I am a female Pyrenean Mountain Dog (or Great Pyrenees). I weigh 120 pounds. I am 28 inches tall at the shoulder, which means that my head is at about waist height. If I stand on my hind legs, I’m taller than a lot of adult bipeds.

Male dogs often weigh as much as 140 pounds and can be a few inches taller than I am.

My ancestors were bred as livestock guardians. This means I like to protect everyone in my family. I keep my eye on everything that happens.

I was interviewed by Rumpydog and talked about myself. The interview appears on Rumpy’s blog here: http://rumpydog.com/2012/07/10/introducing-clowie-the-pyrenees/

I wrote about the Santa Pups and how I grew as a puppy:  Santa Pups for Christmas? Read this first, straight from the doggy’s mouth

There is also a section of FBQs (Frequently Barked Questions) on my menu bar. https://clowiescorner.wordpress.com/category/frequently-barked-questions/

There is a wealth of information about the breed on the website of the Great Pyrenees Club of Southern Ontario. http://www.great-pyrenees-club-of-southern-ontario.com/

Look at this page to see if this breed is right for you: Are These Big Dogs Right For You?

Were you wondering about the dogs in the movie Santa Paws? Disney’s Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws

I wrote about the Santa Pups: Santa Pups for Christmas? Read this first, straight from the doggy’s mouth

There is a lot of information about the breed on the website of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain. http://www.pmdc.org.uk/

This section is of particular interest to anyone thinking about sharing their life with a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. http://www.pmdc.org.uk/think.htm

96 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Clowie ! You are for sure a big dog … I am from a breed called Drever… Much smaller than you . I share my blog with Maria 🙂 // Yarri

  2. Great blog, congratulations!!! 🙂 and thanks for following my blog too! I hope you liked it!

  3. How lovely to meet you Clowie..aren’t you just beautiful 🙂 my girlfriend has two beautiful Pyrenees a lovely boy and a gorgeous girl..they are such beautiful pups! I saw you on Cats video and thought I would pop in..i am glad I did and look forward to following your stories 🙂
    All my babies have their own bloggie so feel free to visit…they are quite crazy!! and include sheep so very interesting haha http://ourpawpad.wordpress.com
    Have a great day pretty girl Fozziemum

  4. nice to meet you i have a maremma sheepdog!! it looks like aPyrenean Mountain Dog. it is white like a polar bear and her nickname is big white but we have to clean the house a lot more cuz we have a big white dog and 4 little dogs!!
    The little dogs are king charles cavalier and they Are so cute there names are daisy, Rosie, and huckle!!

    • It’s nice to meet you! I am a bit larger than a Maremma, but we are very alike in lots of ways. They say my hair gets everywhere! I expect your Maremma looks after the little dogs.

  5. Clowie, I am delighted that you like my blog, Learning from Dogs, and so pleased to have made the connection.

    I’ll ask my Dad to maybe write a piece about you,

    But from me and all my companions here, thanks for the follow.

    Woof, woof!

    love, Pharaoh!

  6. Bonsoir-Hi from Toulouse, France! I’m sooo glad to have come across your awesome blog! 🙂 I love the French-Spanish Pyrénées, I live 2h-drive from both… My very best & cheers! 🙂 Mélanie

  7. What a lovely dog you are 🙂

  8. Wonderful to meet you! I just rescued a Great Pyr/ Shepard mix and absolutely love him! Though stubborn, he loves life, loves his family, is beyond loyal and full of slobbery kisses!! (I blogged about him in my August Post.) I am excited to follow your blog and read about your many adventures…please feel free to visit me at Savurbks.

    • It’s lovely to meet you as well! Stubborn is a word that was used a lot when I was an adolescent, but I prefer determined! I will be over for a visit soon.

