The would-be thief

There’s a bakery in a nearby village that sends a van out to the neighbouring villages a couple of times a week. My bipeds don’t often buy from it as it never arrives at the same time twice! But this particular day we were just on our way out for a walk when it arrived. My bipeds decided to buy some croissants and take them with us on our walk.

Usually my bipeds put food into a rucksack to carry, but the male biped was carrying the bag of croissants in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. This was because the weather was cool and we were going to the stream, so we didn’t need to take water for me to drink.

We have to pass Ron’s house to get to the stream – his full name is Turrón, but everyone calls him Ron. He is a young German Shepherd Dog and he spends most of his time hanging about in the road outside his house. It seems to be the highlight of his day when we go by. Most bipeds are nervous of him because he is large and, it has to be said, lacking in manners! My bipeds make a fuss of him and he has learnt not to leap all over them because they don’t give him any attention if he does.

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