A Fridge Too Far

I decided that I would like to interview a celebrity. I asked my bipeds for advice about this and they said that I should start small to gain some experience. I gave that some thought and decided to interview Pippin – cats are fairly small!

Pippin has star status because he featured in one of my tales – Inspector Clowie.

Clowie: Thank you for joining me for this interview.

Pippin: That’s purrfectly fine.

C: May I ask you how you came to live with our bipeds?

P: They found me behind the fridge.

C: I don’t mean to be rude, but that sounds like one of those stories that bipeds tell – the stork brought you, we found you under a gooseberry bush, we found you behind the fridge.

P: No, no, it wasn’t our fridge, it was the fridge in a different house – and I remember it quite clearly.

C: Would you care to explain what you were doing behind the fridge?

P: I was trying to get away from my brothers and sisters!

C: Didn’t you like them?

P: It wasn’t that, I enjoyed playing with them some of the time. I just felt the need to have some space of my own and I wanted some independence.

C: I can understand that – I was one of eleven, the pick of the litter in fact.

P: I was really quite pleased when our bipeds chose me from my brothers and sisters and took me home with them. I immediately set about exploring my new home.

C: You weren’t worried about leaving your mother?

P: Well, I was a little bit sorry about that, but I was very pleased to get away from my brothers and sisters. My mother did her best for us, but she was very young and inexperienced.

C: And your father?

P: I never met my father. I don’t think he was what my mother’s bipeds had in mind for her, but the young bipeds left the window open and my mother went out for the evening and she met my father. I think he charmed her and here I am.

C: He left her?

P: Well, her bipeds refused to let her see him again, so I’m told. They didn’t think he was good enough for her – he’s a farm cat and she’s Siamese. But I never saw him trying to get to see us. I think he was too busy hunting and fighting to be a house cat.

C: Did you settle into your new home quickly?

P: Yes, as I said, I set about exploring it as soon as I arrived – I was thrilled to discover that our bipeds had thought of everything I need. I was delighted to be living with our bipeds.

C: I think you moved in with them in the year 2 BC?

P: What’s BC?

C: Before Clowie!

P: I know that you have your own blog now, but I hadn’t realised you have your own calendar as well!

C: What other calendar is there?

P: Well, there’s the Chinese calendar.

C: Oh yes, doesn’t that have the year of the dog?

P: Do you want me to go and hide behind the fridge again?

C: No, I don’t think you’d fit behind there now!

P: That’s true, I’ve grown a lot since those days. I’m glad I no longer feel the need to hide from my family.

C: I’m glad about that as well. I hope you’ll tell me some more about your experiences another time. Thank you.

See you next Wednesday!

71 thoughts on “A Fridge Too Far

  1. Good to hear about one of your cats – I know Stan will like to hear about that. We used to have a cat that I found under the dish washer. Our dishwasher. It was a feral kitten that had decided it would prefer live with a family than life outside. It was very timid for a few weeks but then settled in and became very calm. This was about 15 years B.S. (before Stan!)

    • I’m glad there’s a Stan calendar as well. That sounds like a very bright cat – moving in with you rather than living rough.

  2. The days BC was a good one lol

  3. Well done on your first interview Clowie. How about including a picture of Pippin, or is that giving cats just too much credit?

    • I think that’s a bit much! There’s a picture of him if you follow the link to the earlier story about him. I might add the cats to my gallery one day, if they’re very good!

  4. A great start to your new career!

  5. In any career, we should start with what we know! Good job Clowie–I especially liked the BC part too. 🙂

  6. Sometime soon, if I get scared, I’m thinking of hiding behind the fridge. I hope nobody mistakes me for a cat.

    Love and licks,

    • I think you’d have trouble getting behind there! Kittens are very good at getting through tiny gaps. I find the front of the fridge far more interesting – especially when someone opens it. I hope you don’t get scared.

  7. You ‘ll be on television in no time! Good interview!
    Bella and DiDi

  8. Whee don’t think even Nibbles (who is the oldest) can remember many days BC! 😉

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  9. OH Clowie…you can interview me sometime if ya want to…’course I am not famous…but I am sort’a ‘witty’ (vocab builder)…anyways, I always look for your posts…so glad to find one today…I think you post mostly every other day or so….right??

    • Thank you, Savannah! You are quite a celebrity! I think I would like to interview you one day.
      I always post on a Wednesday with an occasional extra on another day.

  10. Aw, Clowie! Your first interview is a winner. Made me smile. Thanks!!! 🙂

  11. Ist das ein süsser Gruss und einen schönen Tag Gislinde

  12. You’re interview technique is 2nd to none Clowie! I think you have it nicely clamped down under that big hairy Pyrenean paw 🙂 I like cats…they’re lovely little soft cushions…and they’re great for giving you a good wash when they curl up with you 🙂 Great calender! Actually I didn’t think there was a time Before Clowie! lol 🙂 It began with you didn’t it?!!

    • Thank you very much! Pippin never tries to wash me, but Mulberry, the other cat, likes to wash my tail for me. It is the best calendar and I don’t believe that there was anything of significance before me!

  13. Great interview Clowie, you’ll soon have your own chat show, you’ve got the looks and the gift of the gab 🙂 We are new to bloggie, so just really stopped by to say Hi 🙂
    Big licks Mollie and Alfie x

  14. BC! Very funny. I like the idea of an interview between two puddy tats.

  15. Hey Clowie, just popped in to let you know I gave you an Award in my latest blog.

  16. We are so glad Pippin fit in so easily and was very happy with the new home. We can’t wait to hear more!

  17. Another brilliant post you make my wesdnesdays (although I am reading this on Monday morning) so much more enjoyable!!

  18. Very good interview Clowie! I think you’ve found your special talent…. I once hid behind our basement freezer when I was a little guy and my humans couldn’t find me ANYWHERE. I didn’t come when they called and thought it was a good opportunity to make them realize just how much I MEANT to them. It worked. I’ve been extra spoiled ever since. However they did block off my special “behind the freezer” hiding spot so I couldn’t go there anymore…..but we cats have our ways – I have some other SECRET hidey spots they’ll NEVER know about! Tee Hee

    Kitty Hugs and congrats on the well-done interview!

    • Thank you, Sammy! I think you’re right – if they can’t find us, it does make them aware of just how much they need us. Every cat should have a secret spot to hide in.

  19. Sweet Clowie – – Go check out my blog today. Luvs you – snout kisses

  20. Hay Clowie, my biggest furriend ever, just wanted to send you ” congratulations ” on the hummmmmard! Obviously it’s top secret at the moment, till you post it!! 🙂
    Big Licks and waggy tails 🙂
    Mollie and Furball ! x

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