Hide and seek

I enjoy playing hide and seek. I don’t often get to hide – I don’t think my bipeds like losing sight of me! I usually do the searching while they hide, but on the occasion this photograph was taken I took my chance to hide myself, while they were unpacking a picnic. I think it was very difficult to see me. They say they knew where I was all the time!

Can you see me?

Can you see me?

At home sometimes one of the bipeds will ask me to go and find the other biped. It’s never difficult to find them, but they’re always pleased when I do. We also play a game where they ask me where one of the cats is. Sometimes the cat is in the same room! When that happens I just look at the cat and then back at the biped. That makes them laugh! Then I wag my tail and they give me a hug.

But sometimes they really don’t know where the cat is and I need to search. Mulberry hides if he thinks he’s going to be given a tablet and Pippin hides if the bipeds get a cat basket out. When I have found the correct cat I come back and wag my tail to let them know I have found the cat. Often the bipeds can tell which room I found the cat in, but occasionally they will ask me to show them. I’m ever so proud of myself when that happens!

Every Tuesday my friend Sammy has a Tuesday Teaser photograph and we all try to guess where the photograph was taken. I’m not going to ask you where this photograph was taken, but I’m going to ask if you can spot something hiding in it – I don’t mean me! I saw this other creature soon after I read “Where’s Waldo” on Cindy Knoke’s blog. I’ve seen the photograph loads of times and never noticed it before.

What can you see?

What can you see?

The photograph will enlarge enough to see what type of creature is there, but will pixellate if you try to zoom much more. I’ll let you know next week, if you can’t spot it!

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

See you next Wednesday!

100 thoughts on “Hide and seek

  1. Those are our fav games, Clowie. We think you did a great job of hiding in that tree and we’ll tell you, that tree never looked better than to be graced by your. wag wag, Max & Bella

  2. Could it be some species of bird in the pine tree? Clowie very clever game, I had to get the magnifying glass out is that considered cheating? This was great fun hope we get to play again!

  3. I think I might see something in the tree… very hard! We used to play hide and seek with my dog when we were kids. Our dog would be on the seeker’s side and help them find the hider! Hehe was always lots of fun!

  4. Love your herding instincts Clowie! The only command we know to find anyone in our house is to say ‘find your sister’ to George, our Cocker Spaniel, and he can do that 😉 Think there might be a bird in the tree but not sure what kind!

  5. Rather difficult to hide when you’re the size you are Clowie 🙂 I used to have one dog that loved playing hide and seek (we hid, she searched). Then the next dog who searched very, very well but gave us untold hell for having hidden. It was hilarious

    • It is difficult for me to hide, but I’m much better at searching than the bipeds are! It sounds as though you had lots of fun with the game!

  6. Love hide and seek Clowie. Clever you. We can’t spot anything durhhh so we will have to wait till next time when you help us out. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. I’ve never played hide n seek Clowie but it sounds great fun 🙂 I have enlarged and studied the picture, I can’t see anything but you..BOL tell me what it is 🙂 xx00xx

  8. Hi Clowie! WOW……you really are such a smart girl playing hide and seek so well…..I like to do that with my Mom sometimes – she’s pretty good at finding me. As for your photo with a hidden “creature” – I can’t find a THING!!! This is the best Teaser I’ve seen!!! Can’t wait to hear what it is and WHERE it is…….

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Thank you, Sammy! It’s lots of fun to play hide and seek. We have a few photographs of spots in the sky and blurs of fur, so I could have a series of teasers, woof!

  9. I think there’s something in one of the trees to the right, but I can’t tell if it’s a bird or mammal! I used to love playing hide and seek with my friends when I was little.

    • I’m going to make you wait to see – just like Meghan would! I’m so pleased when I find whoever is hiding, it’s lots of fun.

  10. You are the master of hide and seek, however the stick insects are not so good – I can see them everywhere! I am assuming those are the creatures you were talking about right?

  11. I will have to wait until next week. But my imagination ran wild with all kind of creepy crawlers. lol

  12. I think I see a bird or something in the pine or fir tree to the right. I see YOU!!

  13. Looks like fun. I don’t like playing hide and seek with mom because I don’t like losing her, sometimes she hides from me, though. Finding the cats is more fun!

    • It is fun! I know what you mean about not wanting to lose your mom – I like to know where everyone in the household is.

  14. You had Mom staring at this for like 15 MINUTES!! Well done you!! She had to read your friend’s blog too for a better idea. Mom thinks she sees something in the tree on the LEFT (pine tree) and possibly on the right too but her eyes might have been playing tricks on her!

    • Excellent!! I hope you took the chance to get into some mischief, Dakota! You’ll have to be patient to find out what is there.

  15. We play hide & seek with Mommy all the time! It is such a fun game! Tag, you’re it!

  16. What a fun game, Clowie, and I love the photos!

  17. I clicked on the photo, but can’t find whatever it might be, will be back next week for the answer! You might be tough to spot if we were playing hide and seek in the snow 🙂

  18. what lovely surroundings you have x

  19. Hide and seek sounds like a fun game but I haven’t played this game with my humans as they never let me out of their sight at all.

    Is there a little bird on the branch on the right?


  20. I haven’t a clue but dogs are beautiful ~ great photos ~ hugs, ^_^

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