The dog friendly hotel that wasn’t

I enjoy going on holiday with my bipeds and I’ve stayed in some very interesting places. Other people have usually been keen to meet me wherever we’ve been staying. When my bipeds told me that we were going to stay in a boarding house that was especially friendly to dogs on our way back home from Devon, I thought it would be very special.

It was early evening when we arrived in a fairly small car park and we got out of the car. We went up the steps and when we opened the front door, I could tell that the female biped had noticed the strong, doggy aroma. We went in and three dogs rushed out barking at us. Someone came out and sent the dogs away. She said that her own dogs couldn’t normally get into the areas open to guests, as her dogs didn’t like other dogs being there!

As we went upstairs to our room, the female biped was whispering about the ripe, doggy smell. When we went into our room the male biped said, “See, it’s clean enough and it smells fresher in here.”

They unpacked my things and gave me some water and a snack. I settled down for a nap while they chatted and unpacked some of their things. They decided they would both have a shower and change and we would go out to eat. The female biped went to find the bathroom. She returned after only a few minutes and said, “There’s no shower and I’m not getting in that bath! I’ve had a quick wash to freshen up.”

The male biped replied, “You’re too fussy!”

She said, “Maybe, but the bath looks as though it’s been used by a couple of muddy Labradors!”

He said, “You could have rinsed it out.”

She said, “It needs more than a rinse. I’d rather take a bath in an old horse trough in a field!”

Old, rusty bath in a field

Bath? No, thank you!
Attribution: Matthew Hatton [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The male biped laughed and said, “I feel like a relaxing bath after being in the car. Is there any hurry?”

She said, “No, take all the time you want. Clowie looks as though she’s settling down for a nap and I’ll read.”

The male biped gathered some things together and left the room. We settled down to wait for him, but he wasn’t gone for many minutes.

The female biped asked, “Did you forget something?”

“No, but I was thinking that you’re probably tired, so it makes sense to go out now and get an early night. Then we’ll be able to make the most of tomorrow for exploring.”

The female biped seemed to be having trouble not laughing and said, “Really? And that change in thinking has nothing to do with the state of the bath?”

He grinned and said, “Absolutely not! Are you ready to go out?”

We made our way down the stairs and we were just about to go out of the main door when the male biped said quietly, “You were wrong about it being two muddy Labradors that used the bath – it was three muddy Border Collies!”

He nodded towards the open door to the bar area where some bipeds were sitting having a drink with three clean, but rather damp, Border Collies.

We went out and found a pleasant pub that allowed me to sit quietly with my bipeds while they had a meal. A few scraps found their way down to me, so it was an enjoyable evening.

The next morning the male biped said that it wasn’t the fault of the guesthouse if people had used the bath for their dogs and not cleaned up after themselves and that the bathroom would probably be spotless now. The female biped looked unconvinced but gathered her things and left the room. She was soon back, saying it was worse and she’d rather break the ice on a horse trough!

Frozen trough

I’d rather break the ice on a horse trough!
Attribution: wfmillar [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The male biped made a short visit to the bathroom and we headed down for breakfast. My bipeds agreed that this should be fun as there was a special doggy menu.

We opened the door to the breakfast room and were greeted by lots of barking. There were about eight tables in there, all quite close together. Most of the bipeds had two or three dogs with them. We were ushered to the table with our room number on it and, as we passed them, several dogs tried to lunge at us. My bipeds helped me to get between the table and the wall so that I was not near any other dogs.

My bipeds didn’t take long over breakfast. They both said they weren’t really hungry. I could tell they were keeping a close eye on what was going on around us.

When we left the breakfast room another dog and his bipeds followed us. He had been sitting under the table looking scared. His bipeds spoke to my bipeds and we dogs greeted each other. Our bipeds all agreed that it was the worst place they’d ever stayed in and they wouldn’t be coming back!

It certainly wasn’t the fun we’d been hoping, but it was an interesting experience!

See you next Wednesday!

74 thoughts on “The dog friendly hotel that wasn’t

  1. That’s terrible! I hope your bipeds complained about the unsanitary, smelly conditions. Even worse was the allowing bipeds to not control their dogs and how those dogs frightened another dog. That was both unkind and unfair. I’m glad you all didn’t stay there long. When I have looked at bed and breakfast places that were dog friendly, I noticed how they made sure potential stayers knew there were rules in place about controlling of dogs in public areas, verification of vaccinations, and that there were runs, trails, etc. For exercise and enjoyment of dogs and their bipeds, cleanup policy, etc. And I cannot imagine that you were not treated with the extra special treatment you deserved. I hope the next dog friendly place will be very friendly to did and bipeds!

