Spotlight on Paulette Mahurin

I’m really excited to have Paulette Mahurin as my guest today. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy hearing about her. Put your paws together and give her a warm Clowie’s Corner welcome!

Paulette with Terry, her husband

Paulette with Terry, her husband

Clowie: I’m really pleased you could join me today, Paulette.

Paulette: First let me say a huge thank you, Clowie, for having me over to your great site, one of my favorites. And, to your great person, for doing the typing for you.

C: It’s my pleasure! My biped will appreciate that – I’m planning to campaign for a keyboard designed for paws! Would you like to tell us about yourself?

Paulette: I’m a Nurse Practitioner, specializing in Women’s Health with an unmitigated love and passion for all things dogs. My husband, Terry, and I have been involved in dog rescue (mainly rottweilers) for the past 28 years. We’ve been affiliated with several rescue groups and help how we can whenever we can. My recent endeavor is to donate profits from a recently published book to the first and only no-kill animal shelter, Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center, in Ventura County California where I live. There was an article in the Ventura County Star.

Tazzie, painted by Paulette (this is the beloved dog mentioned in the newspaper article)

Tazzie, the beloved dog mentioned in the newspaper article, painted by Paulette

C: It’s wonderful to help homeless animals.

Paulette:  When I’m not involved with work or dog rescue, I love to write and do pro bono work, especially helping women with cancer who need a non-threatening friend with experience to help them in their sometime very scary journey.

C: It sounds as though you’re a very busy person.

Paulette: I’m just a simple down to earth 67-year-old woman who is grateful to be alive after a long, almost 15 year, bout with Lyme Disease (just at the tail end now, thankfully). Dogs are my passion and as long as there is a furry kid in my life I can’t imagine not being okay with whatever else may come my way.

C: I’m glad you’re almost recovered, that must have been difficult for you.

Eli, soon after he was rescued from a kill shelter

Eli, soon after he was rescued from a kill shelter

Paulette:  I’m married to a really great man, Terry, who’s my best friend. No joke. He’s a retired NASA attorney who now only  does pro bono work in the local court house self-help legal clinic to give back to the poor who can’t afford to see an attorney. We’ve been married for 28 years.

C: Congratulations! You’ve been together a long time. I’m guessing there are some dogs in your household now?

Paulette:  Our furry kids are Max ( a purebred rottie thrown into a kill shelter because he was born without a hind paw & the breeder couldn’t sell him) & Bella (a rottie sharpei mix found roaming the streets and also thrown into a kill shelter). They are both a little over 1 year and incredibly fun & loving kids. They are so bonded we have trouble keeping them separated which has recently been a little problem because Bella had eyelid surgery on both eyes from inverted lids scratching her corneas (apparently a problem with sharpei).

C: That sounds painful.

Paulette: She’s healing nicely but they kept looking for where the other was and sat facing each other on different sides of our french doors. We were pretty busy keeping them entertained till she had her stitches out. She was happily reunited with Max who continued to sleep on top of her. Unfortunately, she now has a problem with her leg and we need to separate them again! We have no other children just our furry kids but we’re from a large family of close cousins and wonderful friends who are like extended family.

Max and Bella

Max and Bella

C: Poor Bella! I hope she recovers quickly. What is your favourite game?

Paulette: The very first answer that came to mind was hide and seek with Max & Bella. I go behind a door or get in the closet and whistle for them to find me. Their excitement…well all you dog lovers here know, that wagging tail is too irresistible.

C: Yes, a wagging tail always seems to make bipeds smile!

Paulette: As far as an actual game game I like Charades with fun people who like to get silly and have a good laugh.

C: That can be fun! Do you have a favourite book?

Paulette: There are so many books I’ve read and loved it’s really hard to pick one. Some of my all time favorites: The Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck; To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee; The Razor’s Edge by Somerset Maugham; The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein (great dog book where the dog is the protagonist); A Kinship with all Life by J. Allen Boone (another great dog/animal book) to name a few.

C: Wow! There are one or two familiar ones there and some new ones for my reading list. Thank you very much for being my guest today.

If you’d like to hear more from Paulette you can find her at the following places:

The proceeds from Paulette’s book benefit the Santa Paula Rescue Center. These links go directly to the book at:

See you next Wednesday!

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  1. Such a wonderful person, such a wonderful couple and, of course, who wouldn’t love them with their love for dogs and the work done for them. Great post and interview Clowie

  2. Clowie what a terrific interview and introducing me to Paulette a very kind and generous woman and her noble cause!

  3. Oh Paulette seems such a lovely person xxxx

  4. Clowie, that was a wonderful interview. Paulette is a remarkable lady. We heard of Lyme’s Disease, isn’t that caused through a beetle bite? Just loved it Clowie 🙂 xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • I’m really glad you enjoyed it, Mollie! I think Lyme’s is spread by ticks.

    • xx0xx back at ya mollieandalfie! Lyme comes from a tick bite. It’s one of the things humans and dogs can both get. Luckily Tazzie didn’t get it and lived the the ripe old age of over 15 which is ancient for a rottie. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. I’m all yours. (that last was from Max…he’s such a flirt. But I’m happy to help also-Paulette)

      • Oh, Paulette, I feel for you having to go through Lyme disease. I’m fighting a related tick-borne disease called Anaplasmosis. It makes me feel old, arthritic and wagless when it erupts. Just like the ticks that carry it, they are really sneaky and insidious diseases. Good for you to keep on fighting! You can be my inspiration!
        Stella the Great Newfenees, via my scribe

      • Oh Stella, I think your scribe and our biped mom should adopt each other! Can you please woof that to her? Max & Bella (Hi canadianbooklady. That’s another nasty tick borne disease, used to be called ehrlichiosis, and I can certainly relate to what you’re experiencing. If there’s ever anything you feel I might be able to do for you don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m no expert but have walked through the experience to much better days (unless triggers cause relapses, but even they are not nearly as bad as the original stuff). Big cyber hug to you. Paulette

  5. What a very interesting interview, not the least because I have also had a long battle with chronic Lyme disease! Good job Clowie and it is obvious Paulette does great work with the dogies and the shelter! love Caro (with Austin peeking round the back! )

  6. A wonderful interview – thanks for introducing us to this special person!

  7. Great interview and what kind and lovely people they are. Thanks! Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Nice interview, Clowie. Paulette sounds like lots of fun. Mom tries to play hide and seek with me, but even if she hides in the same exact place 3 times, it’s still hard for me to find her. My brain is very tiny.

    Love and licks,

  9. How nice to meet such kind bipeds Clowie….great job on the interview. Miss Paulette and her husband do so many things to help not just other bipeds but animals too. Remarkable folks and a real blessing to all.

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  10. Great interview…she sounds like a great lady!

  11. Excellent interview Clowie. Both Paulette and her Husband are good people. Thank you for introducing her. So sorry she had to deal with Lyme Disease.

  12. She sure sounds like a super person. We love people that like to rescue animals. Good for them.

  13. Wonderful interview! Thank you for introducing Paulette to us. I can’t imagine that he had lyme disease for 18 years! OMG!! We need more people like her in the world who do so many good things for people and animals.
    Thanks again for featuring her, we greatly enjoyed this post.

  14. What a remarkable woman! Great interview, Clowie. Paulette’s dogs are adorable and she and her hubby do such good work. Wonderful!

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  16. What a great interview… she sounds like a really neat lady!

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    Wednesdays wags

  20. What a great interview! Those is peoples that mes KNOWS me would LOVE.

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