The Bionic Quadruped Returns

Those of you who have known me for a while will remember that the Borg from Star Trek tried to assimilate my male biped and turned him into The Bionic Quadruped. I tried to make him take some exercise by moving the remote control out of reach and by licking the toes that stuck out of the cast. He didn’t really appreciate my efforts!

A few months had gone by since then and he was almost back to normal. He took me for a walk one day and he slipped in the mud. He made a horrible noise and he got up and we made our way home very slowly – he was hobbling on the bad leg again. When we got home he said that he’d felt his Achilles tendon go again and they made an appointment at the hospital with the specialist he’d seen before.

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The Bionic Quadruped

I mentioned last week that my male biped had a bad ankle. When he went into hospital to get it fixed, he came out after a couple of days with a blue solid lump (they called it a cast) on his leg and metal extensions for his arms (apparently they’re called crutches). He looked like he’d been assimilated by the Borg from Star Trek. They’d tried to turn him into a bionic quadruped, but it didn’t seem to me as though they’d done a very good job of fixing him at all. He was really quite clumsy and couldn’t stand on the bad leg at all – at least he could limp on it before he went into hospital! The arm extensions didn’t have big enough feet on them to be stable, he would have been better off bending over and using his hands on the ground, but isn’t that true of bipeds in general?

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