Rabbits! Whose Rabbits?

This happened when we lived in a small village in England. One morning, at dawn, I noticed some rabbits on the front lawn. I barked a warning because they weren’t wild rabbits and I thought that some bipeds in the village were probably worried about them. One of my bipeds came to see what I was telling them. He was very surprised to see such big, fluffy bunnies on the lawn. He opened the front door, but all the rabbits hopped away.

Later that day my bipeds started asking if anyone had lost any rabbits. A number of people said that they were annoyed about rabbits eating their flowers and lettuces. The next morning, I barked to say the bunnies were back again. My bipeds asked a few more people in the village and were told the rabbits belonged to the man living almost opposite, we called him the tall guy. My male biped went to speak to him.

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