The dog friendly hotel that wasn’t

I enjoy going on holiday with my bipeds and I’ve stayed in some very interesting places. Other people have usually been keen to meet me wherever we’ve been staying. When my bipeds told me that we were going to stay in a boarding house that was especially friendly to dogs on our way back home from Devon, I thought it would be very special.

It was early evening when we arrived in a fairly small car park and we got out of the car. We went up the steps and when we opened the front door, I could tell that the female biped had noticed the strong, doggy aroma. We went in and three dogs rushed out barking at us. Someone came out and sent the dogs away. She said that her own dogs couldn’t normally get into the areas open to guests, as her dogs didn’t like other dogs being there!

As we went upstairs to our room, the female biped was whispering about the ripe, doggy smell. When we went into our room the male biped said, “See, it’s clean enough and it smells fresher in here.”

They unpacked my things and gave me some water and a snack. I settled down for a nap while they chatted and unpacked some of their things. They decided they would both have a shower and change and we would go out to eat. The female biped went to find the bathroom. She returned after only a few minutes and said, “There’s no shower and I’m not getting in that bath! I’ve had a quick wash to freshen up.”

The male biped replied, “You’re too fussy!”

She said, “Maybe, but the bath looks as though it’s been used by a couple of muddy Labradors!”

He said, “You could have rinsed it out.”

She said, “It needs more than a rinse. I’d rather take a bath in an old horse trough in a field!”

Old, rusty bath in a field

Bath? No, thank you!
Attribution: Matthew Hatton [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The male biped laughed and said, “I feel like a relaxing bath after being in the car. Is there any hurry?”

She said, “No, take all the time you want. Clowie looks as though she’s settling down for a nap and I’ll read.”

The male biped gathered some things together and left the room. We settled down to wait for him, but he wasn’t gone for many minutes.

The female biped asked, “Did you forget something?”

“No, but I was thinking that you’re probably tired, so it makes sense to go out now and get an early night. Then we’ll be able to make the most of tomorrow for exploring.”

The female biped seemed to be having trouble not laughing and said, “Really? And that change in thinking has nothing to do with the state of the bath?”

He grinned and said, “Absolutely not! Are you ready to go out?”

We made our way down the stairs and we were just about to go out of the main door when the male biped said quietly, “You were wrong about it being two muddy Labradors that used the bath – it was three muddy Border Collies!”

He nodded towards the open door to the bar area where some bipeds were sitting having a drink with three clean, but rather damp, Border Collies.

We went out and found a pleasant pub that allowed me to sit quietly with my bipeds while they had a meal. A few scraps found their way down to me, so it was an enjoyable evening.

The next morning the male biped said that it wasn’t the fault of the guesthouse if people had used the bath for their dogs and not cleaned up after themselves and that the bathroom would probably be spotless now. The female biped looked unconvinced but gathered her things and left the room. She was soon back, saying it was worse and she’d rather break the ice on a horse trough!

Frozen trough

I’d rather break the ice on a horse trough!
Attribution: wfmillar [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The male biped made a short visit to the bathroom and we headed down for breakfast. My bipeds agreed that this should be fun as there was a special doggy menu.

We opened the door to the breakfast room and were greeted by lots of barking. There were about eight tables in there, all quite close together. Most of the bipeds had two or three dogs with them. We were ushered to the table with our room number on it and, as we passed them, several dogs tried to lunge at us. My bipeds helped me to get between the table and the wall so that I was not near any other dogs.

My bipeds didn’t take long over breakfast. They both said they weren’t really hungry. I could tell they were keeping a close eye on what was going on around us.

When we left the breakfast room another dog and his bipeds followed us. He had been sitting under the table looking scared. His bipeds spoke to my bipeds and we dogs greeted each other. Our bipeds all agreed that it was the worst place they’d ever stayed in and they wouldn’t be coming back!

It certainly wasn’t the fun we’d been hoping, but it was an interesting experience!

See you next Wednesday!

74 thoughts on “The dog friendly hotel that wasn’t

  1. An experience – one that hopefully will never be repeated! I haven’t really traveled with our girl Gracie, other than short trips to homes of relatives. We have been thinking about making an overnight trip for a day or two and taking Gracie with us, and having a neighbor check in daily on the kitties. Now I’m not so sure. Looks like I would really need to be careful about the place that is booked!

