World Cup Fever

Thank you for your understanding and good wishes last week. The female biped was a little under the weather. I kept a very close eye on her and did everything possible to help her until I’d nursed her back to health.

I also have my paws full supporting the male biped while he follows England in the World Cup. Anyone who knows anything at all about football (soccer) knows that supporting England is not for the faint of heart! It isn’t surprising that he needs me to cheer him up during and after the matches. I can always be found at his feet while he’s watching, unless, of course, I’ve been offered the opportunity to go for a walk! What dog can refuse a walk?

World Cup 2014, Brazil, football and trophy in stadium

We have a lovely tradition that means that I get a treat when the correct team scores a goal. It all began the very first time that I watched a football match with him. He was quite excited and cheered when his team scored a goal. This startled me and so he asked me to sit and then gave me a treat. Ever since then I’ve had a treat to help celebrate a goal. Sometimes I get one when the wrong team score because I know there’s been a goal and I look up for a treat. He gives me a treat because he thinks I don’t know which side has scored!

One day when we were watching a match his cheers about a goal turned to groans of despair and he told me it wasn’t a goal as it was offside. The female biped said that was unfair, the pundits will spend what seems like hours discussing whether someone was offside or not so he shouldn’t expect a dog to grasp the offside rule. He said that, of course, he was going to give me a treat and handed it over. I decided that if the ball goes in the net then I’m counting it as a goal and that means a treat!

Bone-shaped dog biscuits, treats


The rules of the game seem fairly straightforward, but they are all open to interpretation. I wouldn’t want to be a referee – it seems that each decision they make upsets the supporters of one side or the other. I have struggled with understanding when a tackle should be penalised. Sometimes a player is “blatantly taken down by a cynical tackle” and the player doing the tackling should be given a yellow, maybe even a red, card. At other times, something that looks the same to me is a player going down because “his legs are made of jelly” or “he is diving” in the hope of getting a free kick. I use the colour of the shirt that the player is wearing as a rule of paw to know which is which – obviously my biped doesn’t support the team with the players who dive and do bad tackles!

Dog biscuit

England lost their first two matches, but that’s not altogether bad news – they scored some goals! The players will be on their way home, after playing their last group match, by the time you read this. But my duties as a football supporter won’t be over, the male biped will be picking and choosing which matches to watch based on how enjoyable he expects them to be. I hope there are lots of goals in the games we watch – not because I get a treat for each one, oh no, but because that will make the games exciting for him!

See you next Wednesday!

68 thoughts on “World Cup Fever

  1. Ahhh Clowie, good to hear your bipeds are healthy enough to watch FIFA World Cup. We are watching as well…lots of loud voices!

  2. American college basketball is much more treat worthy! If you were watching my favorite team with me, you would quickly accumulate a huge pile of treats to snarf up. I’m glad the female is doing better. I know you did an excellent job of nursing her and she was safe in your paws.

  3. Ah, we were going to say that as your male biped is an Enlgand supporter, you aren’t likely to get fat on the proceeds but it seems all is fair in your football crazy household 😉 We will now pray for huge scorelines in each match you watch!

    • I really shouldn’t have mentioned that England have managed to score some goals! There wasn’t a single goal in the match last night!
      There have to be more goals than that in the other matches we watch!

  4. A treat per goal sounds like a brilliant way to watch the match!

  5. Clowie the best part of the matches seems to be that you get a treat with every goal!!! Good for you! You’ve trained your bipeds well!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  6. Clowie, You are indeed the biped’s best friend, but you are also smart enough to game the system yourself a bit, good for you. I know the treats are special, and the time you have with your male biped is special as well. I hope he has a great world cup so you do as well. Take care, Bill

    • Thank you, I’m sure we’ll enjoy watching together. I often persuade him to have a quick game of football with me during halftime – that’s lots of fun!

  7. Cannot remain impartial here Go USA!!! Clowie come get some treats at my house!!! I have a Male Great Pyrenees named Jeep that would be perfectly willing to share (as long as I gave him his!)

  8. Welcome back! I am glad to hear the bi ped is feeling better! Thanks for looking after her Clowie!
    I don’t follow soccer to much, as I am a hockey fan, so I can’t comment much on the game, but I think it’s great you get treats with every goal!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    • Thank you, it’s good to be back! I always keep an eye on her.
      I think that getting a treat is a great way to celebrate a goal!

  9. Glad your bipeds are doing better. We can hearing the yelping/screaming/BOLing all the way over here. So exciting! wag wag

  10. I’m glad your female biped feels better :o) and I hope the right team is not italy in your house… you would get not much treats :o)

  11. We’re right there with you loving the World Cup. The pups love when I whoop and cheer at USA goals. Hope there’s lots of cheering tomorrow!

  12. My sister Katie is a huge soccer fan. She has had her own ball since she was about one, used to play a lot of soccer including header balls, but now she just isn’t as agile. She is all over Germany (still has her German Pet Passport) and they play the US tomorrow which Bailie is all over being from the USA. I was an England fan since I have my UK Pet Passport, but they are gone, so I have teamed up with Bailie against Katie. Lots of growling at the TV in our house is expected during tomorrow’s match!

    • I love playing soccer as well as watching it! It sounds as though your mom will have to be the referee in your household! I’m looking forward to watching the match and hoping for lots of goals.

  13. We don’t really follow football, but I love your ‘treat for a goal’ deal. Might have to try that on mummy when she watches wimbledon:-)

    • It would be better if more goals were scored! My bipeds will watch some Wimbledon. I’ve tried to negotiate a treat per point, but they said maybe one per set!

  14. A surprise to see England eliminate the way it was, but there’s many games left to capitalize on the treats per goal deal!

    • Yes, the male biped expected them to get through the group stages! I’m hoping for lots of goals in the rest of the games we watch.

  15. Glad to hear your female biped is feeling better, and I hope the male hasn’t been too unhappy with England’s performance in the World Cup! Luckily you don’t have to wait until the next Cup for your next treat!

    • Thank you, I’m sure it’s the way I looked after her that made her well again.
      He did expect England to get through the group stages, but as an England supporter he’s used to disappointment! It would be terrible if I had to wait four years for another treat!

  16. My MacKenzie is always scared when her alpha (my husband) shouts at the refs on TV. I think we need to enact a “goal treat” in our house, too. Thank you for the great suggestion! 🙂

  17. You’re so mercenary, you don’t care who scores as long as you get your treat. My advice is to watch Gaelic football, you’d get a treat every time the ball goes over the bar and getting it in the net is worth three!

    • Gaelic football sounds very interesting – I’ll suggest that to my biped!
      I enjoy playing football and I care who scores then. If the bipeds are winning I run off with the ball!

  18. We don’t watch the World Cup Clowie but I think you have a sweet deal going on there! Glad the Female Biped is feeling better. We are into baseball here although our St. Louis Cardinals aren’t doing too good this year.. Oh well. Take care Clowie!

    • Yes, it does make the matches fun, I just wish they’d score more goals! I hope the St. Louis Cardinals start doing better. I don’t know much about baseball, but I think I’d get more treats!

  19. Those treats look yummy sweet Clowie and one for a score…wow, that is super. We are happy to hear that your female biped is feeling better. We figure she has to be better after your TLC of her. Hugs and nose kisses

  20. We aren’t much in the way of sports fans here but we do like the idea if a treat every time your team scores – unless the team is very bad and mostly losses. Yay that the female biped is better!

    • Thank you, I’m glad she’s better.
      Treats make sports more interesting, but I enjoy playing football more than watching it.

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