games I like to play indoors another day. What are your favourite games?

See you next Wednesday!

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  1. You have lots of fun games! I like to dig, but I’m not supposed to. Mama lets me dig a little at the office garden though. I’d much rather walk, walk, walk than play games, but Nalle likes tug of war and chase the tennis balls. Woooooowoooooo, Ku

    • I’m glad you have somewhere you’re allowed to dig because it’s so much fun! I love really long walks as well, it’s great when my bipeds pack a picnic and walk all day with me.

  2. I enjoyed hearing about your games Clowie. I like that ball thingy, I think The Help should get one for Raffles.
    I don’t play any more. I used to play with all the toys that we have but since Zac went I haven’t been interested and now they’re all puppy slobbered anyway.
    The only thing I do is chew on the plastic bones we have for our teeth. That and sit on The Help for a tummy rub.
    Very occasionally I will play with the pup but I have to be feeling very brave because one false move and I’m cactus!! Actually he’s pretty careful, probably like you are, but accidents can happen if he gets too excited 🙂

    • Thank you, Zena. That ball is wonderful, I think Raffles would love one! I expect you’re too tired after keeping Raffles out of trouble to have energy left over for other games. He’ll probably get easier to play with in a few months time, when his brain catches up with his body!

  3. sheltiebeauties

    My favourite game is to spin and run in my yard when the postman comes; I don’t like digging but Mika loves it and my humans aren’t very happy with him. I love tug of war and I love to run with my sister Rosie. She is really good at playing with me and she knows what I like the most.

  4. Elsa Primal Pooch

    Swimming is my all time favourite 🙂 I like playing with balls, fir cones, sticks (even though my people tell me that throwing sticks is dangerous) and the frisbee.Other doggies balls, cones, sticks… are better than mine. I’m a bit of a ball thief. I like to disembowel soft toys. And then there is water!

    • I love playing in water, all year round! Sticks are lots of fun, my bipeds won’t throw them either. They don’t give me soft toys – they say they’re supposed to last longer than two seconds!

  5. Can just see you leading your bipeds a merry dance Clowie! You must all have such fun.

  6. Those are all great games Clowie. Shiner likes to play fetch too, but she never returns the thrown items lol. She likes us to chase her for them 😛

  7. Those games sound much more fun fhan boring fetch! It’s such an over rated game anyway! Now tug of war is entirely different lol wonderful fun and I would enjoy your ball game too. But how exciting – raiding the firewood shed! I’d need a good dig to calm down again!

    • They are lots more fun then fetch! Raiding the woodshed is great. Sometimes there are lumps, from cut off branches, on the sides of really big logs so that I can pick those up and carry them off. Digging is always a good way of relaxing!

  8. Those are some cool games Clowie. I play catch the kibble and find my toy usually three flights up but those are mainly for rainy days. On good days it is squirrel hunting and assorted vermin for me. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Wooo Clowie im like you, don’t do the fetch game I just like to play chase me or I chase you. Kyra place the hide and seek game like you, must be something to do with your breeding being giants 🙂 We would like to know where you got your ball from though, that sounds like fun.

  10. I need one of those balls,as I destroy all mine.. I have no where to dig in our garden but it sounds fun.. Have a wonderful Wednesday Clowie. xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  11. Where do you get those balls and what are they called 🙂 xxx

  12. Typists dog also enjoys the log game!

  13. That handle ball is a great idea! I play with a plastic bowling ball in the house, and it’s too big for my mouth, so I chase it and chase it, but I can never grab it. I sure wish it had a handle! When I’m outside, I stay on my leash, so the only game I can play is running around in circles, sometimes. Mostly I walk nicely and say hi to friends.

    Love and licks,

    • I have lots of fun with it, Cupcake. You never know your luck – it’s possible they’ll get you one of the small ones with a handle as a change from your bowling ball! Running around in circles can be fun sometimes, but you have to remember to change direction after a while or you end up dizzy, woof!

  14. Oh Clowie you have some great games! Especially the “wood arranging” on the lawn. I’m sure your bipeds just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that one! 😉 The ball with the handle looks like fun – especially if you can’t kill it by biting it – it stays full of air anyway! As for me, I like my wand toys of course and I also play hide and seek with my Mom. We take turns doing the hiding and seeking. In our big house there are LOTS of good spots to hide!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Hi Sammy, that ball with the handle is my favourite toy! I have so much fun with it. I think the gate in the garden has something to do with my wood arranging – that gate wasn’t always there. Hide and seek is lots of fun and cats are very good at hiding, apart from their tails! I hope you remember to tuck your tail out of sight, Sammy!

  15. I’m a golden and I enjoy fetch and balls. I blogged many outdoor games I enjoy, did you see the big Kong l I posted recently. My WW is soccer. Happy digging in the garden. Happy BlogPaws Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    • It’s fun to have lots of different games to play, it keeps them all fun! I’m one of the few dogs that doesn’t get on well with that type of Kong toy, but I’m looking forward to trying their treats if they ever arrive locally. I’ll be across to see what you have to say about soccer later – I think it’s lots of fun.

  16. My sister likes to play tug o war and soccer too, I just like to chase other dogs and wrestle 🙂

  17. The rope game and how you play with the humans seems like lots and lots of fun!
    My human and I like to play tag together. I know it sounds a bit strange but she will run after me, and I will run and hide and then go out of the place I was hiding and run after her =^.^=

    • Yes, I think it’s fun to play it that way! Your game sounds likes lots of fun. It may be a little unusual for a cat, but we should all get to play the games we enjoy. Mulberry likes to jump out of hiding places, he thinks he scares us!

  18. Oh Clowie – how cool! You are a soccer fan? me too! Can you come over for a match? To play with my humans is just boring they are foul players :o)

  19. I’m not much on Fetch either Clowie…I like that “Surprise the hoomins by letting go of the tug toy” game a lot…Makes me laugh when Momz falls over … MuaHaHa…And digging in the yar…I have one bed I like to dig in looking for lizards…I like any game that involves me getting treats 🙂

    • Yes, it’s very funny to surprise the bipeds like that! I’m glad you have somewhere to dig, it’s lots of fun. I also enjoy games that mean I get treats!

  20. Oh, I had a dog that just loved to play hide and seek. It’s a great game for those that are interested. Litchi would just adore that ball of yours. She’s a bit like you, the game is more about getting the object and being chased with it, than retrieving it.

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