A walk on the healthy side

Going for a walk is one of the highlights of my day. Most people know that the exercise is beneficial to dogs and humans, but I think a walk is about so much more than getting some exercise so I’m going to talk about some of the other benefits.

For me, it’s quality time with one, or more, of my bipeds. I don’t have to share them with any of the many tasks that bipeds find to do for most of the day, their focus is on enjoying the time with me. The cats stay at home while we’re out for a walk – I love the cats but it’s lovely to get all the attention from my bipeds for a while! Quality time together improves the bond between dog and humans.

It is mentally stimulating for me to be able to sniff and find out what is going on in the neighbourhood. Humans miss most of the messages left by other dogs and wildlife, which is surprising as the messages are usually left in obvious places – on trees in the countryside and on street lights in urban areas! This means that even a short walk near to home is interesting as I get to know who has been in the area and when they were there.

Clowie, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Great Pyrenees strolling in the mountains

I’m just strolling in the mountains – biped in tow

I have my favourite walks – they all include a stream. I love having a splash in cool water and the opportunity to take a drink – it always tastes better than the water my bipeds are carrying. I also enjoy it when we walk somewhere new because it’s an adventure!

When I was younger we always did some training while we were out. It was often things I’d been doing at home in our garden and I was asked to do them while we were out – it’s always much harder when there are distractions! I also encountered all sorts of people and animals while out on my walks as part of my socialisation.

I still get to show off some of my skills, and keep them honed, when we’re out on a walk. People often want to make a fuss of me and I’m always polite. Sometimes they just want to talk to my bipeds and I sit and show how very patient I am.

Most of my walks are in the countryside as that’s what we enjoy the most, but sometimes we go to a busy place where I see lots of traffic and people. I show that I remember to wait at the kerb until my biped says that it’s safe for us to cross. Sometimes someone will touch me unexpectedly and I take it in my stride (pun intended)!

I try to ensure that my bipeds focus on me during a walk, this is because I think it’s a special time for them to relax and forget about all the day to day things that concern them. I also help them to enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as splashing in a muddy puddle or pausing to sniff a wild flower. I’m not sure why they like sniffing flowers when there are always more interesting things to sniff, but they seem to enjoy it and it gives me more time to sniff things that are interesting!

The Cinnamon Trust

I’d like to mention The Cinnamon Trust, a charity based in the UK. They assist the terminally ill and the elderly to look after their pets. They have a network of volunteers who will do things like taking a dog for a regular walk.

Update on Milo

I interviewed Milo when he was a cheeky young pup and I told you that he was accepted for guide dog school. He’s now a working guide dog. Congratulations and very best wishes, Milo!

Milo's tweet about qualifying as a guide dog

See you next Wednesday!

60 thoughts on “A walk on the healthy side

  1. Walking is such an enjoyable thing to do. With all our moving right now, my husband and I really don’t have enough time for them, but we’re looking forward to getting back in stride before too long. I’m glad you look after your bipeds’ health and well-being, Clowie!

    • I hope you settle in quickly, there’s so much to do when you move. I do my best to look after my bipeds. I hope you find time for a walk soon!

  2. Agree Clowie, there’s nothing better than a walk, for dogs and for humans with their dogs. Congrats to Milo! Great shout out for the Cinnamon Trust too.

    • Taking a walk is an important part of the day for me and for my bipeds. It’s great news about Milo! The work that The Cinnamon Trust do means a lot to the people that need their help.

  3. Walkies are the best!!! I get so excited when Mom or Dad pick up the leash that I run and sit by the door crying. Sadly, we live where it’s super hot right now, so walkies are super limited. We can’t go around sunrise/sunset because of the mt. lions around here, either. Thank goodness for vacations!
    ♥ Behr Behr 🙂

    • I go to the door to wait for the bipeds when I know we’re going out. I made excited noises when I was younger – now I’m more patient, but I sigh if they take a very long time putting their shoes on!
      I can understand you getting very excited if you can’t go for many walks at the moment. I expect you’ll have lots of walks when the weather cools down a bit!

  4. Mazie loves to go on walks too Clowie. The Puffs not so much. They all love to go run in Gram and Gramp’s big yard though. Wonderful news about Milo!

    • It’s lovely to have a big yard to run around in. I love a game of football (soccer) with my bipeds. It’s great news that Milo qualified!

  5. Mumsy's Little Chancy Man

    Sweet Clowie you sure see some beautiful country when you go for walks. Chancy don’t like walking very much but he loves to run. Keep enjoying those great walks and thank you for sharing them with us. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. Walking with the bipeds is something I quite enjoy, which is strange for a cat MOL. Well done to Milo 🙂

    • It’s nice that you can enjoy it. I think it’s important to keep an eye on the bipeds as much of the time as possible! It’s great news about Milo!

  7. This was quite an interesting post, Clowie. I like it when you show all your patience and what else you have learned.
    And thanks for the update on Milo and the introduction of Cinnamon Trust!

    • Thank you. I have to be very patient with my bipeds sometimes! It’s great news about Milo and The Cinnamon Trust do some great work.

  8. As you so gracefully pointed out (I loved your photo), walks are beneficial to humans too. Sometimes in the cold winter months, it’s the only reason I had to leave the house and get some fresh, all be it frigid, air. It’s a great way to keep up with the neighbours too. It’s fun to visit along the way and everyone was always happy to give Buddy lot’s of pets.

    • Sometimes my bipeds seem reluctant to go out when it’s really cold or raining, but they always enjoy it once I get them out of the door. I can imagine everyone wanting to pet Buddy, I get lots of attention from people we meet.

  9. I love to take walks to in the woods. It looks like you have a lovely area to exercise in each day.

    • I am lucky to have lovely places to walk. I enjoy walking in the woods as well, especially in the summer – it’s nice and shady in the woods and there are always lots of interesting smells.

  10. woofies and walking yeast and fresh bread…can’t have one without the other

    • That’s how I feel about it, but it seems to me that some people regard walking with the dog as a chore rather than a joy – I think they’re missing so much.

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