Purrfect Obedience Cat

I thought it would be nice if I told you a little about Mulberry today, he’s my other cat. I asked him if he’d like me to introduce him to you in an interview. He went and hid, so I’ve taken that as a “no” – he isn’t as confident as Pippin is.

Mulberry is incredibly cute and likes to lie around on his back a lot – which is a cunning plan to get his tummy tickled by the bipeds.

Mulberry lying on his back

Tickle my tummy!

He also does obedience work for treats – which is quite unusual for a cat. This came about one day when I was doing some obedience indoors, as it was pouring hard with rain. I was doing a little walking to heel and turning nicely. My biped and I needed to turn a lot, as you can’t get far in a straight line indoors without meeting a wall.

We hadn’t been working for very long, when Mulberry started following us up and down the room. When I was given a treat for an exceptional “sit and stay”, Mulberry head-butted the biped in the leg – he wanted a treat as well. The biped found his treats and gave him one.

We walked down the room again and Mulberry walked on the other side of the biped. I don’t mind a little competition, but I never expected to compete with a cat doing obedience! I did another perfect “sit and stay”, while the biped walked up and down with Mulberry – she even gave him a treat before she came back and rewarded me.

I then did a “down and stay”, while Mulberry was given treats for walking up and down the room again – the biped then stopped and she took the treat above Mulberry’s nose as though he was a puppy and he sat! She gave him a treat and, eventually, came and gave me one as well.

Mulberry on footstools

These are MY footstools!

The biped then had a little game with me and gave me a fuss. She then called Mulberry to her. He did a perfect recall. He tore down the room in a perfectly straight line, leaping over anything in his path. The biped found this very entertaining and repeated this a few times. Once he jumped over me, while I was trying to snooze!

He still does little tricks to get treats out of the bipeds. Pippin says that even though Mulberry is his friend, he doesn’t think he’s really a cat – he just looks like one. Sometimes we call him a “cog” ( a cat who thinks he’s a dog) and sometimes we call him a “dat” (a small dog who looks like a cat).

Now you know a little more about my friend Mulberry.

See you next Wednesday!

81 thoughts on “Purrfect Obedience Cat

  1. O no, more competition you are not safe in your house either! Typist is now wishing she had a cog pfft!

  2. Mulberry is a very cute cat and a very smart one. Your good obedience with treats encouraged him to try too, and he did well. You told a very good story of the personality of your second cat 🙂

  3. Sounds like you think Mulberry is a CAD 😉 Here’s a video of what all this competition could lead to if you want to escalate the challenge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5dIB2oF6sQ

    We think Mr M is fabby 😀

  4. I do not like that little kitty trying to show you up when you are studying, Clowie! YOU are the star and those are YOUR footstools! Cats. Ugh.

    Love and licks,

  5. Mulberry is pretty smart to figure out how to get extra treats by copying YOU! I’m thinking you taught him all about obedience since you were his role-model……Good for you Clowie!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • He does copy me, he also copies Pippin. Mulberry wants to know how you can enjoy hugs in the summer, he says he gets too hot to cuddle properly.

      • Well, hugs can be little quick snuggles OR long-drawn out affairs so in the summer – the quick type works pretty well! Mulberry is right though that the BEST cuddling is winter cuddling!! 😉

        Quick Summer Hugs, Sammy

  6. Wow Clowie, don’t let Mulberry see that video!!! I can see your treat’s hopping out the window, in a Cogs tummy !!!! Bol.
    Big Paw Five’s Mollie x

  7. Delightful! Mulberry is pretty cute but I wonder if your dat is an undercover spy? You mentioned he was following you….mmmm? Maybe the secret camera is hidden in his tummy and your bipeds aren’t actually giving tickles they’re clicking it on!! You should probably keep an eye out.

  8. We have the exact same thing with our boy, Jasper. He gets along great with dogs, but hates cats and racoons. And he’ll go through an entire ritual to get his treats!

  9. That’s awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing that funny cat story. Sounds like a good buddy to have around.

