When I was a puppy, we used to go to Wimpole Hall for a walk quite regularly. It was a short drive away and we could walk near to grazing farm animals easily. My bipeds said that getting accustomed to being near cows and sheep without getting excited was part of my socialisation. I also had quite an adventure with a kissing gate there one day.

This particular morning I was with just one biped. We had walked along the track that went near all the grazing cows and I’d walked by them without paying much attention. I was a little over a year old and I’d seen them lots of times. We carried on and went for a lovely walk in the woods. When we returned we passed the main entrance to the house on our way back to the car park.

Wimpole Hall, main entrance - from Wikimedia Commons

Wimpole Hall, main entrance – from Wikimedia Commons

It was a weekday and we hadn’t seen anyone else at all, but when we got to the car park a coach arrived and stopped. The doors opened and lots of children, of about  eleven or twelve years old, got out. They saw me and they hurried across to us. The first ones to arrive starting stroking me. My biped said, “Not all at once! Take it in turns!”

The children stroked me quite gently, I think some of them were a little nervous. My biped saw how relaxed I was about it and didn’t protest when more of the children surrounded me. But I know she was keeping a close eye on me, to make sure I was still happy. One or two of them asked my name and lots of them were telling me how beautiful I am. I thought it was wonderful to have so many youngsters making a fuss of me at once!

The adults that were with the children stood by the door of the coach chatting together. After about five minutes one of them came closer to us and asked, “Are they ready for us up at the house now?”

My biped replied, “I don’t know. The main entrance isn’t very far.” She pointed and added, “It’s in that direction.”

The teacher said, “Oh, aren’t you here to take us up to the house?”

My biped said, “No, we just came here for a walk. We’re on our way back to the car.”

The teacher then spoke to the other adults and they started rounding up the children and they headed towards the main entrance. She then came to speak to us, “I’m so sorry, I would have rescued you sooner but I thought you were here to meet us. Your dog looked so relaxed, it was as though she expected all that attention.”

My biped said, “She loves attention and the children were being gentle. I would have called for some help, if she had been stressed.”

The teacher then asked about my breed, she said that some of the children would be sure to ask later. My biped told her a little about my ancestors protecting flocks in the mountains. The teacher told me that I’m very beautiful and patient. She thanked us and said that we had helped to make it a memorable day for the children. Then she left to catch up with the rest of the group.

We strolled across to our car and my biped opened it for me to get in. I could tell she was proud of me by the way she patted me as I settled down. I took a nap on the way home – the perfect way to end a delightful outing!

See you next Wednesday!

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  1. What a gorgeous place for a stroll – and to top it off you made those kids’ day! Nice work.

    • Yes, it’s a lovely place to take a walk – and there are a variety to choose from. I’m always happy to let children make a fuss of me.

  2. What an adventure Clowie. You are a very unflappable girl – not every dog would have coped so well. You certainly made some kids very happy!

  3. Sounds like you’re a natural with the kids.
    May I ask what is the history behind that beautiful building?

    • I can tell you something about it – building began in 1640 and it was owned by the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire. He sold it some years before he died and it has been owned by a number of titled families. One of the most notable was the Earl of Hardwicke – it was passed from one earl to the next for many generations. The last private owner was a British diplomat, whose wife was the daughter of the author Rudyard Kipling. He died in the 1940s but his widow survived until 1976. The house and grounds then became the property of the National Trust [] (they maintain many stately homes and conservation areas). They have done extensive work on restoring the grounds and run the estate as a working farm, they have rare breeds of animals.

  4. We don’t get to see bigger animals here very often. I have been taken out into the countryside but your post today has reminded The Help that Raffles hasn’t seen cows or sheep yet.
    He did see a Deer Hound at our park and it was funny, he literally did a double take!! He isn’t used to seeing many animals bigger than himself 🙂

    • Zena, I’ve looked in my crystal ball and I predict that you will be taking an excursion into the countryside before many weeks have passed. You will be expected to show Raffles how to behave when there are cows and sheep around. Have a fun day out!

  5. Such a great way to let everyone know that Pyrs are gentle loving dogs. Satin always love the children around and watched over them at our house. Mica likes to let people know about Newfs too:-)

    • We always spend a few minutes with anyone who wants to make a fuss of me. It’s a small thing to do to show dogs, especially large ones, in a positive light. I know you do the same. I think it’s important when we hear so many negative things about dogs in general these days.

  6. What a wonderful place, that reminds me once when I was in a shop, a woman came up to me and asked where the baked beans were, she thought I worked there..LOL See you next Wednesday Clowie, have a wonderful week 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. If I were your biped, I would be SO proud of you too Clowie! What a sweet story 🙂

  8. Awwww what a pawsome story, I love the kids too but mummy has to pick me up if there are too many as they all tower over me. then I’m happy to have as much fuss as they can give too.

    You are an ambassador for your breed Miss Clowie xxxxx

    • Thank you. I do enjoy it when children make a fuss of me. I’m glad you enjoy meeting them, and you get a cuddle at the same time! They can get a bit excited and pushy.

  9. You are really so good, I love the idea of you working at that big house!!

  10. Wow Clowie……they thought you were the Mistress of the Manor when you were there and they got out of their bus…..I’m sure it was because you looked so regal and behaved so well. What a nice story and isn’t that a BEAUTIFUL place to have a stroll!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Thank you, Sammy. I really enjoyed meeting all those children. It is a lovely place to go for a walk – there’s such a variety of walks.

  11. What an exciting way to meet up with so many children and you’re so patient and gentle to them. You’re amazing, Clowie!

  12. Excellent job with all those kids! And what a beautiful place to visit now and then too!

  13. Sounds like it was a nice meet and greet with the little people. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  14. I’ll bet to meet you was more interesting for the kids than the Wimpole Hall :o) But that’s a nice crib, I would like to live there – when we had someone who would clean all the windows for us :o)

    • Hi Easy, it would make a great pad. But you’d need lots more staff than you have now. I wouldn’t like to clean all those windows – it must take ages!

  15. What a lovely place to visit. Its not to far away from me, will have to try to take a trip there!

    • I think you’d enjoy it, Misaki! Get your bipeds in the car one weekend and tell them to head up the M11 and turn left! There are better directions here [] if you don’t know the way.

  16. What a great adventure. Our hoomans love Wimpole Hall too. It’s a lovely place to visit.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  17. My Kuvasz sis is really good with kids too…funny how your types can be so very gentle and then spring into action and be so fierce! When we lived in Germany we walked on the dikes a lot where the sheep roamed free. Katie was pretty good at leaving them alone…I think if you are around them enough they become no big deal!

    • It still amazes my bipeds how quickly I can spring into action when I look half asleep. They laugh because I’ll sleep through lots of normal household noises, but if there’s the slightest unusual sound I will be instantly awake and checking it out!

  18. For sure you made the children happy. Lots of Happy SMILES. happy Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  19. What a great experience! And, you did so well with all of the kids, I’d be proud too!

  20. We have deer here but my cats all think they are just very large cats!

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