Spotlight on Hetty – Seizure Alert and Guide Dog

I’m really excited that Hetty has agreed to be my guest today. She is an award-winning dog doing very special work. I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing about her and the work she does. Put your paws together and give her a warm Clowie’s Corner welcome!

Hetty - Dual Assistance Dog

Hetty – Dual Assistance Dog

Clowie: Thank you for being my guest today, Hetty. Would you like to tell us about yourself?

Hetty: I am a black Golden Retriever cross Labrador Retriever aged 3.5 years. I was bred by Guide Dogs and puppy walked in Scotland before moving to Sheffield for my advanced training.

C: I’ve seen puppies in training and I was very impressed. The puppy walkers do a great job of socialising and preparing the puppies. Why were you chosen?

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