Hot on the trail

I was enjoying a pleasant walk along a quiet track with one of my bipeds when I picked up a fresh scent that interested me. I put my nose down and moved forward as quickly as I could, doing my best impression of a Bloodhound. My biped didn’t seem to want to move as quickly as I did. Each time I tried to go a bit faster she told me to stop pulling. I paused and slowed each time so that she wouldn’t stop and refuse to move and then I put my nose back on the trail.

Once I almost lost it, as there was a large puddle that was as wide as the track. I zigzagged back and forth across the track on the other side sniffing really hard, until I found it again. My biped laughed and said I was snorting like a pig! I ignored her, she obviously has no idea how to examine a smell – it’s important to exhale thoroughly before inhaling a brand new batch of air. I suppose this does sound a little like snorting, but at least I don’t spit like wine tasters do!

I continued along the track with my nose down for quite a distance. We turned a corner and there were less trees. I heard my biped say, “Oh, that’s what’s so interesting!”

I didn’t bother to check what it was that she found interesting. I heard her tell me that sometimes it’s easier to look, but I didn’t look up – this scent trail was important and I wanted to follow it as quickly as possible so that I could catch up with the source of the scent. My biped told me to stop pulling a few more times and then I heard her say hello to someone, but I didn’t take much notice as I knew I was getting close and I didn’t want to lose the scent.

Then I heard another biped say, “What are you tracking, Clowie?”

I kept my nose down – I knew I was getting really close and I didn’t want to be distracted. Then I heard my friend Sandy greet me with a friendly, “Woof, woof!”

This time I looked up – it was his trail I’d been following! He was only a few yards away and he was watching me and wagging his tail. I’d been hoping to surprise him, but it didn’t matter. We sniffed each other and then we strolled back to the village together. Our bipeds were chatting away to each other about nothing of any importance, while Sandy and I discussed the finer points of following a trail efficiently.

The bipeds seem to think it’s funny when dogs are sniffing away and not seeing what’s almost under their noses. I think that’s rather ironic, a case of the pot calling the kettle black, when bipeds usually search for something using their eyes and don’t smell what’s right under their noses!

See you next Wednesday!

87 thoughts on “Hot on the trail

  1. Clowie, Your point is made and taken. But you still had a great walk and bumped into a friend. Take care, Biped Bill ..

  2. Good trail sniffing sweet Clowie. We bet you and Sandy had a great time. The nose knows best don’t it Clowie? Hugs and nose kisses

  3. My person laughs when I am smelling too Clowie – she says I sound like a vacuum picking up scent. I just happen to be very good at zoning in on the smells that might be related to food – those are the best smells. I’ve noticed that people not only are impaired with smelling, they don’t realize all the good edible things that are scattered all around them either! I’m always hearing, “Oh, don’t eat that!” but I pretend I can’t hear that…it’s really just a silly thing to say. Of course I’m going to eat it!

    • They don’t seem to want to eat anything that’s been on the ground! They seem to get particularly worried if it’s been around for a few days and the flavour has matured nicely.

  4. Great tracking skills, whee bet you’d be an amazing detective!
    The Pigs xx

  5. It’s always fun for this human to watch a dog “fix” on a spot, sniffing and sniffing and sometimes getting really excited. And I have to wonder what the scent is telling them—especially when they decide to roll in that spot over and over again!

    • I don’t often roll in a smell, I reserve that for just after a bath when I stink of shampoo – anything will do to cover that smell!

  6. Great post… I loved the way you highlight the value of scents Clowie. Best wishes & I hope you enjoy your weekend ahead, Aquileana 😉

  7. Clever Clowie! I think all the photo’s of your cute nose were fun this morning. I don’t know if I’d want to be able to smell better. Sure you could smell the good stuff more but I’d also have to smell the bad stuff more. Maybe it’d be ok if I lived in the beautiful mountains near you, but the city is a stinky place. Happy Weekend!

  8. Easy’ s comment put mum off her dinner lol 🙂

  9. are TOTALLY correct Clowie…silly bipeds

  10. True wisdom starts at a great snout! And my friend yours is right on mark!! There’s something to be said about a well functioning nose!! I believe it was Steve Martin’s version of Cyrano de Bergerac, “Roxanne” when he quoted a Shakespeare line or rather misquoted: “A Nose by any other name would smell as sweet.” And there you have it my friend…an ode to Clowie!! ❤

  11. It really is interesting in many ways Clowie, the difference between humans and dogs.
    Sometimes humans do understand smell (when they like it mostly) like roses, violets, perfume, food… of course our nose is not as good as yours, but we too enjoy smell, even though we don’t track it on a trail. *chuckle*

    • We agree on food being an enjoyable smell! But I’ll leave you to sniff the roses while I find something with a more interesting aroma!

  12. I didn’t know Pyrs were trackers! Look at you, teaching us something new all the time!

  13. Clowie, it sounds like you have a very powerful sense of smell! We loved the pictures of your snout up close and personal. It is a fine looking nose so we don’t blame you if you did… but did you take a selfie?

    • No, I generally leave cameras and phones to the bipeds to operate – those fiddly little buttons are definitely not designed for paws! keyboards are difficult enough!

  14. Clowie I am loving your adventures! I have just enjoyed half my morning here reading! Have a great weekend. I so look forward to your next “adventure.”

  15. […] told you a couple of weeks ago how I met up with my friend Sandy and one of his bipeds and we walked home together. Some of you laughed at the idea that the bipeds […]

  16. the human would never understand the importance of our sniffing.. and great to hear when it turned out to be Clowie scent that you were sniffing to.. hope you too had fun. cheers 😀

  17. Love those photos of noses

  18. Love those nose pics! And very wise words Clowie–we bi-peds sometimes find it easier to give advice or suggestions than following our own *noses*-

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