    • I hope I haven’t put you off too much! I’ve been to quite a few places with my bipeds and that’s the only time we’ve been so unlucky.

  2. Yikes! Sounds awful. Mom would have left right away and said forget it. You all are troupers for sticking it out!

    • I don’t think my bipeds would have stayed, except that it was a public holiday – so the chances of finding anywhere else to stay with a large dog were slim and it was too far from home to continue in heavy traffic.

  3. Good grief. That was certainly inconsiderate of a guest to wash their dogs up in the community bathroom. Sounds like a bit of a nightmare. Hope you didn’t have to stay there too long. When we went to San Jose last year, we had initially intended on staying in a B&B which looked nice on line. We unfortunately had to check out the next morning. It was dirty and unkept and hot as heck. They said they had A/C but it was a relic in the window that made a giant noise and we couldn’t run it at night and get any sleep. Then they served Burn’t rock hard waffles for breakfast. I think they had been pre made, frozen and reheatedโ€ฆgads. Lesson Learned.

    • It’s very surprising what some people will do! It was just a stopover to break our homeward journey and the rest of the holiday was lots of fun.
      That B&B sounds horrible. It’s so disappointing when you’ve been looking forward to something and it doesn’t live up to expectations.

  4. Oh Wolf! Clowie! What a dire experience!!! The bath sounds terrible lol and I haven’t stopped laughing at your female biped’s reference to the horse trough in the field lol brilliant pics! It all sounds rather like the holiday hound from hell accommodation ๐Ÿ˜‰ Badly behaved canines with no manners…smelly accommodation! lol and dreadful unusable baths!!!! It was all very entertaining from our point of view though! Better luck next time ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Clowie that is a shame that the boarding house was not more on top of things. Your bipeds were good to just go with the flow and try to enjoy themselves but good not to go back. I am a bath gal and always carry my Scrubbing Bubbles with me on vacation.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I don’t think anyone you’d want to meet would go back for another visit! You wouldn’t have been very happy – I’m sure you wouldn’t have got in that bath with your Scrubbing Bubbles!

  6. Sounds like you need a human friendly dog hotel! How nasty that must have been ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • My bipeds were very pleased to get away from there! I’m glad it was only booked to break our journey and we hadn’t made a special trip to get there.

  7. Sorry for your bad experience. Well, it did make for a good story anyway! Sometimes you wonder how people stay in business when they manage it so poorly.

    • It was an experience! It has closed down now. They managed to make it sound nice, but I don’t think they got much repeat trade!

  8. Oh no, that sounds awful! Hope your peeps complained

  9. mollieandalfie

    Sorry we are so late Clowie, I am not surprised the place is closed now. We went to center parcs. It is super fun for dogs and clean too ๐Ÿ™‚ xxxxoxxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Ho Mollie! You’re right, it isn’t really surprising! I’m glad you had a good time at center parcs – that’s worth knowing.

  10. Oh that is horrible…my little Pappy’s Amber and Indy would have been horrified with those standards..or I guess I should have said non standards.

  11. […] week I told you about our rather unpleasant experiences at a hotel that was meant to be dog friendly, so this week I’m going to tell you about a much friendlier place that we […]

  12. Your bipeds are more tolerant than mine…mine would have collected their things and been out the door to sleep in the car. MOL

  13. We don’t think that place was a good one for dogs or bipeds. Sorry for that experience sweet Clowie but you were a real sweetie as always. Hugs and nose kisses

  14. Ugh, that’s too bad. I think if they make a hotel dog friendly they should be really friendly to dogs – AND people – after all it’s the bipeds that pay. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope you’ll go to a better dog friendlier place soon.

  15. Wow. Maybe sounds like a place that was almost too friendly and easy going… to the point that it’s become careless? That sounds awful!

    • I think they made a point of allowing any dog and so they got repeat trade from people with dogs that wouldn’t be allowed anywhere else a second time. It was quite sad to see so many dogs that were out of their comfort zone and couldn’t really cope with being around other dogs and people.

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