This puppy is not for turning

When I was a puppy I would get bored very quickly if training sessions weren’t exciting. I didn’t see the point in repeating the things I knew how to do, over and over again. I loved learning new things to do and that was how my bipeds kept my interest in a training session. This means I have quite a repertoire of tricks I can do for treats, which is always a good thing!

Still more bones wanted for salvage poster - with dog holding bone up

One of these tricks turned out to be dangerous for the male biped and was abandoned, but some of the tricks have come in useful and I plan to tell you about one of those today.

One of the earliest tricks they taught me was to walk backwards. My biped would be in front of me while I was standing and she would get a treat and take it right under my nose towards my chest. I would tuck my head in to get the treat but I couldn’t quite get it until I took a step back. Once I knew what she wanted me to do, she added the word “back”. After a few weeks we started to build up the number of steps I took to make it more entertaining for me.

When I was a puppy I had a knack for sticking my head, and sometimes the rest of me, into tight corners. My bipeds said that I followed my nose without a thought to getting out again. There’s some truth in that, but I still think it’s a very bad arrangement of furniture if you can push your way behind the sofa and not have room to turn around to get out again! They didn’t like me pushing the furniture out of my way, so they would say “back” to me so that I reversed out. I soon became quite proficient at reversing!

When I was about six months old and almost the size I am now, my bipeds took me with them to visit some other bipeds. I sat very quietly indoors and, when we went outside, the bipeds that we were visiting said that it would be fine to let me loose in the garden. I sniffed around the grass and played with one of my toys while the bipeds all sat and chatted.

Then I decided to go and sniff the large greenhouse that was in one corner of the garden. One of my bipeds called me away and I went back to sniffing the grass. When the bipeds were happily chatting again, I moved away and went back to the greenhouse. There was a gap behind it, leaving just enough room to walk between it and the fence.

I went into the gap and scurried along it, only to be confronted by another fence at the end of the greenhouse. It was a dead end! Before I had time to consider how I was going to get out I heard one of my bipeds say, “Clowie, keep still!”

Dead End Sign

I stayed where I was and it was only a second later that the female biped was right behind me. She said, “Clowie, back!”

I started walking backwards. Occasionally she would put a hand on one side of me or the other to keep me reversing in a straight line. It would have been so much easier with wing mirrors!

When we were out safely the male biped said, “That was a nice piece of driving – puppy and greenhouse intact!”

I don’t get into pickles like that anymore! I’m also much better at reversing now. I can reverse round a corner and I can do a three-point turn with a little help!

Diagram of three-point turn

See you next Wednesday!

61 thoughts on “This puppy is not for turning

  1. BOL!!!! What a great post! I have never thought to teach my huskies how to back up! I will have to give that a go! Koda likes to get himself stuck in some places, luckily nothing to bad yet!
    Happy Wednesday!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  2. Hehe, wow Clowie, you are skilled! Whee pigs prefer to go into small spaces, whee don’t care if whee get stuck as whee are probably somewhere cozy and dark. The hooman appears to care though, she isn’t happy at all!
    The Pigs xx

  3. If only bipeds could back their vehicles as well as you back yourself. you certainly are smart and I am glad you learned this trick!

    • They don’t always do very well at reversing! It’s a very useful to be able to back up when I get somewhere I can’t turn around.

  4. You are so smart! You never know when those commands will come in handy

  5. You really are very well trained Clowie! That particular ability does seem to be a very important skill for a very large dog 😉

    • Thank you. Yes, it’s often come in very handy! I can turn in a much smaller space than when I was a clumsy pup, but it’s still handy.

  6. Glad you have got better at maneuvering. Whee still struggle when whee try to squeeze into small spaces, with how to get out again!

    Happy Wednesday


    • Yes, I’m a bit more careful than when I was a puppy! I expect your humans are always willing to help you out of a tight spot!

  7. mollieandalfie

    Clowie you sure is a talented dog 🙂 Humom is going to try that with me. It’s great to be back and we mizzed you xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. i knew you were talented.

  9. My head was in tight corners too as I was a puppy and once I was cought in the fence.Fortunately they removed the part of the fence, imagine I had to wear a fence-collar for the rest of my life :o)

  10. Clever you Clowie and your reversing sounds better than most peeps driving LOL. Glad you got out of the gap by the greenhouse. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. Well done Clowie……it sounds like you drive better than most bipeds!

    Hugs, Sammy

  12. Clowie, Would you be so kind as to share that skill with my wife. She could use your help, trust me. Biped Bill

  13. Hi Clowie ! … Wow, I must say that you are very talanted … My breed isn´t easy to learn trick … But I can a few … I´m very good at go away from the door … I can back myself, IF I THINK , it´s necessary … But my best party trick is sitting like a Meerkat … // Yarri 🙂

  14. You’re so clever! I have taught BD and Mity this trick with limited success but knowing your so good at it I may look to increase the training!

  15. practice makes perfect. but also boring

  16. BOL, we love the idea of wing mirrors! And, me (Bella) well… I know the getting my nose into stuff since I have some hound in moi. My big head doesn’t help either. Happy week to you and your bipeds, Clowie. wag wag Max & Bella

  17. Maybe you could give driving lessons to bipeds. 😉 Some of us aren’t that good at backing up—or a heck of a lot of other maneuvers!

  18. Clowie I never thought about it, but that is a great thing to be able to put yourself in reverse!

  19. Nice work! Walking backwards is tricky for sure!

  20. Backing up is a great skill. I wish someone had taught me to do that. Now when I get stuck I just wait for Mom to come and help me. She is getting tired of moving furniture,

    Love and licks,

    • I’ve seen photos and videos of you doing some pretty cool things, I’m sure you could learn to reverse! Then your mom could talk you out of a tight corner instead of moving the furniture.

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