Almost got my goat

This happened on one of my trips to Wimpole Hall, when I was about six months old. We arrived in the car park and my biped started to put on her coat. She hadn’t let me out of the car, I made a noise to tell her that I needed to get out in a hurry. She asked, “Can’t you wait until I’ve changed into my wellington boots?”

I fidgeted to show how urgent it was that I get out. She came and opened the back and clipped my lead on and allowed me to get out. I immediately started sniffing around very excitedly. My biped told me to sit. She said I had to wait while she changed into her boots, as the ground was very wet after all the rain we’d had. She put the car keys in her pocket and she got her boots out of the car, while holding onto my lead with one hand.

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When I was a puppy, we used to go to Wimpole Hall for a walk quite regularly. It was a short drive away and we could walk near to grazing farm animals easily. My bipeds said that getting accustomed to being near cows and sheep without getting excited was part of my socialisation. I also had quite an adventure with a kissing gate there one day.

This particular morning I was with just one biped. We had walked along the track that went near all the grazing cows and I’d walked by them without paying much attention. I was a little over a year old and I’d seen them lots of times. We carried on and went for a lovely walk in the woods. When we returned we passed the main entrance to the house on our way back to the car park.

Wimpole Hall, main entrance - from Wikimedia Commons

Wimpole Hall, main entrance – from Wikimedia Commons

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The Kissing Gate

As tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be nice to tell you about my experiences with kissing gates. There are two explanations of why they are named kissing gates. The first is that “kissing” is an engineering term to describe the gate touching the posts on either side. The second explanation is more romantic, so it’s my preferred one for Valentine’s Day. The older kissing gates have quite a restricted space, so a couple would have to go through one at a time. A kiss can be requested to allow the second person to swing the gate and pass through.

Kissing Gate - Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons,

Kissing Gate – Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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