Dog Song Saturday

I’m back with more news!

Check out Dog Song Saturday on Talking Dogs Blog!

Badge for Dog Song Saturday at Talking Dogs

There is a fantastic collection of dog songs there. You’ll find some familiar ones and I’m sure you’ll find some you haven’t heard before.

If you’ve known me a while you’ll know that Cat Forsley wrote Clowie’s Corner especially for me. I’m excited to tell you that it’s featured on Talking Dogs today.

See you on Wednesday!

49 thoughts on “Dog Song Saturday

  1. Wow. That’s a lot of dog songs! I will go back and listen to some each day I think. Too many for all at once! (Stella)

  2. Oh Clowie, you’ve got a funny sense of humour that I love…HA! Your kitties, while I’m sure would love to be more helpful, have the same priorities as Blossum and Petals…Napping trumps all. 😀 Silly Pusses !

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