Noisy celebrations

A few days ago, when it was almost bedtime we heard some unexpected noises. There were loud bangs and hissing noises. The cats laid their ears back and looked ready to make a mad dash for a hiding place. I got to my paws, ready to protect everyone.

One of the bipeds said, “It’s alright, it’s only fireworks. Settle back down, Clowie.”

Then she told the cats not to worry. They soon relaxed and it wasn’t long before they went back to sleep.

Attribution: By Riccardo Pesce (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons

I looked at the jar where the treats are kept and the bipeds laughed. One of them went and opened the jar and took a couple of treats out. He brought them over and put them on my paws. I waited until I was told I could take them, it sometimes feels like I’m waiting forever when they do that trick with me! They told me how good I am and that always makes me happy.

The fireworks were over within a few minutes. It was one of the neighbouring villages celebrating their saint’s day. In larger towns there are sometimes huge firework displays, but in the villages the display tends to be brief.

This coming weekend will be quiet here, but I suspect it will be a noisy one for many of my friends. It is the weekend before Guy Fawkes night so there will probably be fireworks this weekend and the next.

Keep all your animals safe. There’s some advice from the RSPCA about fireworks here.

I am fairly relaxed about fireworks – I wrote about my First Guy Fawkes night and how my bipeds convinced me that fireworks are nothing to worry about.

Tomorrow is Halloween and that can be quite noisy as well. My bipeds made sure I had a good time on my first Halloween!

Have a good time if you’re celebrating, but be safe!

See you next Wednesday!