Tempus fugit

Time flies! It’s my anniversary, it’s a year since I started my blog. I’ve made lots of lovely friends and the time has flown by. Thank you!

My bipeds have always told me how important my socialisation is. This meant I was fairly sure they would be supportive and help me when I took the next logical step and wanted social media accounts of my own! I make sure they still take me out and about as much as possible in the real world though.

I showed you a photograph last week from a day out with my bipeds and asked you what you could see hiding in it. There were some very interesting suggestions! Here is the photograph again, with a ring round the creature I was talking about.

Mystery creature circled

Mystery creature circled

If you saw something somewhere else, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong – it means I haven’t seen it! Here’s an enlargement of the ringed part of the photograph. It gets a bit blurred.

All clear now?

All clear now?

I don’t think I’d know what type of bird is there, if I hadn’t watched a kestrel flying around us that day. There was open land nearby and he had been hovering for quite a long time, he was searching for his lunch! I thought it only fair that I find a better photograph. This is an adult male.

Adult male kestrel

Adult male kestrel

We often see large birds of prey when we are out walking. I enjoy watching hawks and eagles. It’s very amusing when my bipeds try to take photographs because when we get home and look at the pictures, we can usually only see dots in the sky!

We see a few types of vulture as well. Some live here all year round and some only spend the summer here and go back to Africa for the winter. They look absolutely stunning in flight, they hardly seem to move a feather. But they are not quite so elegant when they are on the ground squabbling over whatever they have found. My bipeds have never allowed me to go and see if I can help!

A pair of Red Kites nest not far from where we live. We can watch them gliding above our garden. They hardly move their wings, they steer by changing the angle of their tail. Sometimes they fly across the garden almost low enough to touch – I think they’re curious about us!

Red Kite

Red Kite (from Wikipedia)

The wildlife here is fascinating, there are so many creatures that are new to us to see – and smell.

See you next Wednesday!

149 thoughts on “Tempus fugit

  1. Oh my very special lady woofie furriend Clowie! I did ot know we started or bloggies at same time! Mom Linda and I luvluvluv your blog. Congratulations on a year of pawsome writing! Your feline furriend in Nor Calif, Savvy

  2. I did see that brown blur but thought it was my eyes!
    A year. I thought you had been blogging longer – you started around the same time that Zac began his blog. We had no idea he wouldn’t make the year.
    Congratulations on a lovely blog – Zena

    • Thank you, Zena! I’m glad you decided to start a blog of your own!
      Zac was one of my earliest friends. I quickly felt as though I’d known him for a long time and I miss him.

  3. Happy blogaversary Clowie! I don’t think I found the hawk last week. They are very beautiful though! We also have lots of hawks, they are red-tailed ones. Vultures too.

  4. Dear Clowie, happy anniversary – that went by in a flash! What a great year it has been – thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

  5. Congrats on your bloggyversary Clowie!
    Birds of prey sure are beautiful

  6. Two paws up on your one year anniversary! Congrats, I think you deserve a big TREAT! And I think your biped ought to read this 🙂

  7. Methinks that bird was staking you! :o) WOOF WOOF WOOF!

  8. Gosh my eye’s are so bad, I searched every part of that photo..BOL Happy Bloggyversary Clowie and loads more to come 🙂 We love Wednesdays xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. What about all the stick insects?? Pfft! Well done on a brilliant year, I can’t wait for the next!

  10. Happy Bloggyversary Clowie, thats a great milestone to reach. My hu’mum is jealous that you have red kites nesting near you and get to see them so well. We love to see the vultures too, we had one fly over our garden a couple of days ago, hu’mum was so excited she took a lot of blurred pictures bol. How great you spotted the kestrel in the tree, well done.

    • Thank you! We do enjoy watching the kites and it’s lovely to be able to see them most days. Their nest can be seen from a track that we walk along and it’s absolutely enormous! It’s a bit far away to get a good photograph with our camera, it would just look like a big blob in the tree.

  11. Congrats on your anniversary. How neat to see those birds while walking. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Happy blogiversary – what a great achievement! We’re looking forward to sharing more of your stories. Mumma, Bubba, Bella & Beary x

  13. Happy Blogoversary, Clowie! Kestrels are beautiful. I saw one hovering down below me when I was in Snowdonia. Red Kites are on the increase in the UK, but haven’t seen any here, only in Germany. Here we just have the old buzzards lol

    • Thank you! We do enjoy watching the large birds. My bipeds sometimes trip over their own feet when we’re walking because they’re so busy looking up at birds!

  14. Happy Blog Anniversary Clowie. You are so lucky to have such pawsome wildlife. We didn’t see it at all. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  15. Congratulations on your anniversary
    May you have many more years of blogging

  16. Happy Blogiversary! I did not see that bird Clowie…You got me! We’ve got many hawks here, some nesting in the oak trees around our yard. There’s also owls. Eagles do hunt here. Lucky that the buzzards (vultures) tend to stay out in the rural areas…we see large groups of them having buzzard parties on rural roads cleaning up the roadkill…They do make themselves useful

    • Thank you! We enjoy watching the large birds. When we drive into town, there are often birds of prey perched on the telephone wires by the side of the road watching for roadkill – they do keep it clean!

  17. Happy anniversary, my blog is gonna be a year old soon too, I’ll get Doggy naked and show his pictures that day.
    I started following you on twitter, I’m friends with Oprah and the Pope just so you know.
    When we go to the country we don’t get to see many bird, but we see a bunch of rabbits and boars, which aren’t birds but if you throw them high enough they look like flying lol (I know, bad joke).

    • Thank you! I’m looking forward to your anniversary, but I’ll have to be careful because my bipeds have said they’ll take away my internet privileges if they catch me looking at porn!
      I followed you on Twitter before I knew the sort of people you associate with on there – I’ll have to think about that and decide what to do. Do you mean the pope we voted for or that biped imposter?
      I’ve heard of flying elephants, but not flying boar!

  18. Happy Anniversary! It is a great accomplishment writing a blog for a year, but meeting new friends along the way is all worth it! We love you guys!

  19. Congratulations on one whole year of blogging Clowie! YAY! Time flies when you’re having fun doesn’t it? I’m happy to say we are friends and I hope we always will be……….meanwhile, how interesting that we still aren’t sure what that “blurry blob” in the tree was….I see BIG birds occasionally in my woods – we have owls, hawks of all kinds, vultures – lots of big stuff out there hunting. It’s fun to watch them!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Thank you, Sammy! I’m very glad to have you as a friend. I find it fascinating to watch the large birds. We often hear the owls at night, but don’t see them quite so much.

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