My feline friends

Mulberry and Pippin, my cats, said that it’s too long since they’ve appeared in one of my tales. I asked them what they would like me to write about them and they asked me to come up with some ideas and then they would help me to write the post.

Mulberry, Persian cat, with towels

I’m helping the biped!

Each time I went to talk to them about my ideas, they were busy. Mulberry appeared to be resting on a pile of clean towels, but he assured me he was helping the biped sort out my towels. He also said that the biped had a bath planned for me soon – he’s probably right!

Each time I checked on them after that they said that they were doing their yoga. Then they needed to groom themselves and then they groomed each other.

Pippin, tabby cat, showing his tummy

Pippin doing yoga

Mulberry, Persian cat, showing his tummy

Mulberry doing yoga

Finally they said they were ready to help. They settled themselves comfortably and I began to read my ideas to them. They made a few comments and then they went very quiet. I looked up and they were fast asleep!

Two cats sleeping - Pippin, tabby, and Mulberry, Persian

This is their idea of helping!

I’ll tell you about some of the strange things they do. Mulberry likes to jump out from a hiding place – he’s always hoping to scare Pippin or me! Sometimes we pretend that he almost scared us because he tries so hard.

If either of them vomit, they panic and move backwards to get away from it. The bipeds ask them to keep still and be sick in one place, but they don’t listen they keep moving! Mulberry pukes a little and then jumps backwards a couple of feet and keeps repeating that until he’s finished, but Pippin can run really fast backwards and puke at the same time – it’s quite impressive!

Oh, they’ve woken up, apparently this isn’t funny and not at all the sort of thing they had in mind!

Mulberry says that his favourite stories are “Purrfect obedience cat” and “The chair scare“. Pippin says that you should all make sure to read my very first interview called “A fridge too far“.

They’ve gone back to sleep, they’ve obviously had a very tiring day. I won’t get any more sense out of them now, so I’ll tell you there’s a list of cat tales.

See you next Wednesday!

84 thoughts on “My feline friends

  1. That’s cats for you, always napping! Ah well, they sound pretty cool cats!
    The Pigs xx

  2. As expected, P&M are character cats! Glad to hear they don’t waste energy 😀

  3. Wow they sure are the masters of energy conservation LOL Nice to catch up with the kitties. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. mollieandalfie

    Those are smart kitties knowing that your going to get a bath BOL.. It was lubley to see M and P xxxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. wow they have mad skills!!

  6. Cats are mysterious creatures. In my neighborhood they hide under cars and jump out to scare me. Was that YOU yesterday, Mulberry???

    Love and licks,

    • You’re right, cats are very mysterious, Cupcake. I don’t think Mulberry would try to surprise you, he stays hidden from almost all visitors.

  7. Well Clowie, those cat tales/tails are great and I’m glad those two keep you entertained so well!! My Mom gets upset when I “puke on the move” too instead of staying in one spot but hey – we want a fresh spot for round two of the puke-a-thon! I’m glad your kitties keep you on your toes Clowie – it’s what we do best!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • Yes, my bipeds complain that it’s difficult to clean up when it’s spread about! Pippin managed to puke and go backwards up the stairs one day – some on every step!

  8. cat puke is tasty but lately momwithoutpaws cleans it up before I get to it.

  9. Puking on the move is a great skill, I’ll have to try that. I don’t puke often but when I last did I woke mummy up first and did it in the garden. She seemed to think that was pretty good.

  10. Clowie cats are strange indeed..our girls do the same..throw up then Michael Jackson moonwalk…so they can continue…and never on a tiled or wood surface…always a rug or carpet….hmmmm odd bods 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  11. LOL! Cats are like that. Now you know why Skeeter rarely makes an appearance on our blog – there’s a limit to how many pictures of a sleeping cat are interesting 🙂 Woofs from Jeffie, Rudy and Rosie.

  12. Are you sure they aren’t teasing you about a bath Clowie? The art of horking up hairballs. Always done on a hard to clean object.

    • I don’t know, they could be! However much Mulberry is brushed and combed, he produces a lot of hairballs and he does like to put them in the strangest of places!

  13. viviancooper669

    Love your cats Clowie. Keep an eye on the cats when they are around your towels. You never know what they may be up to. Sneaky cats.

    • Thank you, they’re my little pals. I do my best to keep an eye on them, they need me to keep them out of danger – they can be pretty silly!

  14. haha! I love your yoga kitty!!!! Too funny!
    You kitties help just the same way mine do! they love nothing more then to lay in my clean laundry basket!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    • Kitties seem to have a lot in common with each other. My bipeds moan about them getting hair on clean clothes, but I don’t see the problem – clothes are soon covered in hair anyway with me around!

  15. hahaha I think I’m related with Mulberry and Pippin, I help always with the towels and my puke-technique is special too ( I use the stairs, it looks cool when it drops from step to step). Maybe I should do some yoga too it could be helpful to bear my crazy staff :o)

    • My bipeds complain about cleaning up after the cats when it’s spread about and the volume is quite small from a cat. I don’t think you’d be very popular spreading it on the stairs!

      • naah not really, but it is my favorite place :o) and I always try to start next to the kitchen towels, mom placed on the stairs when she hears the special noises :o)

        • Ha ha, those special noises! They say I sound like a really powerful pump in action and they can feel their own muscles start to move in sympathy!

  16. You’re such a purrrrrrrrrfect friend to feature you siblings. Looks like they’re idea of help is to make the world a calmer place, BOL. They are very cute but of course U R THE CUTEST OF THEM ALL. wag wag Max & Bella

    • I’m very fond of my little pals. They do generally like everything to be relaxed and a cat’s purr is very soothing. But sometimes it’s hard to tell whether they’re purring or snoring, BOL!!

  17. I luvluvluv those photos of Pippin and Mulberry doing their yoga! Great technique and kudos for being able to hold that pose! MOL

  18. I do wish Pippin and Mulberry would clue you in on the puking thing. As many cats as has been in my life, I have yet to figure it out. Most mystifying indeed. One time I was frightfully sick and couldn’t make it to the loo, I tried the backward running thing. I can sort of figure out why they do it, but then, they don’t have to clean up the mess the way I had to. Ah well, your Cat Tales were great, even with all the limited help you received from the sleepy ones. I’ve been up for several hours and SamCat the Ripper has been asleep most of that time. Nice life, hey?

    • Maybe they think it’s funny to see the bipeds rushing about searching for every last spot of it! It is very strange. Say hi to SamCat for me when he wakes up.

  19. Clowie, Your experiences with Pippin and Mulberry, pretty much sum up a life time of experience I havfe had felines. But it is best I don’t go into much detail, you can never tell who is reading your every word. Take care, Biped Bill

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