It’s a sign

My bipeds quite often communicate with me by gestures. Other people don’t usually notice it’s happening, but those that do notice seem to be surprised. Our sign language is less complicated than the official sign language for bipeds.

Sign language

From Wikimedia Commons.

I think it could be fun watching my bipeds try semaphore, but our communication is a little more discrete than this!

Semaphore demonstration gif

From Wikimedia Commons.

We find it very useful if we’re in a noisy place, such as by a busy road or at a place with lots of people. My bipeds don’t have to raise their voices, they can give me a signal to stop or to sit. That’s good for them, as they don’t like to shout. It’s good for me, as I know they’re calm and relaxed – humans sound stressed when they raise their voices.

They’ll also gesture to me at home if they’re talking to visitors. The sign is usually to tell me I’ve done enough to make the visitors feel welcome and I should move away from them. That’s often followed by the signal to settle down. I always get a special smile when I do what they ask!

If I’m outside, I usually hear them if they come to the back door and I’ll look to see what they’re up to. Sometimes they’re coming out to play! If they want me to come indoors they may call to me, or they may just beckon.

I’ll explain how I learnt the signal for “down”. As a small puppy, after learning to sit, I followed the treat that was held in front of my nose and then taken down to the floor. When I knew what was expected of me, they taught me the word “down”. Then they started not quite taking the treat as far as the floor. Then they’d make the movement without a treat, although I still got a treat! Gradually my bipeds just pointed to the floor and now they just point a finger down.

Most dogs notice things like bipeds picking up car keys means they’re going out. We notice the things you do that mean you’re thinking about taking us out for a walk. Humans communicate far more without speaking than they’re usually aware.

There are some signs I’ve seen many bipeds make without thinking about it. They sit and see the cat is watching them, so they pat their lap and the cat knows the lap is available. A biped may pat the sofa next to them and the dog knows it’s time for a cuddle. One gesture I’ve seen lots of bipeds make, when they’ve been giving their dog treats, is to hold one or both hands up with the fingers spread – meaning that there are no more treats.

Do you use sign language? Do you notice unspoken clues?

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I’ve just visited Sammy’s and discovered that I’ve been awarded the Tuesday Teaser First Right Guesser Award! Thank you, Sammy!

And thank you very much, Easy! You’re my hero! If you don’t already know Easy, pop over and see him – I promise he’ll make you laugh!

Sammy's Tuesday Teaser First

A few things

I have a few different things I want to tell you about today.

The first one is to wish a very happy birthday to Sammy’s mom, Pam. Here is a video made by blogging pals. I hope you like it.

If you don’t know Sammy and his mom, you will find them at onespoiledcat. Every day is fun, but today is a good day to visit because Sammy gives Sammy Hugs on a Wednesday. A Sammy Hug is the prize for winning the Tuesday Teaser, but he also gives hugs to those of us who didn’t have a clue where the photograph was taken!

Sammy, make sure you save some special Sammy Hugs for your mom today! Have a great day!

A royal pardon

A few weeks ago, I asked you, “Is Jiminy guilty?” Someone, or something, had been feasting on succulent shoots of wisteria. Opinion was divided. Although the evidence was compelling, it was circumstantial. Even those of you who thought he was definitely guilty pleaded for clemency.

He never was in any danger, unless indigestion counts as danger! But, to put your minds at ease, I have arranged for him to receive a royal pardon. He is officially granted free access to the wisteria. Nothing has changed really, except that Jiminy has a fancy scroll. He’ll probably eat it!

Jiminy'y royal pardon

Jiminy’s royal pardon

(Attribution for blank scroll: By Thajudheeneh (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons)

Thank you

Last week I wrote about kopi luwak coffee and the cruelty involved in its production. I want to thank you all for caring about this. I was thrilled by your response. Many of you signed the petition and followed the links and you shared the post in various ways. The post has reached many more readers than I would normally expect. I really appreciate your help in spreading the word about this.

Thank you very much.

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