I’m Gonna Crawl

I was really excited when my bipeds took me to Devon with them for a holiday. We stayed in a cottage that was close to the South West Coast Path and most days we went out and walked a different section of the path. We explored some wonderful beaches!

I thought I was quite an expert on stiles and kissing gates. I already knew that I can get through some kissing gates and that it usually means a nice reward. I had also seen stiles of different shapes and sizes and I knew it’s usually difficult for large dogs to use a footpath unless there is an alternative to the stile – I told you about one of those last week.

So I was surprised to discover a type of stile I’d never come across before. At first it looked just like any other stile, but then I noticed it had what looked like a large cat flap at the side. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the male biped say it was a dog door! It didn’t look very big at all.

Shows the way a dog door works at the side of a stile

This photograph of one in Kent shows how a dog door works.
Richard Dorrell [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The male biped raised the door. It wouldn’t lift very far. My bipeds said it was about the right size for a Border Collie to walk through, but the Collie would bump his head if he didn’t duck! They looked at the size of the gap created and then the female biped climbed over the stile, leaving me with the male biped.

The male biped asked me to get into the “down” position really close to the door. The female biped bent down on the other side of the door and asked me to “crawl”. I edged forward a little and then I stopped because I would be in the gap if I continued. The female biped urged me to “crawl” again and encouraged me through the gap. When I was through she told me I could get up and gave me a tasty treat and a cuddle.

The male biped was busy singing “I’m Gonna Crawl” (Led Zeppelin). He looked hilarious standing on the top of the stile singing and playing air guitar in the pouring rain!

We encountered many stiles with dog doors after that. The doors varied in size but most of them were larger than that first one. I got quicker and quicker at wriggling my way through them. The female biped said that was because I didn’t want to listen to the song again, but that’s silly because I love it when my bipeds sing! I had thought that crawling was just a trick I did to get treats, but it can be just as useful as walking backwards!

We saw some beautiful places, but my bipeds didn’t take any photographs on that holiday. Each day they said it wasn’t worth taking the camera out with us as it was raining so hard. They said the weather was bound to be better the next day, but we didn’t get any days without heavy rain. I don’t know what else they expected in the Springtime! I’ve found some photographs on Wikimedia Commons of some of the places I saw – it looks like other people have had better luck with the weather than we did. It’s a good thing I enjoy getting wet!

See you next Wednesday!

86 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Crawl

  1. I bet they really enjoyed having a soaking wet dog along with all the rain on the vacation! Bummer with the rain!

    • My bipeds frequently said that there’s nothing quite like the smell of wet dog! They had a stack of towels for me, but I’m sure you’ve found with Katie that a big towel is soon soaked. We were pleased to be staying in a cottage where we had a washer and dryer – we kept it busy with wet clothes and towels!

  2. Wow, you continue to amaze…so neat that you are able to put your training commands to such practical (and enjoyable) use! What beautiful country you are seeing. I went to the link about the South West Coast path; that is something I would love to see. Enjoy it for me, even with the rain!!

  3. So nobody tried ‘Singing in the Raijn’…or ‘il pleut, il pleut bergere’..

    • I was treated to a performance of “Singing in the Rain” with a lovely little dance routine on a different day!

  4. You have been busy with the training Cowie 🙂 I am impressed at your crawling ability! Your bipeds are a credit to you too. It must have taken many hours of intensive training to turn the male biped into such an adept entertainer especially in the rain! 😉

    • Thank you, I do work hard on their training! I make sure that they go out in all weathers. They still complain sometimes if it’s raining when they’re getting ready, but they seem to enjoy it once they’re out in it.

  5. Such a shame your mum didn’t get a video of your dad singing – perhaps you could recreate the scene in your garden? BOL

  6. I have been all fascinated with the stiles and kissing gates which I learned about first right here on your blog Clowie. Now they are really cool what with the dog doors! You visited some beautiful countryside!!!

    • The dog doors do make it a lot easier for people with dogs. I just wish they would make them a bit larger!
      That part of the country is really beautiful and it’s lovely for walking.

  7. I’m so happy you were able to get lots of wet walks in Clowie! Isn’t getting wet fun – even better when there are ducks to look at. My silly terrier sister doesn’t like to get wet, she just doesn’t know what she’s missing.

    Very glad to hear you’ve gotten your people trained to carry good treats with them – I seem to remember one walk where they ran out and you had to wait to have your amazingness rewarded. That was unfortunate; it’s good they’ve proved to be so trainable 🙂

    • Yes, I love getting wet! I have a doggy friend who walks round puddles because she doesn’t like getting her paws wet – that’s just crazy!

      I’m still working on their training, but I’m glad they realised it’s important to always have tasty treats available.

  8. It's Dog or Nothing

    No way! Another pyr! I’m so so happy I found your blog! I have two Great Pyrenees and blog about them 🙂 I will definitely be back for some more pyr loving!

  9. Oh, it is a good thing you don’t mind the rain! Looks like a lovely spot. And how clever you are to crawl through the openings! Was hoping for some video of you wriggling through! 🙂

    • It is a beautiful part of the country – great for walking! They said they needed a waterproof camera for that holiday!

  10. Clowie, It is so wonderful to hear of your adventures. And that your are such a learned dog. Your bipeds are so proud of you and love you so much. It warms the heart to read of your adventures. Take care, Biped Bill

  11. A dog door in a style! Now I’ve seen everything MOL My human used to live in Devon and she got quite homesick seeing the lovely pictures. xx

    • I thought they were cat doors at first, but of course cats are too agile to need them! Devon is beautiful, even in the pouring rain!

  12. Great song choice:-)

  13. Sounds like a lovely trip.

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  15. You’re an amazing dog, Clowie, learning so quickly how to use a dog door. I love the pictures – but what I love the most is the thought of you wiggling through these little openings. 🙂
    Thanks for the smiles!!

    • Thank you. I don’t understand why they can’t make them a little larger! They’re a great idea though – stiles can be a real problem.

  16. […] I know he meant it in the sense of being extra nice to him and not literally, but it reminded me that I have found it very useful at times to be able to crawl. I’ve already told you about being able to crawl through the dog gates at the side of some stiles. […]

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