My First Guy Fawkes Night

The first I heard about fireworks was when a piece of paper was put through our letterbox one evening. I sniffed it and it seemed as boring as most of the things that came through the letterbox. But when one of the bipeds picked it up and read it, he said it was about the village firework display. I had no idea what fireworks were. But I knew that my bipeds considered my socialisation very important and they took every opportunity to introduce me to new experiences, so I was confident I was going to have an interesting time.

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My First Halloween

I was five months old and we still lived in England, when I enjoyed my first Halloween. My bipeds started talking about it a couple of weeks beforehand. They said that it had become quite popular with the children in our village and we should be prepared, so that we could make it a positive part of my socialisation.

My bipeds talked to a few of the village children about it, when we were out on our walks. I heard them say that I was in charge of the treats this year, so I was really looking forward to it! They also said that there mustn’t be any tricks at all. That puzzled me because I often did tricks for treats, but I wasn’t worried as they’d said the treats would be special this year.

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Love Me Tender

I used to get bored with training when I was a puppy. So I encouraged my bipeds to think of new tricks to liven up our sessions. This is a tale of how one of our tricks didn’t work out quite as expected.

I was five months old and I already knew a few tricks. The male biped said he was going to be away on business all week. My bipeds had a chat about what tricks I could learn in the week and he suggested “high fives”.

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The Law of Diminishing Returns

I’ve told you a few tales about puppy classes and how I tried to liven them up. Some of the things we were asked to do were very boring and, I thought, pointless!

This particular week, I was fifteen weeks old. We had been playing, having a wonderful time, and then it was the part of the evening I disliked. The trainer told our bipeds to get us to sit, or lie down, quietly and to look in our ears, look in our mouths, check our paws and then brush us. Didn’t she know that my biped had already done this at home earlier? It was such a waste of time when there were so many puppies to play with!

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A (more than) Fair Exchange Is No Robbery

I encouraged my bipeds to trade from a very early age. This began as treats for sitting and for walking on the lead. Any chance to get more treats is a good thing!

As a puppy, I usually only had one or two toys available to me at a time. They would swap them most days, so that the toy was always interesting and I didn’t get bored with it. I also always had a nice chew available, so that I had no need to chew the furniture. That was their theory – I still felt that I’d like to test various items of furniture for chewing, but that’s another story.

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