The first time I ever saw a kitten

I’ve already told you about when I met Pippin – the first time I ever saw a cat. Pippin needed some time to adjust to the idea of having a puppy in the house. Mulberry was a kitten and he was a lot more enthusiastic about the idea.

I’d been in my home for a few days when I met Mulberry. He is only a couple of months older than I am. One of the bipeds opened the kitchen door and Mulberry charged in and landed on my head, knocking me over! He seemed to think that I was a new toy for him. Once I got up again, we bounced around the room together. He jumped on my head a few more times – he seemed to find it amusing when I fell over. We had a lot of fun, but as soon as I was tired the biped took Mulberry away again and I had a nice nap.

Mulberry on footstools

Mulberry on his footstools!

I saw Mulberry at least once every day after that. He liked to climb in my water bowl and play with the water. We would play chase around the room, but he always jumped on a bench if I got close to catching him. He would then wait for me to sit still and he’d run across the room and land on my head – he could knock me over in this way until I was almost four months old, even though he was so much smaller than I was.

When I got a bit better at catching him, he invented a new game. He would sit on the bench in the kitchen and I would reach up with my face. He would tap me on the nose with his paws and I would try to touch him with my nose. When I could reach him more easily, he sat at the back of the bench so that I was still stretching. However good I got at this game, Mulberry always won – he made the rules and changed them when he wanted.

Then one day we’d been playing for a little while when I noticed that his tail was dangling down at the back of the bench. I put my head underneath the seat of the bench and gripped his tail firmly and tugged. He fell off the back of the bench onto the floor. I was sure I’d won this time! But Mulberry was cross, he immediately left the kitchen. He wouldn’t play with me for a few days after that. When he did decide to play with me again, he made sure to keep his tail tucked up on the bench.

He still changed the rules of the game all the time, but I didn’t mind because I enjoyed playing with him. I really thought that winning was going to be a lot more fun than it was – I missed playing with Mulberry. That’s how I learnt that cats make the rules of games and they reserve the right to change them at any time without telling you.

Mulberry lying on his back

Tickle my tummy!

We still play a version of this game. Mulberry lies on his back on the sofa and I try to touch his tummy with my nose. He taps my nose with his paws, never a claw in sight. Visitors who don’t know us very well think it looks quite scary. Mulberry always says he’s won, but I don’t mind – it’s just fun to play together!

See you next Wednesday!

107 thoughts on “The first time I ever saw a kitten

  1. OM Gosh, Look how fluffy Mulberry is! I laughed at the footstool picture too. What a character. You’re so sweet to be gentle even when Mulberry was knocking you over. You’re a rockstar! Quick, go tickle Mulberry’s tummy! HA

    • He’s a real fluffkin! And he’s turned looking cute into an art form – the bipeds can’t resist giving his tummy a tickle!

  2. Oh we want to jump through the screen and tickle his tummy. wag wag Max, Bella & Typist. 🙂

  3. Mulberry is so fluffy you just want to give him a big long hug x

  4. Mulberry’s floofiness is magnificent. His dangly tail must have been irrresistable!! Have a great week xx

  5. Mulberry is adorable 🙂 Loved it Clowie when you tugged on his tail and he fell off the bench..Bawaahhaaa Cats are good toys to play wiff 🙂 xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  6. Hee hee sounds like the most fun!

  7. Ha ha Clowie we are laughing about pulling Mulberry off the bench. LOL!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Both you and Mulberry were very lucky to be so young when you met. Sounds like the friendship survived the tug of war 😉 Glad you still have fun together.

    • Yes, we used to have lots of fun and tire each other out. We’re good friends and still play together – he doesn’t knock me over anymore!

  9. Lol made me laugh when Mulberrry got huffy over you pulling his tail!

  10. BOL Mulberry sounds like a good furfriend to have around. I used to have a cat furfriend and we used to play games too.

  11. Those kitten/cat games sound like fun. I have never had a cat jump on my head, but I enjoy jumping on the heads of bigger dogs.

    Love and licks,

    • He stopped jumping on my head when it didn’t make me fall over anymore. We still have lots of fun together, he likes chasing my tail!

  12. My cat bro Bert and I hang out together a lot, he seems to think he is a dog, but my other cat doesn’t like dogs at all, so she is no fun!

    • Sometimes my bipeds say that Mulberry thinks he’s a dog. I get on well with both of my cats, but they have different ways of playing with me.

  13. I like Mulberry – a cat who need footstoolS is great. Mulberry is cool ;o)

  14. Well Clowie, I must say you show much patience with Mulberry, the rule changer. I wish more bipeds would be as friendly to each other as you and Mulberry are. I enjoyed your sharing very much and it certainly put a huge grin on my face this morning! I read this to my Sam Cat and he very much wished he could join in the fun. So did I!

  15. Mulberry is a cutie and a very relaxed cat on that footstool! It’s good you two like to play and yeah Clowie, cats kinda rule the roost.. 🙂

    • He is cute – and he knows it! Cats have their own ideas about things and they usually manage to get their own way.

  16. hi Clowie! since this is a kitty post I had to stop by. I am Dakota’s kitty brother Cody and I LOVE how you described the games that kitties and doggies play. When I play with Dakota my Dad always likes to say that “Cody makes up the rules of the game”…….that Mulberry looks like my kinda kitty! Love, Cody

    • Hi Cody, it’s nice to see you again! I think you’d get on very well with Mulberry. I never get to make the rules, but I do enjoy playing!

  17. Mulberry is so handsome and you are such a good dog to be so nice to that kitty. Our dog loves us too. We think it is just terrific that you two are such good friends. Have a great day.

  18. So cute! It’s true what they say, “Cats rule, dogs drool.” 😀

  19. Clowie makes friends with everyone – she is just so gentle and sweet ……………………:) Love to You and Rose ….xxx

  20. Aww Clowie you playing with Mulberry would be so so so cute! Maybe one day you can tell your biped to take a video of it! It just shows like usual what a great little gentle giant you really really are!!! 🙂

    • If we see them with the camera, we always stop playing! They do try to sneak up on us sometimes, but we always hear them!

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