  10. Mulberry is so fluffy and beautiful and obedience trained???? Don’t show my Mom this, I don’t want her to get any ideas. Love, Cody

  11. Aww! Mulberry is lovely 🙂 And so clever! I loved reading about him – he has your bipeds so well trained lol…and no wonder he does such a wonderful flying recall – with treat training like that I wouldn’t waste any time getting back to bipeds either! Wouldn’t like them to forget their training and not produce the treat! He looks like he’s smiling in that photo and I can see why 😉 I have a visitor very similar in appearance to Mulberry but short-coated…he’s not shy though! Yells very loudly at the back door to announce his presence and if it’s open strides straight in and rolls onto his back on the sitting room floor waiting, like your Mulberry to have his tummy tickled. Of course he’s trying to train us to feed him as he thinks he’s hungry…he’s not! He’s huge! He’s big boned admittedly (and hugely purry and cuddlesome) but decidedly on the large side, shall we say and definitely doesn’t need any more food! I think you should enter Mulberry in the Olympics! He’s a champ!! 🙂

  12. Hmm, I’ve never known any cats like Mulberry. Maybe there’s a very small dog hiding under all that fur!

  13. Woof! Clowie, how do you feel about Mulberry getting all comfortable on your footstools?!! Love the cog and dat descriptions. 🙂 xo Berner Girls

    • I don’t mind him spreading out on the footstools, I’m not allowed on them anyway. I did used to get jealous of him being on a lap when I was a puppy, I don’t mind now – but I sometimes move in close to get some attention from the biped as well.

  14. Aiieeee…este gato es muy preciosa!! just sayin…my Mom is totally luving this! Mulberry can come stay with us anytime, as of course, can you my sweet Clowie!! Our Sierra Nevada mtns in Northern Calif are not as spectacular as yours in Spain, but still catgone nice!! great story!!!

    • I hoped you’d enjoy hearing about Mulberry! He says you’re obviously a very intelligent cat. He’s not sure about visiting you because he’s quite nervous of meeting people, he often hides when we have visitors.

  15. Wow Clowie! I didn’t know cats could be such competition for us dogs.
    I really have Beloved trained quite well now and I certainly wouldn’t want to have a cat/cog/dat showing me up!
    Beloved knows I don’t do come unless I know there’s something in it for me. For some reason though I am compelled to obey the sit/stay command. I don’t get it, it’s like I lose all autonomy.
    Anyway, I am impressed and have to say – you come from a good looking family.
    I know what you mean about the lap, I get to sit on Beloved but even then Zena will jump on top of me and before long there’s a foot in my back or she’s lying on me so I get down which is obviously what she wants.
    I don’t get jealous now……. I get even!!!
    Ghost stories, tall tales and other fun games at night 🙂
    All in good fun of course because although I am not a stunning mountain dog, I am a cute, well mannered (if not well trained) Tibbie.

    • I think that cats find his attitude even more worrying than we dogs do. Cats usually get things out of the bipeds while doing very little in return.
      They complain about my recall sometimes – but I do need to check the whole area for potential threats when we’re out. I do a perfect recall in an enclosed space!

  16. Hi Clowie!!!! Me again!!!! I’m back to tell you that I nominated you for another blogging award on my blog today so PLEASE make sure you visit me and get the word…….It’s “The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award” – since I’m not a “sister”, I let Mom answer the questions (aren’t I nice to share???).

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  17. FaRADaY: *shakes head* Mulberry, you supposed to be training the BIPEDS. Oh wait…you mean they gave you TREATS that way? Hrm, maybe you are training them!

  18. And some people say you can’t train a cat! My mom tried telling me that so, by the next time she came around, my “baby boy” had learnt to “look at the sky”, “look at my face” and sit for food on command. He has since learnt “stand”, at which point he stands on his hind legs. He also plays “fetch” properly, which is more than I can say for my dog (with her past challenges in life, I am pleased with her for just sitting).

    • They’re not usually as keen to get treats as Mulberry is, but I agree they do learn things.
      Mulberry will sometimes “fetch” – very funny!
      I will “fetch” once, but then I look at them as if to say, “you threw it, you fetch it!” They’ve tried to convince me, but I don’t see the point of it.

  19. Mulberry is very handsome and we are impressed with his abilities. Oui Oui played fetch when she was a kitten, bu sadly doesn’t any more. Don’t forget to stop by and visit us, we are giving away kitty toys we are sure Pippin & Mulberry would love!

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