Biped Training

It was a Sunday and our visitors arrived in the morning. I was eight months old and I was very proud that my bipeds now trusted me to behave nicely when they answered the door and the visitors came in. I greeted them nicely, by politely sitting and waiting for them to make a fuss of me. My bipeds gave me beaming smiles, and a treat or two, because I was being so good.

We all went into the lounge and the adults sat down while my bipeds were bringing in cups of tea and coffee and snacks. One of the visitors was a teenage girl, who didn’t sit down. She was standing, talking quite loudly and waving her arms about a lot. She seemed to be in the way. I moved closer to see what she was doing. Her father said, “Sit down” and I sat very quickly, which made him chuckle and say, “You see, Clowie knows what to do, she’s better behaved than you are.” His daughter laughed and remained standing exactly where she was.

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