A Tale of Two Halves

Just after my first birthday, I was out in the garden when a good friend from the end of our street came to visit. He was chatting with one of my bipeds and he said that he’d like to see what I’d been learning at my training classes. I liked the sound of this – demonstrating my skills usually brought treats my way.

I had shown him all the usual things like “sit” and “down”. Then I showed him that I could walk backwards, which is very useful when I get into a confined space and he was ever so impressed. He then asked me to shake hands. I thought it was about time he gave me something tasty as a treat for being so nice to him. So I sat ever so nicely and offered him my paw as I’d been taught, but I put on my sad expression. He laughed and said that he was sorry but he didn’t have any nice treats with him.

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