There Be Dragons

I was in the garden with one of my bipeds. It was Spring and the weather was improving. I sat waiting for my biped while she messed about with some plants in the greenhouse. I hoped to play a game when she’d finished. I was almost a year old and so I waited patiently – or at least with the appearance of patience! Then this strange noise began, it was a really deep rumbling sound coming from next door. Then puffs of steam started coming over the fence. I realised it must be a dragon breathing fire, so I started barking to warn my biped.

My biped put her head out of the greenhouse, looked around, and said, “Quiet, there’s nothing to worry about!” This was strange because I know just how dangerous dragons can be!

I stopped barking, but I decided to stay alert. I usually knew that everything was fine when she said so, but I had a new feeling that I hadn’t had before. She came out of the greenhouse and I kept between her and the fence that the steam was coming over. It made it difficult for my biped to walk and she stopped and looked puzzled. Then she realised that I was still concerned about the dragon next door and she told me again that it was nothing to worry about.

I relaxed a little and let her walk normally. She wandered about watering plants in pots. I stayed close to her, but not so close that I would get in the way. Then she went near to the fence that the steam was coming over. It was too close! This feeling came over me again and I couldn’t allow it, I moved between her and the fence and starting pushing her away from it. She stepped sideways to try to go round me, but I moved quickly and stayed in her way and again started pushing her back. She stepped to the other side and again I quickly blocked her. All this blocking made me wonder if I’d be even better at American football than I am at the English variety, which is also known as soccer!

My biped, however, had other ideas. She spun away from me and went to the side of the garden away from the fence. She called me to her and asked me to sit and stay for a moment. This was no problem, there should soon be some treats coming my way, as I was really good at sit and stay. Sure enough, she had a treat in her pocket and it was quite tasty!

She disappeared into the house, returning in just a moment, and I could smell she had some of my favourite liver cake in her pocket now. We did some heel work well away from the fence with the threatening dragon behind it. I easily performed another sit and stay. We then did some more heel work, going closer and closer to the fence. Then we moved away again and I was a lot more relaxed, as the dragon seemed content to stay the other side of the fence.

She asked me to sit and stay again. The liver cake was really tasty, so I immediately sat and thought about the piece of liver cake I’d soon be eating. Then I noticed that my biped was nearer the fence than I was and I almost got up, but she very quickly said, “stay” in a very firm voice and I stayed. She quickly returned to me and gave me another piece of the liver cake. We repeated this a few times and it was really difficult to stay and earn the liver cake! She made a fuss of me and said, “You are a good girl, even with that tasty liver cake, I could see it was difficult for you with your new-found protective tendencies!”

Later, I heard my bipeds talking about the enormous steam cleaner that the neighbour hired and used to clean the block paving in his garden every year. They could believe that if they wanted, but I knew it was really a dragon.

See you next Wednesday!

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Purrfect Obedience Cat

I thought it would be nice if I told you a little about Mulberry today, he’s my other cat. I asked him if he’d like me to introduce him to you in an interview. He went and hid, so I’ve taken that as a “no” – he isn’t as confident as Pippin is.

Mulberry is incredibly cute and likes to lie around on his back a lot – which is a cunning plan to get his tummy tickled by the bipeds.

Mulberry lying on his back

Tickle my tummy!

He also does obedience work for treats – which is quite unusual for a cat. This came about one day when I was doing some obedience indoors, as it was pouring hard with rain. I was doing a little walking to heel and turning nicely. My biped and I needed to turn a lot, as you can’t get far in a straight line indoors without meeting a wall.

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A Tale of Two Halves

Just after my first birthday, I was out in the garden when a good friend from the end of our street came to visit. He was chatting with one of my bipeds and he said that he’d like to see what I’d been learning at my training classes. I liked the sound of this – demonstrating my skills usually brought treats my way.

I had shown him all the usual things like “sit” and “down”. Then I showed him that I could walk backwards, which is very useful when I get into a confined space and he was ever so impressed. He then asked me to shake hands. I thought it was about time he gave me something tasty as a treat for being so nice to him. So I sat ever so nicely and offered him my paw as I’d been taught, but I put on my sad expression. He laughed and said that he was sorry but he didn’t have any nice treats with him.

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