Follow My Lead

I’ve found it quite difficult to train my bipeds to walk nicely on the lead. I have to coax them along very carefully. I should be able to tow my bipeds along at the speed I choose – I’m big and strong, it should be easy! I’ve seen bipeds being towed along, arms straight out and the lead taut, it always looks so delightful to me. Some very small dogs seem to manage it very well. I sometimes think I have the most stubborn bipeds on the planet! But I think I should take you back to the beginning, so that you can see how this came about and, hopefully, other puppies will be able to avoid my mistakes.

My first mistake was that I didn’t understand how important it was to train my bipeds to walk well on the lead. I initially refused to walk when the lead was attached and they had to tempt me with treats. Getting as many treats as possible seemed like a really good plan, but, with hindsight, I can see my priorities were wrong at that early stage. They’d managed to get the upper paw, quite sneakily I might add. I discovered the importance of bipeds being lead-trained when I had my first real walk and I set about training them afterwards.

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