Spotlight on Rumpydog

I’m really excited to bring you a special guest today! I know you’ll enjoy hearing what he has to say. He’s a dog who needs no introduction. I’ve always wanted to say that! But in this case it’s true – most of you already know and love him.

Rumpy: My name is Rumpy!

Clowie: Yeah! Put your paws together and give Rumpy a warm Clowie’s Corner welcome!

Rumpy, Alaskan Malamute


Clowie: Thank you for joining me today, Rumpy. Let’s begin with you telling us about yourself.

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Interview with RumpyDog

I’m so excited that I couldn’t wait for tomorrow’s post to tell you my news!

I’ve been interviewed by RumpyDog and the interview appears today on Rumpy’s blog!

Rumpy looking relaxed, yet alert and professional

I want you all to see the interview and have a look around – but don’t forget to come back and tell me what you think about the interview!

If you’ve arrived here for the first time after reading the interview then I’d like to welcome you and I hope that you’ll visit me again.

RumpyDog is a finalist in the 2012 Petties Pet Blog Awards and the voting is still open.