Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

At this time of year, we often wake up to an upside down world where we’re above the clouds.

misty morning

Above the clouds!

There aren’t many minutes each morning to get a decent photograph. My biped tells me that it’s still too dark and when I remind her a few minutes later, it’s turned into a mist hiding the mountains. As soon as the sun hits the cloud, it starts to drift upwards and the magical effect is lost. These photographs were taken in the Spring when we also sometimes see the clouds below us in the mornings after it’s rained.

Mist after rain

After the rain

My bipeds tell me that “mellow fruitfulness” means things like this butternut squash! Well, I know that bipeds like food almost as much as dogs do, but I don’t think it’s a subject for poetry.

Butternut squash

Butternut squash

I think John Keats meant to say “mountain walks and hikes”. Autumn is the perfect season for hiking in the mountains. The higher parts are at their most accessible. This is partly because of the temperatures and partly because there’s hardly any snow.

Paths that are easily walked at this time of year are covered in snow in the winter and spring. It’s fun to walk up the mountain to the snow and play, but it’s also fun to explore more tracks higher up the mountains while they’re free of snow.

I love it when I see my bipeds get rucksacks (backpacks) ready and put their walking boots on. I know we’re going on a hike and I go and wait by the door. I try to wait very patiently, but sometimes they take so long getting ready that I have to sigh! They laugh and tell me they won’t be long. There’s nothing I like better than spending the whole day walking with my bipeds, it’s my favourite thing about the autumn.

What do you enjoy most about this time of the year? Autumn or Spring, depending which hemisphere you live in!

The title is the first line of “To Autumn” by John Keats.

See you next Wednesday!