My trip to Jánovas

My bipeds told me we were going to visit Jánovas. It’s an uninhabited village in a beautiful valley in the Spanish Pyrenees. The people had to leave because the valley was going to be flooded to create a reservoir. The dam was never completed.

My bipeds loaded up the car. I didn’t really mind where we were going as long as I was included in the trip. When the car stopped and we got out, I thought this adventure was off to a good start as we were parked near a river.

We started walking along the track that my bipeds said would take us into Jánovas. We soon came to a bridge made of wooden planks.

Bridge at Jánovas From Flickr by birasuegi:

Bridge at Jánovas
From Flickr by birasuegi

We stepped onto the bridge and I immediately moved backwards onto solid ground. The bridge had moved! It shouldn’t do that!

The bipeds said, “It’s okay, Clowie. Come on!”

One of them tugged gently on my lead and started to move forwards again. I didn’t like it, but it must be okay if they said it was. I moved onto the bridge. It was still swaying, so I splayed my legs out to give myself maximum stability as I walked across with my bipeds. It seemed like quite a long way across. When we reached solid ground we stopped and they made a fuss of me and gave me a treat.

The male biped said, “I think Clowie was at least six inches shorter while we came across that. I’ve never seen her splay her legs out like that!”

The female replied, “I don’t blame her for not liking it. I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about a swaying bridge!”

We walked away from the bridge and followed the path until we came to a stream. There was a bridge across it, but you had to walk on thick metal mesh which didn’t look very friendly for paws.

The male biped said, “The stream isn’t very deep. I don’t mind getting wet feet, I’ll walk in the stream with Clowie.”

I took the opportunity to have a refreshing drink on the way across. We didn’t have far to walk to arrive in the ruins of the village.

Jánovas village

Jánovas village

We had a stroll around the village and walked up to the church. We went inside and looked at the painting on the walls. Then we walked back down to the village and found a nice spot for our picnic.

After we had eaten we investigated more of the village. We found the steps down to the village spring. I went down for a drink and the bipeds stayed at the top looking down at me. I played around a little and then noticed that the bipeds were planning to take my picture, so I looked up at them and moved at just the moment they clicked!

Clowie, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Great Pyrenees, at Janovas

I was enjoying a drink!

When we arrived at the swaying bridge on the way back, the bipeds told me it was okay. They needn’t have been concerned, I strolled across as though a bridge that moves is an everyday occurrence!

If you would like to see more photographs of Jánovas you’ll find some here.

If those of you who speak Spanish would like to know more of the story of this village, there is a Wikipedia entry and there’s a website with more detail.

See you next Wednesday!