Santa Claws – The Christmas Tree Mission

The bipeds decided to put up the Christmas decorations at the weekend. Pippin found himself a comfortable spot for a nap as soon as he saw the bipeds getting boxes out. I checked all the boxes to make sure that there was nothing dangerous lurking in them and then I also took a nap.

Mulberry decided that he needed to supervise everything the bipeds did. He often chats and gives a running commentary about what’s going on, but he was so sure that they couldn’t manage without him that he didn’t even take a nap. He helped them choose the purrfect spot for the Christmas tree.

Mulberry, Persian Cat, with Christmas tree stand

That’s the purrfect spot!

The bipeds went through their usual routine of plugging in the Christmas lights and replacing bulbs that weren’t working. They always do this, it takes them a while to remember that they should put the lights on the tree! This year they did this before they’d even put the tree in the stand, so Mulberry was reminding them to get the tree out of its box.

Pippin told Mulberry not to worry – the bipeds always figure it out in the end. The male biped complained that Mulberry was getting underfoot. But Mulberry didn’t care, he just kept on giving instructions.

When the male biped took the tree out of the box and went to put it in the stand, Mulberry was there making sure he got it right. He was telling the biped which way round it went and to be careful not to drop it.

Mulberry, Persian Cat, with Christmas tree stand

Be careful with the tree!

While the bipeds were walking back and forth putting the decorations on the tree, Mulberry was walking between their feet. He kept up a non-stop commentary, telling them where the next bauble should go.

Christmas bauble

There’s a gap to the left!

The male biped said that Mulberry was a menace and kept almost tripping him up. The female biped was draping a string of silver beads on the tree and said that at least Mulberry wasn’t trying to play with the decorations this year. What timing! Mulberry reached up and grabbed the end of the beads and pulled them from her.

The male biped raised one eyebrow and said, “You were saying?”

They both laughed and he scooped Mulberry up into his arms and gave him a cuddle. Everything was finished a few moments later and the bipeds sat down and gave us all a cuddle and some treats, before putting the empty boxes away.

Mulberry, Persian Cat, sleeping

Turn out the light! I’m sleepy

Mulberry is exhausted, but he says he’s very pleased with the Christmas tree that he decorated!

See you next Wednesday!

52 thoughts on “Santa Claws – The Christmas Tree Mission

  1. Every job needs a supervisor, and it sounds like Mulberry did a very fine job of it!

  2. LOL, what a great tale you’ve told Clowie, I felt like I was right there helping Mulberry decorate. We have a chatty cat too, that being Blossum. She’s always underfoot too. Sometimes she lets out the longest, whiniest meeeeeeeoooooows and we laugh. Cause we know that’s she’s trying to tell us something important, like “I’m sitting right here, don’t you see me? Pick me up and love me ASAP!

    Mulberry is extraordinarily fluffy. Gads, what a puff ball of fur. Looks really soft too xox Boomdee

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the tale. The bipeds sometimes laugh at Mulberry because he chats so much, but I think it’s partly their fault because they talk back to him.
      Mulberry is very fluffy and his coat is really fine and soft, it gets in a tangle if it isn’t combed most days.

  3. Oh, Clowie. You know that cats are very useful when it comes to decorating Christmas trees. Jake, Charlet and Esme help me every year. They not only tell me when I do something wrong, they support me actively too! 😉 Very tasteful, I’m telling you! 🙂

    • My cats are very pleased to hear that Jake, Charlet and Esme do such a good job of helping you with the decorations. We hope all of you enjoy the holidays!

  4. We enjoyed the visit and hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.

    Abby the Lab and her Mom

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