The male biped was putting things away in the kitchen and the female biped had gone outside. I decided the cats had the right idea and it was a good time for a nap. As I settled down I noticed that the male biped had left the kitchen and gone upstairs.

I was dozing when the female biped came back in. I heard her say something about spots of blood on the floor. The next thing I knew she was bending down by me checking my face and paws! She seems to think that I sometimes put my nose and paws where they don’t belong, so those are the parts most likely to be hurt. Then she went across to the cats and checked their faces and paws, apparently she doesn’t trust them to keep out of mischief either. Then she picked Mulberry up and checked him all over. Then it was Pippin’s turn.

The biped came back and knelt down by me. It was my turn – again! She took each of my paws and checked between all my toes. She looked at my face and in my ears and even in my mouth at my tongue! She asked me to stand up. I sighed because I wanted to go to sleep and I knew the blood wasn’t mine, but I knew she’d persist so I stood up. She checked me all over. She said that she couldn’t see anything wrong with me. I could have told her that!

Clowie, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, sleeping

Can’t you read? I was trying to sleep!

She was about to take another look at Mulberry and Pippin when the male biped came downstairs and asked what was going on. She replied that she’d found some blood on the kitchen floor and was trying to find out which of us had a cut. I think she should try using her nose! The giant from “Jack and the Beanstalk” could have sniffed his way to the source of the blood in no time at all!

The male biped said that we were all fine and she should let us take our naps. She replied that one of us must have a cut or graze and she wanted to make sure it was cleaned and we were okay. He stood there with a sheepish expression on his face and held his thumb up to show a new plaster on it. He explained that he’d cut himself while putting things away in the kitchen and had gone up to the bathroom to get a plaster.

The female biped then went to the treat jar and took out a treat for me. She also gave Mulberry and Pippin some cat treats. The male biped wanted to know why he didn’t get a treat when it was him that had the cut! She told him that he was perfectly capable of getting a treat for himself and it was all his fault that she’d been looking for a cut on one of us in the first place! I don’t think she really meant it because a moment later she asked him if he was okay and then made him a mug of tea. He does enjoy a big mug of sweet tea!

See you next Wednesday!