My First Walk

I kept hearing my bipeds talking about when they could take me for my first walk. I didn’t really understand what this was, but they were obviously looking forward to it. They carried me wherever we went. When we went to puppy training classes, one of my bipeds carried me to the car and then from the car into the hall. We went to see the vet a couple of times and I didn’t even get onto the floor there!

I had a vaccination at nine weeks old and a second one at eleven weeks old. I heard the biped that went with me for my second vaccination talking to the vet about when I could start walking. She said that she didn’t know how much longer she was going to be able to carry me as I was growing so fast. It seemed very odd to me because I could walk perfectly well already – when I was allowed to! He laughed and said he could understand it was a bit of a challenge to carry me about. He said that the next few days were very important and each day after that helped a little more. He then said that thirteen weeks was the ideal, but not to worry if she couldn’t quite manage the whole time. He showed her a chart with something called percentages on it – it looked very dull indeed, but she was interested. I heard her explain later that it showed how effective the vaccinations became as the days passed.

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