    • In true British style, my bipeds grumbled amongst themselves and left!
      My biped says that, with hindsight, there were clues at the time of booking. She always checks that the place we’re going is comfortable with large dogs because some that say they accept dogs actually have a size limit. They said that they accept all dogs, which at the time she took to mean any size but now realises that they took the type of dogs that are not allowed to return to other places a second time. They also didn’t let bipeds without dogs to stay there.
      I’ve had a wonderful time at some dog friendly hotels and I’ve also stayed at normal hotels that tolerate well-behaved dogs and had a great time.

  2. OH Boy Clowie – that is quite an adventure. I think my pawrents would have a hard time sleeping, eating and staying there altogether. On the plus side at least you had opportunity to spend time with them – that is what’s most important. WOOF!

    • My bipeds were pleased to get away from the place! I’d had a wonderful time in Devon with my bipeds the week before and we stayed there to break the journey, so it mattered a lot less than if we’d made a special trip to be there.

  3. Oh I am so sorry our stay was wonderful, clean I received popcorn momwithoutpaws dropped on the flour she let me lick her dinner dish, she never lets me do that at home. I woke her a 3am to go to do my business, she is up typing this while I went back to bed.

  4. Eek, Clowie, that doesn’t sound nice at all! Whee pigs would have run a mile from a place like that as whee like our luxury. Hope you find nicer dog hotels in the future as whee’re sure there are many pawesome ones out there!
    Mop, Dusty, Billy, Pip, Cupcake and Cocoa xx

    • It was definitely different! I’ve stayed at some lovely places that are dog friendly. I’ve also stayed at normal hotels that tolerate dogs and they’ve been far nicer to me!

  5. Sounds like an experience!

  6. Oh dear sorry it was not a good place to stay. Silly for them as no one will be going back there in a hurry or recommending them again. You’d think they would make a big effort as repeat custom would be for the taking as dog friendly places are not easy to come by, Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Too bad it didn’t work out. It sounded like it had possibilities.

  8. Clowie that is a shame…it is a worry too as when the staff are so lax then you wonder at what animals they allow in..whether vacc’d doggies are not other doggie friendly and i would never have them where they would lunge and be rude to other doggies for the sake of all pups…well next time i am sure you will find a great place ๐Ÿ™‚ hugs Fozziemum x

    • It is a bit scary when dogs are lunging at others – and it must be stressful for the dogs that are doing it to be in a situation where there are loads of other dogs.
      I’ve been to hotels in Britain, France and Spain with my bipeds and we’ve never been asked for my vaccination papers. They would ask for them at a kennels and probably for doggy daycare.

      • Funny that..we cant go in to doggy day care boarding or any other situation without vac papers..and yes it is very stressful for the dogs who lunge too..many people donlt understand dog wants to lunge or be aggro it’s a fear thing so we are always mindful with Doc and Forrest..they are great with peeps and our cats and sheep but other doggies stress we respect them and the other dogs ๐Ÿ™‚

        • My bipeds’ first concern was my safety, but they did feel sorry for some of the dogs there – they were under so much stress.

          • I don’t blame your folks one bit for being worried about you..and no one wants pups being stressed..i would never want Forrest to be rude to another dog and upset we make sure that it doesn’t happen…some people are plain silly aren’t they ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Clowie what a shame that the guesthouse didn’t take more care to ensure things were all neat and clean for everyone staying there! They obviously had their hearts in the right place allowing bipeds to bring their animals to stay – that’s always super when people enjoy traveling with their pets – but if you’re going to do that, you should do it RIGHT so everyone is happy and comfortable. I hope your next experience is a LOT better!!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • It was disappointing, Sammy. I think we’ve been lucky, most of the places I’ve been to with my bipeds have been great!