  9. Hey Clowie,
    we enjoy your blog so much, that we’ve nominated you for the Blog of the Year Award 2013!

    For more information, and the rules of the Award, check out this link:

    Congratulations and Happy Holidays!! 😀
    Roxy & Tigerlino

  10. Congratulations, sweet Clowie! 😀

    We have nominated you for the SUNSHINE AWARD! Because you bring the sun into our lives with your beautiful posts and pictures… 😀

    For more info visit: http://purrfectkitties.wordpress.com/2013/12/12/let-the-sun-shine

    Oh, and if you have already received this award, please just take it as a token of our affection and appreciation. You deserve every award there is to be had… because you are truly awesome!! 😀

    Have a PURRFECT day!

    Kitty hugs, Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

  11. Hello! I’ve featured Clowie’s Corner on my most recent post as a Spotlight Award winner. You were nominated by Ideflex from Across the Bored. There is nothing you need to do except enjoy the recognition.

  12. Thank you for sharing articles and science friends … greetings friendship
    @gede Prama 🙂 🙂

  13. Hello clowie, thank you for stopping by at my blog. You’re so beautiful. Mom loves you already. She likes big dogs. Hope you had a good day.



  14. Hi Clowie! We all hope you are well, we’ve left a little award for you over on our blog http://pawedblog.wordpress.com/2014/03/01/lucky-little-blogger/
    Hugs x

  15. Hi dear, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, Do check here http://thereadingbud.wordpress.com/2014/05/29/liebster-award/
    If you are interested, do participate.. 🙂

  16. […] because I know Clowie and Animal Couriers look forward to our poll, here you have it: Take Our […]

  17. Your blog is so sweet and it is wonderful to hear from another perspective! Have a fun and lovely day. 🙂

  18. Hi Clowie! My name is Zoe (our names RHYME!) and I’m just a baby Pyrenees. My biped and I just became a family, and we just love each other so much. I have two sisters, but they aren’t Pyrenees like me, one is a labrador and the other is a chihuahua (she’s so little, I think she’s a puppy like me!). I’m almost four months old, and growing so fast, but my mom says I’m so calm she’s not sure what to do with me! I’m learning to go potty outside, not inside, and I can sit when I’m told to, but I do NOT like to be in my crate. Even if it’s just while mommy is in the shower, I bark and bark and bark (I do like barking – it’s so loud and fun!). I stop barking whenever she comes back to my room, so she’s not sure how to make me more comfortable. It’s cozy, and there are toys for me to chew on, but I don’t like that my mommy’s not there with me! Do you and your biped have any ideas on how to make me love my crate?

    • Hi Zoe, it’s lovely to meet you!
      It sounds to me as though you are showing signs of separation anxiety. It seems strange when Pyrenees are so calm and confident, but our breed is prone to separation anxiety. I think it’s because our ancestors stayed close to the flocks they were guarding – we watch our bipeds instead of flocks, so it’s natural for us to want to keep an eye on them. You should ask your mommy to get ready to leave you and reward you for being calm and quiet. She should leave you and come straight back in before you have time to start barking, if that’s possible, and reward you. At whatever point you usually start barking, she should try to reward you before that and gradually extend the time so that you are relaxed about her not being in the same room as you. I don’t think the problem is actually the crate, it’s separation. I hope that this makes sense and helps. Let me know if I can help you more.

  19. Hello my sweet friend! I am glad you are having fun. I am going on another trip tomorrow to go way down to Tampa Florida to see my mom again. In fact, I will be moving her from there to live with her middle sibling up in Cookeville, TN which is close to Nashville. It will be quite an adventure driving through that part of the US and seeing different things. I’ll check back in myself in a couple of weeks and try to get caught back up again. I thank you Clowie for going to my poetry blog and for following that. It makes me so pleased! You take care my friend and be safe. I will do the same. Hugs until we talk again.

    • I hope your trip goes well. I look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks.
      Of course I was going to take a look at your poetry blog and follow! I enjoy your poetry.

  20. Hi Clowie, great meeting you. I think I met your grandfather, some 30 years ago. While tracking through Auvergne, 2 friends and I got company. Our new friend accompanied us for 1 day. Then he came home, in a small village, and went back into the house where his ‘owner’ gave us a warm welcome.

    • Thank you, it’s lovely to meet you! That does sound like one of my relations. We don’t like to miss a thing that’s going on and we like to look after everyone! It sounds as though you had a great time!

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