A flying barge? That can’t be right!

I told you a few weeks ago that I’d heard it through the grapevine that I was going to be having some fun, and maybe some new experiences. I’ve chosen one of them to tell you about today, it’s something that happened when I went for a lovely walk with my bipeds.

It’s surprising, but I had never been to a canal before. It was fun strolling along the towpath together, there were lots of interesting smells. A few times we had to cross a bridge and walk on the other side of the canal.

Then we came to a narrower section with some gates across the canal, which my bipeds said was a lock and they seemed to find it fascinating. I decided I would prefer to sniff the grass than to watch the barge in the lock below us. There were lots of wonderful smells to be savoured, so I was concentrating on those when I was startled to see the top of the boat appearing above the bank!


It was just like this one!

I hardly had time to get out one “woof” before one of my bipeds said, “Quiet, Clowie! It’s alright, come closer and you will see.”

I went to join them on the edge of the bank, in case they needed my protection. The boat was still rising in a very strange way! My bipeds said that the lock was designed to take boats from one level to another when the land around the canal is not level.

In this sequence of pictures you can see the boat enter and, when the lock is closed, water is allowed in to raise the  level of the boat

In this sequence of pictures you can see the boat enter and, when the lock is closed, water is allowed in to raise the level of the boat

They weren’t the only bipeds standing around watching the level of the water rise. When the water was level with the canal on the upper side, the gate at that end was opened and the boat left. There was a boat on the upper side waiting to enter the lock. As soon as it was inside the lock and the gates were closed, they started letting the water out again for that boat to go to the lower level.

I heard some of the other bipeds say that it was a feat of engineering. I don’t know about that, it’s just like a huge bathtub – you can pour water in and you can let it out again! I returned to sniffing the grass – it was much more interesting!

After a while, we walked on and we found a nice spot for a picnic. I was getting quite hungry, so my bipeds had my full attention as soon as they started to get the food out. They laughed and said that food is obviously a lot more interesting than a lock. Well, of course it is!

Savannah's Paw Tracks teaser for Oct 1

I’ll be visiting all of you as soon as I can to catch up on all your news. But I’ve already heard a rumour that Savannah is planning something. I sent my cats to see what they could find out. They said that Savannah was very busy and wouldn’t tell them much, but they brought this poster back – so I’ve marked 1st October in my calendar.

See you next Wednesday!

61 thoughts on “A flying barge? That can’t be right!

  1. I love barges, in fact one day I am going to have a barge holiday. I recon it will be lovely and quiet, and relaxing and I will get a good work out going through the locks so would return from holiday relaxed, calmed, bronzed and toned. (although I think the reality may be a tad difference!!) I hope you are all having a fab time!!

  2. I agree that food is pretty darned interesting. But it isn’t everyday you get to see a boat rise up in the canal. Cool!

    • It was a bit surprising to see the boat rising up so that it could see over the bank – I’d never seen anything like that happen before!

  3. I thought you might have tried to jump on board the barge Clowie! We have one near us. It always draws a big crowd when they open the lochs πŸ™‚ Myself, I agree with you….food is so much more interesting!!

  4. Very interesting, I learn new things very day! Thanks for showing the boat images in sequence gave me a much better understanding of what you were writing about. I’m sure you really enjoyed your food Clowie! Keen to see what Savannah has been so busy with!

  5. Hi Clowie. It seems you’ve got an amazing time with barks and locks – and picnics. πŸ™‚ I’m happy you’re having a great vacation and I’m curious to hear what else interesting you have discovered. πŸ™‚

  6. Hawk aka BrownDog

    Hi Y’all!
    Oh that is great! and great photos!
    I know all about locks…when we go by boat to the ocean from our house we have to go through a lock. It holds many boats, the number depends on the size of the boats. It’s a funny sensation being in the lock. It’s like a water elevator.
    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • Hi Hawk! Thank you. I guess it must feel a bit strange!
      My bipeds found it a strange feeling when we took the car on a train. We stayed in the car and it felt odd for it to be moving!

  7. Clowie, Mom L loves water locks, so fascinating to watch. And your cats and I had a very good visit and they secretly helped Sage and I get that Event Banner up on the flag pole!

  8. Very interesting story.In Belgium we very big ones.Sometimes there we be 10 boats in it.Thanks for visiting my blog natuurfreak

  9. Finally came to see what you’ve all been up to Clowie. Looks so beautiful there. What a cute cottage near the lock. We are now into the snowy winter we’d been avoiding with a nice long fall. Thank goodness for Christmas to look forward to.

    • It’s always lovely to see you! It was a very pretty place.
      I’d love to play in your snow – I will have to wait patiently a while longer for snow.

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