Where’s my doggy?

The other evening the male biped came into the room where I was relaxing and asked, “Where’s my doggy?”

I immediately leapt to my feet and rushed to him for a fuss and then I did a play bow and darted to the back door to invite him to come outside and play with me. He laughed and followed me. We had a lovely game of football and came back indoors.

I heard the female say, “It never fails to bring out the puppy in Clowie when you say that!”

They laughed about it and shared some memories of when I was a puppy. Like most puppies I wanted to leap all over them when they came home, but they didn’t think it was appropriate behaviour! They taught me to sit and wait until they told me that I could greet them.

I found it particularly difficult to do when the male biped had been away for a day or two, but he didn’t like me near his suits! He would tell me to sit before he came in through the door. He would tell me I was good and disappear to get changed. It used to seem like ages before he reappeared saying, “Where’s my doggy?”

That was my signal that I could approach him and tell him I was pleased to see him. We would have a lovely cuddle and he would take me outside so that I could bounce around and show just how excited I was. It gradually became our routine that I would have a cuddle and then dash to the back door to ask him to come outside for a game.

Playing with a puppy pal

Playing with a puppy pal

I don’t need telling to sit anymore. I go to the door when I hear them come home and stand with my tail gently wagging. I can usually tell whether my bipeds are wearing the type of clothes they don’t want me near, or if they’re carrying shopping. I watch them carefully for a slight nod of the head before I get close enough to touch them. If I don’t get a nod from them, I follow them and watch them. As soon as they’ve either put down what they were carrying or returned from changing their clothes, I’m there for a cuddle! I don’t usually mind waiting because they talk to me while I’m being so very patient and tell me how good I am.

My biped hardly ever says, “Where’s my doggy?” now, but when he does it’s a nice memory. I’m reminded of how exciting it was when I could rush up to him and have a cuddle after waiting, so I get almost as excited as I did when I was a puppy!

Are there things that remind you of when you were a youngster and bring back happy memories?

I have a piece of good news for you – Mary, aka MJ, will be going to a new home of her own soon.

See you next Wednesday!