Second anniversary

This is my second anniversary of blogging. I would like to thank you all for reading! I have made lots of lovely friends here in blogland and on other social media.

Pippin, tabby cat Pippin has woken up from a nap and wants to thank everyone for their lovely comments when he appears in a story.

Mulberry, Persian cat Mulberry begged me to allow him to appear on the blog today, but when I asked him what he would like to say he couldn’t really make up his mind. He got so tired thinking about it that he went for a nap!

There’s nothing wrong with taking a nap when opportunity presents itself, but cats do spend a lot of the day napping. I don’t mind because it means I can get more of the bipeds’ attention without competition from the cats!

Here are some of my favourite images.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

See you next Wednesday!

I have received a beautiful card from my friends at Love is being owned by a Husky.

Card for blog anniversary

Tempus fugit

Time flies! It’s my anniversary, it’s a year since I started my blog. I’ve made lots of lovely friends and the time has flown by. Thank you!

My bipeds have always told me how important my socialisation is. This meant I was fairly sure they would be supportive and help me when I took the next logical step and wanted social media accounts of my own! I make sure they still take me out and about as much as possible in the real world though.

I showed you a photograph last week from a day out with my bipeds and asked you what you could see hiding in it. There were some very interesting suggestions! Here is the photograph again, with a ring round the creature I was talking about.

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