This Friday, 3rd October, is World Smile Day. The theme is, “Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile!”


That sounds like a lovely idea to me! It would be wonderful if every day could be like that.

It’s something that is easy to get involved in as most of us animals enjoy making people smile. There will be a smile blog hop on Friday, you can find the details on Sugar’s blog.

I thought about what I could do to make all of you smile. I decided that many of my blogging friends have lovely smiles, so I would share a few pictures of them. I’m hoping you’ll smile with them! Enjoy their smiles in the gallery of photos and then I will introduce them to you and tell you where to find them.

Aqua paw print
They all have interesting blogs. I’ve kept my introduction to a few sentences each. Just click on the small image at the side to visit them!

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Dakota of Dakota’s Den

Dakota, Sheltie, smiling Dakota is a Sheltie, or Shetland Sheepdog. He finds great books to review. He also gives his opinion on useful items and sometimes gives them away to his readers. He is fearless when it comes to tasting new treats! He has a knack for sniffing out interesting news. And he still finds time to have fun and make us laugh!

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Misaki of The Misadventures of Misaki

Misaki, a Malamute, smiling

I’ve seen Misaki grow from a cute and mischievous pup into a beautiful adult Alaskan Malamute. She entertains us with her adventures and experiences. She still indulges in the occasional spot of mischief! She was feeling a little unwell yesterday, so stop by to cheer her up!

Aqua paw print

Love Is Being Owned by a Husky

Husky from owned by a husky There are three Siberian Huskies – Mika, Lexus and Koda. They live with three cats. Visit them to follow their adventures, read product reviews, get general training tips, see beautiful images, handmade jewellery – and all things Husky!

Aqua paw print

Emma of My GBGV Life

Emma, Bailie and Katie at the lake, dogs Emma, on the right, and Bailie are French scent hounds (Grand Bassett Griffon Vendéen). Katie is a Kuvasz. They are probably the busiest dogs I know! Sometimes they are cooking treats that make me drool on my keyboard! But you don’t have to worry about them putting on weight – they take lots of exercise and they are often out and about on their adventures.
Aqua paw print

Cupcake of Cupcake Speaks

Cupcake, smiling dog Cupcake is a very sweet dog who lives with an author of books for children. She hopes to be the star in a best seller one day and shares her insights into the writing process. Cupcake has a fun job – she visits the library, where children read stories to her. She looks very cute when she dresses up and does tricks.

Aqua paw print

Living the Squeak Life

guinea pig close up This is the newest of the blogs I’m bringing to you today, it was started in February. They are very cute guinea pigs. Hop on over to see photographs of them – you’ll also find out what guinea pigs get up to every day and the sort of things they think about!

Aqua paw print

Aspen of Tylersat99

Aspen, a Landseer puppy Aspen is the newest member of the family at Tylersat99. He was nine weeks old when this picture was taken. He’s grown a lot since then – he will be five months old tomorrow and weighs more than 70 pounds. He still has some growing to do to catch up with Mica, the adult Newfoundland, who keeps a watchful eye on him. You’ll find lots of great photos on their blog and don’t miss following along on one of the walks – you’ll wish you could be there with them!

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Other News

Savannah’s Paw Tracks

Savannah's Paw Tracks teaser for Oct 1 Today is the big day! Don’t forget to visit Savannah and find out what she is up to!

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“His Name was Ben” by Paulette Mahurin

Cover of His Name Was Ben by Paulette Mahurin “His Name was Ben” by Paulette Mahurin has recently been published. I haven’t read it yet, but the early reviews are fantastic! Clicking on the image at the side will take you to the book on Amazon. Profits from the book will help rescue dogs.

Many of you will remember Paulette from the interview she did with me – Spotlight on Paulette Mahurin.

You can visit her blog – The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap.
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I hope you’re all smiling.

Don’t forget to smile on Friday!

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67 thoughts on “Smile!

  1. A great collection of smile inducing blogs Clowie, thanks for sharing!

  2. I like this blogs! I agree it was interesting to see how Misaki grew up and now we can see how Aspen grows a little bit with every post! I wish I would be a sheltie like Dakota, to manage the smile day, it’s not easy for a non-smiling breed to take a good photo :o)

    • Yes, some breeds have a natural smile! Other breeds just can’t look as though they’re smiling. I tried looking for a smiling cat and could only find the Cheshire Cat – I always find that more sinister than happy!
      You have other ways of looking cute and making people smile!

  3. Great selection and we will join you in a smile or two. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. momwithoutpaws smiles at strangers especially if they have a frown. She even talks to strangers. I guess she is not strange ..

  5. Dear friend, you always make me smile just by you being you. Spotlighting so many of your friends and their blogs is a great act of kindness, not only for them to be recognized but also for us so we can find out about them. I’ve often said to my husband, when I grow up, I want to be like Clowie.

  6. Reblogged this on kanzen sakura and commented:
    Clowie is one of my most favorite bloggers. You can read this original post at her website, along with many more great posts. Please go and get to know my friend.

  7. P I reblogged on my site…..I hope you have a smiley day!!! 🙂 ❤

  8. Excellent selection of smilie blogs Clowie……….I know I always get a BIG smile when I visit you!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  9. Great idea about featuring the blogs Clowie! There are some very cute pictures of fur kids to make us SMILE!!

  10. Reblogged this on The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap and commented:

    I LOVE Clowie who is wise, and friendly, and considerate, and loving, and so ADORABLE. Have a visit over there and SMILE.

  11. U R so sweet to include us here. Yeah us. When it comes to your site, and some of our other favorite furball cyberfriends, we’re all in the loop. Thanks for the shout out of the biped’s book. Thanks for all the wonderful photos. Thanks for giving attention to the other great sites. And thanks for having a heart of gold. WE LOVE CLOWIE. I’m going to head over to the reblog I just did and post my act of kindness. And, for anyone reading this comment feel free to head over and get in on the act. It may be a free gift. Hint hint.

    • You’re very welcome. I’m glad you like the photographs – they all make me smile. That sounds very interesting – I’ll be right over to see you!

  12. What a great post!
    I know almost all of these blogs, and I will definitely visit the ones I don’t know!
    Thanks so much for mentioning us, I truly appreciate it 🙂 🙂 🙂
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  13. Beautiful! I love doggie smiles. 🙂

  14. Way to go, Clowie. We’re wagging real hard racking our snouts to think of kind acts to generate to make others smile. The fun thing is it’s making us smile to think about that. wag wag wag from Terry, Max, Bella, Lady Luck, & Paulette

  15. Clowie you are the most thoughtful Woofie pal ever. I know most of those blogs,,but the piggies are new to me and I am hopping over to visit. Thank you ever so much for giving my big COMMENTATHON AND PAW IT FORWARD BLOG HOP a shout out. I have already had some of your followers stop by!

  16. What a happy and fun post! Thanks for including me, C. Now I will choose a few new smiling friends to visit and follow!

    Love and licks,

  17. So sweet! This post made Mom, my sisters, and I smile. Thank you for thinking of us! We are friends with many of those other smiling furry faces too.

  18. Who could help but smile at all those sweet faces? Some of them we know, and some we don’t, so thanks for sharing some new faces for us.

  19. you are such a sweetheart! Dakota is HONORED to be among such amazing fur babies with dynamite SMILES!!! Thank you Clowie! Barks and licks and love, Dakota and Caren

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