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Do you all remember that cheeky young pup called Milo? His ambition is to be a Guide Dog and he was kind enough to visit for an interview which you can read here: Spotlight on Milo – Trainee guide Dog.



He’s been doing some growing up since then and he’s about to finish his 16 weeks of basic training. He will soon move on to his advanced training – this takes 10 weeks and during this time he will be matched with a biped who needs his help.

Milo’s 12-week report, part 1: Milo is a bright, happy, affectionate dog. He has settled well and loves learning! He is working in harness.

Milo’s 12-week report, part 2: Milo is a lovely boy, good on public transport and loves his toys. He will soon move to advanced training.

Congratulations Milo!

I’d also like to mention Milo’s puppy walker, Allie. She is the person that socialised Milo and ensured that he had all the experiences he needed to be ready to do his training to become a Guide Dog.

Congratulations Allie!

I have mentioned before how important socialisation is. The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (UK) do everything they can to ensure that socialisation of their puppies begins early. And Guide Dogs for the Blind (USA) also stress the importance of socialisation.

Milo, when he was much younger, dreaming about being a Guide Dog when he's grown up

Milo, when he was much younger, dreaming about being a Guide Dog when he’s grown up

Good luck in the advanced training, Milo!

See you next Wednesday!

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  1. How wonderful Clowie thankyou for the update ..we remember Milo and he sure has grown both in size and ability! we wish him all the best πŸ™‚ hugs Fozziemum xx

  2. Well done Milo! And well done Allie, not all pups make it in training and those early months of preparation are fundamental to their success. He has grown into a very gorgeous fellow.

  3. Very cool ~! Congratulations on moving on to advanced training Milo! WOOF WOOF !

  4. Well done Milo and yes we so wish you well in your advanced training. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Go Milo! Woof!

  6. Such great news about Milo! He will be doing a very important job. Thank you Clowie for letting us know about his progress!

  7. Big congrats to Milo!

  8. Bravo for Milo!!!! He was such an adorable pup and now he’s a most handsome youngster and what a GREAT companion he will be. Love this whole story!

    Hugs, Sam and Mom

  9. Oh thats great news!!!! Congrats Milo!!! Good for you buddy! Thanks for sharing Clowie!

    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. Thank you Allie for assisting Milo in his career goals!
    When I was a pup they thought I’d grow up to be an assistant dog, then I dislocated my leg and my human said I needed to retire before I started :/ I still try and help out around the house; I’m a champion tomato and butter eater but my human says I shouldn’t take things without asking – but no one ever asks! Silly humans. I’m so pleased that MIlo is doing well – I think he’s going all the way!

    • Yes, Allie did a great job of getting Milo ready for training.
      It must have been painful to dislocate a leg! I don’t suppose you were allowed to move much for a while.
      I like to help out around the house as well. I keep the kitchen floor spotless – I could easily clean the work top, but they say I shouldn’t touch it!

      • I was a very active pup – they couldn’t keep me still enough and my elbow healed outside the joint – it sounds awful but it doesn’t bother me at all and you wouldn’t know it if you saw me. But my person said pups with special legs shouldn’t be working dogs. She forgets I work all the time! You know what that’s like Clowie – minding that people don’t get in mischief is an endless job.

        • Yes, it’s a full time job keeping an eye on humans! I suppose they couldn’t really predict whether your leg would give you problems. I’m glad it doesn’t bother you.

  11. Congratulations Milo&Allie! It’s great to be a Guide Dog and it’s not only that this dogs help their people to manage their daily routine, they also are friends and always there for them.

  12. mollieandalfie

    Milo is one smart pup, he sure rocks.. Well done Milo πŸ™‚ xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  13. Wooohoooowoooooo Milo!

  14. Bravo Milo! Bravo Allie! It’s such a wonderful job they are both doing/going to do. Heart food. Thanks, Clowie.

  15. Clowie, Thank you for the update on your friend, I think it is amazing what you’ll go thru and the services that are provided. Being one of the fortunate ones that don’t require the services that Milo will priovide, I am extremely proud that he takes the training as serious as it is, and that he is doing so well, You should be proud to have such a good friend. Take care, Biped Bill

  16. CONCATULATIONS to Milo! Such an impawtant work, mes is sure he will excel.

  17. Thank you for this update. He has certainly grown in all kinds of ways. Tale wags to his trainer/mom/upright for her care and guidance as well.

  18. Great job, Milo! Becoming a guide dog is no easy task!

  19. Great story about Milo. Such a beautiful boy with such an important job. Service animals are very special indeed. I wrote about one that just visited my Dad in the hospital recently, as a certified pet pal. Can’t say enough good things about them!

    • He’ll make a big difference to the person he is assigned to.
      I’ll make sure to read your post later. Animals can do wonderful work in lots of situations.

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