World Cup Fever

Thank you for your understanding and good wishes last week. The female biped was a little under the weather. I kept a very close eye on her and did everything possible to help her until I’d nursed her back to health.

I also have my paws full supporting the male biped while he follows England in the World Cup. Anyone who knows anything at all about football (soccer) knows that supporting England is not for the faint of heart! It isn’t surprising that he needs me to cheer him up during and after the matches. I can always be found at his feet while he’s watching, unless, of course, I’ve been offered the opportunity to go for a walk! What dog can refuse a walk?

World Cup 2014, Brazil, football and trophy in stadium

We have a lovely tradition that means that I get a treat when the correct team scores a goal. It all began the very first time that I watched a football match with him. He was quite excited and cheered when his team scored a goal. This startled me and so he asked me to sit and then gave me a treat. Ever since then I’ve had a treat to help celebrate a goal. Sometimes I get one when the wrong team score because I know there’s been a goal and I look up for a treat. He gives me a treat because he thinks I don’t know which side has scored!

One day when we were watching a match his cheers about a goal turned to groans of despair and he told me it wasn’t a goal as it was offside. The female biped said that was unfair, the pundits will spend what seems like hours discussing whether someone was offside or not so he shouldn’t expect a dog to grasp the offside rule. He said that, of course, he was going to give me a treat and handed it over. I decided that if the ball goes in the net then I’m counting it as a goal and that means a treat!

Bone-shaped dog biscuits, treats


The rules of the game seem fairly straightforward, but they are all open to interpretation. I wouldn’t want to be a referee – it seems that each decision they make upsets the supporters of one side or the other. I have struggled with understanding when a tackle should be penalised. Sometimes a player is “blatantly taken down by a cynical tackle” and the player doing the tackling should be given a yellow, maybe even a red, card. At other times, something that looks the same to me is a player going down because “his legs are made of jelly” or “he is diving” in the hope of getting a free kick. I use the colour of the shirt that the player is wearing as a rule of paw to know which is which – obviously my biped doesn’t support the team with the players who dive and do bad tackles!

Dog biscuit

England lost their first two matches, but that’s not altogether bad news – they scored some goals! The players will be on their way home, after playing their last group match, by the time you read this. But my duties as a football supporter won’t be over, the male biped will be picking and choosing which matches to watch based on how enjoyable he expects them to be. I hope there are lots of goals in the games we watch – not because I get a treat for each one, oh no, but because that will make the games exciting for him!

See you next Wednesday!

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  1. It's Dog or Nothing

    I nominated you for a Shine On Award! The info can be found here šŸ™‚

  2. Clowie, you are the “Florence Nightingale of canines” well done! As for soccer the USA had some unexpected moments of glory.

  3. Cool idea! I think I’ll join you Clowie! Tasty treats all round šŸ˜‰ Not many treats coming my way from the England squad though! Total disaster lol how embarrassing!! None the less with no footie tonight I am getting withdrawels though I suppose it does keep me home for one night and give me chance to catch up here a little….oh hang on! My wolfie paw! There’s still Wimbledon!! I wonder if I could get a treat every time Andy Murray hits the ball!!!! Care to join me Clowie! We can get very fat together!!! lol šŸ™‚

    • I didn’t think I was going to get any treats because there was no football, but we watched Andy Murray. I was hoping for a treat per point, but had to settle for one per set! There’s football again tonight – I’m hoping for lots of goals!

  4. You know a lot more about soccer than me Clowie. Sounds like a good reason to eat snacks though. HA, that’s about the same as most sports fans. Glad you’re having fun!

  5. Okay, this is quite interesting… since I’m not the biggest soccer fan, but you, Clowie, are quite the expert – as a dog… should I be scared? *sigh*

    • I don’t think you should be worried – you can always ask me if you need to know! Don’t forget the treats though!

  6. So glad to have you back on board and your biped is feeling better! Our Soccaroo’s have not fared so well in the cup, maybe they need some of your treats to make them feel better Clowie?

    • Thank you, I’m glad she’s better. I’ve never known anything that treats didn’t help, so giving them some wouldn’t do any harm!

  7. Football’s for girls in Canada. Seriously. Our female two-legger team is amazing. I don’t think our male two-legger players have ever made it to the World Cup. Maybe once… Japan? The Scribe isn’t sure.
    I like the treats idea. I’ll have to try training my two-leggers for next year’s Stanley Cup. Lot’s of goals in Hockey! ~:od=

    • I haven’t seen much hockey, but what I have seen looked very fast and exciting!
      A couple of bipeds from your country are doing very well at Wimbledon this year. They keep getting that ball back across the net!

      • That is very exciting for us. Even The Scribe is excited to see our first Canadians ever in the Wimbledon finals (she knows nothing about tennis, but she does know that getting to the finals is a good thing, BOL).
        My two-leggers love watching Show Jumping the best of all sports. It’s the only daytime TV they ever watch! Did you know that the Cree word for horse translates to ‘big dog’? That must be why they like it so much. BOL

        • I didn’t know that a horse was called a big dog in Cree, but my bipeds have often been asked if I’m a horse, BOL!

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