We live near one of the very old paths that lead up the mountain. In the past, most of the local livestock was taken up the path in the Spring to remain on the high pastures all summer. One of our neighbours, he is about seventy years old, has told my bipeds stories of when he was a boy.

He said that once a week someone would climb the mountain with a donkey carrying food for the men who were spending the summer up there. He often went. The day before the trip, everyone in the village who had someone up on the mountain brought packages of food to his mother’s house. He would get up before dawn and load it all onto the donkey and he would set out just before first light. He would arrive at the pastures before the real heat of the day and spend the day up there, returning in the late evening.

Not many farmers take their livestock up the mountain anymore, but there is one farmer nearby who still takes his cows up every year. He brought the cows down a couple of days ago. They take nearly an hour to go past the end of our road. I don’t know how many there are in the herd. I would like to go out and supervise, but I’m never allowed to do more than watch from a distance!

Cows going by

Cows going by the end of our road

It looks really tranquil. Look a little closer and you will see that they are all wearing cowbells.

Cow with cowbell

Cow with cowbell

I had never heard cowbells until we came to live here. I had a romantic notion that they would sound pretty. I can tell you that there is nothing romantic about the cowbells in this area. They are purely functional and designed to be heard from as far afield as possible. The sound is like someone beating a big metal saucepan with a wooden spoon! Multiply that sound by the number of cows in the herd and you will understand why my bipeds say that they can’t hear themselves think when the cows are going by. Yet they still won’t let me go and hurry the cows along!

That’s two changes I’ve told you about – a seasonal one and a change that’s happening with the passing of the years. I now come to another change! I recently asked my bipeds to help me make some ch-ch-changes to my corner. They asked me what I meant and I explained I thought I’d like to give my blog a makeover.

There was hysterical laughter. They reminded me that my makeovers haven’t always been a success! They said the bathroom was a mess when I’d finished and that the bench in the kitchen collapsed. They laughed even harder and started talking about the changes I made to the water barrel in the garden and how I’d turned the lawn into a rabbit warren.

I waited patiently for them to come back to the matter in paw. They helped me decide what I was looking for in a new theme. The top of my list was that the theme should be responsive, so that it works well for you however large or small your screen.

I hope you think this makeover is a success! Please let me know if you have any difficulties with anything.

If you’re puzzled by my title, all will become clear if you listen to “Changes” by David Bowie.

See you next Wednesday!

The First Makeover I Did

I was about thirteen weeks old and I was in the kitchen. There was never anything interesting left in my reach. I always had a toy and a chew but they never left any of their things where I could play with them.

I had been working on how to open the doors. They all had a handle, set at their waist height, that pushed down. I could easily reach them now and I had already opened a door that opened away from me. The kitchen door opened inwards and that made it a little more difficult. I had to pull the door towards me before my paw slipped off the handle. I decided to give it a try. Success!

I left the kitchen and decided to go and investigate the bathroom as I had never been in there. My first impression of the bathroom was that it was a very dull room. I then noticed a wicker basket and decided to have a look inside it. I lifted the lid and discovered there were clothes inside. I spread those around the floor. I then had a little nibble at the basket and it was satisfyingly crunchy and it came apart quite easily. It took me no time at all to break it into small pieces and spread it over the floor with the clothes.

The room was looking far more interesting now but I felt I could still improve it. I opened the cupboard to see if there was anything interesting inside. There was a roll of cotton wool. I shredded that and spread it around like snow. A couple of boxes of tissues were soon spread around in tiny pieces. Then I found a bumper pack of toilet rolls. I had seen the puppy in the advertisements unrolling those and having fun. I unrolled one and draped it about. It looked quite nice, but I decided to shred and scatter the rest of them.

Old Andrex puppy advertisement

My way was more fun than this!

It was starting to look quite artistic now, I thought. I heard one of the bipeds go into the kitchen. She soon came looking for me. She walked into the bathroom. She seemed very surprised.

She said, “How could you do all that in ten minutes?” Then she started laughing.

I heard the male biped ask her what was so funny.

She replied, “Clowie’s been busy in the bathroom.”

He said, “I don’t see what’s funny about that.”

She said, between giggles, “It’s difficult to explain, come and see.”

He came to the bathroom and he was just as surprised. He muttered something about it being amazing what I could achieve in ten minutes and then he started laughing as well.

That very same evening he put a hook next to the kitchen door and they put a cord round the handle. I could no longer open the door. I think they were worried about me working too hard! I have since done a few other makeovers in the house and garden, but I’ll tell you about those another time.

See you next Wednesday!