  10. Oh gosh, Clowie – what a shame that didn’t work out as well as you’d hoped! I stayed overnight in a ‘dog-friendly’ motel the night Mum and Dad adopted me (it was a nine-hour drive home from the kennels so we made it into a two-day journey). It’s hard to find dog friendly motels here in NZ, and many of them won’t take dogs our size (greyhound) even though we’re a lot quieter – silent, actually! – than many of the much smaller dogs. The lady who owned the motel we stayed at even asked if we’d like a room with a spa bath (it was in Rotorua, and there are thermal springs everywhere there). Mum wanted the thermal spa but Dad said I’d probably fall in and drown. ๐Ÿ™‚ So they declined…

    Krissy and I stayed in a very small motel room with Mum and Dad last year – it was so small that Mum and Dad couldn’t get out of bed without taking a ve-e-e-ry big stride over one or other of us, but we were good as gold, and the owner said she was very impressed. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It was a shame. It’s surprising how many places have a limit on the size of dog that is allowed.
      It’s nice to break up a long journey and I expect you were all very tired.
      I’ve also stayed in rooms so small that my bipeds had to climb over me to move about!

  11. Ugh! That bathtub sounds like a nightmare! What a letdown, but good to know, I guess. Cross that vacation getaway off the list for the future.

  12. I think you need to look at it as character building!!

  13. Ah Clowie! That sounds horrible!!!! I’m shocked a place like that is even still open! Wow!
    Sorry you had such a bad experience, It must have been super interesting though BOL!
    I laughed at the part of your male bi ped returning from the bathroom so quick, and not admitting to why!!! hahaha!
    แƒฆ husky hugz แƒฆ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    • They managed to make it sound so good, but I doubt if many people have ever been back for a second visit!
      Yes, he didn’t want to admit that he couldn’t use the bathroom after calling the female fussy, but they were both laughing!

  14. Oh my dog! About now I’m wondering if that first odor wasn’t from bipeds not bathing! What a shame that others can’t do the simple courtesy of cleaning up after themselves. All that vented, I laughed at the exchange between your bipeds, even though it probably wasn’t funny at the time. wag wag, Max, Bella, & Lady

    • You could be right about the odour coming from bipeds! One biped told us he’d been to the swimming pool nearby to use the showers.
      The only part my bipeds couldn’t see the funny side of at the time was the breakfast room, when they were concerned about my safety.

  15. That place should have been reported. How rude of the other owners not to control and clean up after their dogs. Your bipeds were a lot more undersatnding than our mom would have been. She would have complained about the state of the bathroom and asked for money back. She’s usually very successful at it too.

    • I don’t think that complaining to the owners would have achieved much. They were very pleasant when we were making the booking, but they were quite rude to people staying there.

  16. As funny as this was, if the facility is advertising itself as being “dog friendly” there are a TON of things that obviously should be done differently and they really should be reported. Hope you did!

  17. Clowie, from reading your report it is clear you take no responsibility for the mess and you shouldn’t. The Bipeds running the joint will not get a lot of repeat business, and in a year or so will be wondering why they don’t have any all. It would have been so so easy to include a grooming station for the furry visitors, and the bathroom could have been for the bipeds as it should have been. But also to blame were the biped that cleaned their friends, but didn’t clean up after themselfs. I am glad you had an interesting trip, to bad it could have been better. Take care, Biped Bill

    • The place has closed down now – not surprising really! Your idea of a grooming station is an excellent one – I’m sure that anywhere that allows many dogs to stay would find the investment worthwhile. The rest of that trip was lots of fun, I’m glad that place was just a stopover on the way back!

  18. Hotels, B&Bs, and other accommodations should always be clean! But I know how difficult it must be for staff when some of the guests seem to go out of their way to get everything dirty. I’m sorry this place didn’t work out well for you, but glad that others have been fun stays. And when it comes to good behavior for both bipeds and quadpeds, size doesn’t necessarily matter!

    • I agree with you, cleanliness is a fundamental requirement. I think they were trying to get by with hardly any staff, so probably couldn’t keep up with the cleaning.
      I’ve had fun everywhere else I’ve stayed!

  19. Three Border Collies in the bath! Nightmare stuff, only to be beaten by the breakfast saga….
    Only one visit there, I think…

  20. Oh gosh, Clowie! That doesn’t sound like a very good place to stay at all!! Did the bipeds complain? Doesn’t sound like it would make much of a difference anyway. though. What a shame!
    Hugs, Carrie and Pups x

    • It wasn’t nice there at all! No, the bipeds didn’t think there would be much point in saying anything. I’m glad the rest of the trip was lots of fun!

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