My trip to Jánovas

My bipeds told me we were going to visit Jánovas. It’s an uninhabited village in a beautiful valley in the Spanish Pyrenees. The people had to leave because the valley was going to be flooded to create a reservoir. The dam was never completed.

My bipeds loaded up the car. I didn’t really mind where we were going as long as I was included in the trip. When the car stopped and we got out, I thought this adventure was off to a good start as we were parked near a river.

We started walking along the track that my bipeds said would take us into Jánovas. We soon came to a bridge made of wooden planks.

Bridge at Jánovas From Flickr by birasuegi:

Bridge at Jánovas
From Flickr by birasuegi

We stepped onto the bridge and I immediately moved backwards onto solid ground. The bridge had moved! It shouldn’t do that!

The bipeds said, “It’s okay, Clowie. Come on!”

One of them tugged gently on my lead and started to move forwards again. I didn’t like it, but it must be okay if they said it was. I moved onto the bridge. It was still swaying, so I splayed my legs out to give myself maximum stability as I walked across with my bipeds. It seemed like quite a long way across. When we reached solid ground we stopped and they made a fuss of me and gave me a treat.

The male biped said, “I think Clowie was at least six inches shorter while we came across that. I’ve never seen her splay her legs out like that!”

The female replied, “I don’t blame her for not liking it. I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about a swaying bridge!”

We walked away from the bridge and followed the path until we came to a stream. There was a bridge across it, but you had to walk on thick metal mesh which didn’t look very friendly for paws.

The male biped said, “The stream isn’t very deep. I don’t mind getting wet feet, I’ll walk in the stream with Clowie.”

I took the opportunity to have a refreshing drink on the way across. We didn’t have far to walk to arrive in the ruins of the village.

Jánovas village

Jánovas village

We had a stroll around the village and walked up to the church. We went inside and looked at the painting on the walls. Then we walked back down to the village and found a nice spot for our picnic.

After we had eaten we investigated more of the village. We found the steps down to the village spring. I went down for a drink and the bipeds stayed at the top looking down at me. I played around a little and then noticed that the bipeds were planning to take my picture, so I looked up at them and moved at just the moment they clicked!

Clowie, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Great Pyrenees, at Janovas

I was enjoying a drink!

When we arrived at the swaying bridge on the way back, the bipeds told me it was okay. They needn’t have been concerned, I strolled across as though a bridge that moves is an everyday occurrence!

If you would like to see more photographs of Jánovas you’ll find some here.

If those of you who speak Spanish would like to know more of the story of this village, there is a Wikipedia entry and there’s a website with more detail.

See you next Wednesday!

74 thoughts on “My trip to Jánovas

  1. Of course, it is Clowie, and not your writing at all that makes your posts so remarkable. I’m gonna hedge my odds and tell the truth. One of you will win a peabody for writing, don’t tell Clowie.

    • Thank you for the compliment. I need to find some focus for that to happen. Clowie has a kind heart and would be very excited.

  2. Ooo, that looks like quite the adventure.

  3. It makes for a wonderful picnic destination but what a lot of heartache must have been involved for all those families to have been forced out of their homes for what turns out to be no reason at all 😦 Very impressed with your braving that bridge Clowie, think I’d be with your Humom and not enjoy it much!

    • It’s in an area of natural beauty but still stands out as a lovely place.
      It is very sad for the people that lived there. They fought hard to be allowed back when the plans were dropped, but the government kept refusing. There are talks about returning land and property now, but this all began in the 1950s.

  4. Jánovas seems like a lovely place to visit! Beautiful photos and no doubt you all enjoyed it very much!

  5. Clowie that sounded like a great adventure and we see you had a nice day for it. Beautiful pix of a lovely place. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. What a fun day out. You were very brave at the swaying bridge, C. That thing was looooong! Whew! I have never been on a bridge like that, but when Mom brings me onto an elevator, I fall on the floor as soon as it starts moving.

    Love and licks,

  7. Clowie, LOL after a long car ride I would have been looking for a tree too!! I am quite proud of you, I would have had issues with either of the bridges, and would have preferred wading thru both areas. From the pictures it is clear you and your bipeds had a wonderful day, relaxing, enjoyable and, educational. I see you have a little ham in you, though I expected a more toothy grin. Take care, I am glad you had such a good time. Your friend Biped Bill

    • It’s harder to wade across the river than you’d expect from that photo of the bridge. It’s deeper than it looks and it flows fast. My bipeds have waded across it in the height of summer and we have found lovely places to swim in it.

  8. Gosh Clowie what an adventure that was! I think you were ever so brave to go across that bridge – I’m sure because you trust your bipeds you knew they wouldn’t want you to do something you were scared to do but you were SO BRAVE! The old town looks fascinating and what a fun place to poke around and explore! FUN!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • Hi Sammy! No one expects the ground to start moving underfoot, it’s quite worrying at first! It is a very interesting place to wander around and it’s in a very beautiful valley.

  9. I don’t like swinging bridges either, maybe treats would make it better 🙂 I really enjoyed this one, so I shared it on twitter.

  10. Clowie you were much braver about crossing the bridge than I would be. I am not sure I would have done it.. 🙂 Very interesting trip and a picnic too!

  11. Wow Clowie!!! Looks like such an amazing place! I don’t get to travel much…..ok I don’t get to travel at all. But if and when I do, I would just love to go explore a place like that!
    So interesting. And that bridge, haha! Don’t feel bad, my dogs splay their legs like that when we walk across a sturdy cement bridge, i can just imagine walking across a swaying bridge! BOL!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ((husky hugz))
    frum our pack at love is being owned by a husky

    • A bridge that sways is worrying at first! It is a fascinating place to explore, and it’s very beautiful. There are quite a few deserted villages in that area, some of them very old.

  12. were you nervous on the bridge? I would be nervous my human mom would be nervous..

  13. Clowie – I might try that bridge but my person would have stayed on the bank and taken a lot of coaxing to get out there. She isn’t too keen on footing that slips around over fast running water 🙂

    • I think she’s wise to be careful – they are so unstable because they insist on walking around on two legs instead of four!

  14. So glad it was you not me on that bridge! My legs would have been splayed out. ….. I would have been laid flat out on the ground refusing to move

  15. Clowie I agree with you, better to get wet paws than to enter such a bridge (mom agrees too). That’s an interesting place, I would like to read more about Janovas, why it is abandoned and since when ( and if you can find treasures there!) It looks peaceful and romantic, but I’m not sure if I would be brave enough to visit this place at night :o)

    • It is a fascinating place. I couldn’t find much of the story told in English, it’s a very sad one. It all began in the 1950s when the government wanted to create a reservoir in that valley. The people didn’t want to leave and it took years to force them all out. The project hit complications and the dam was never completed, but the people weren’t allowed to return. Talks have recently begun about returning property to the families involved and it’s possible that the village may be restored sometime in the future.

  16. Lovely pictures! Swaying bridges are bit disconcerting though, aren’t they! – there’s a bridge that moves in one of the walks near us. It doesn’t sway as such, but children do bounce on it – confused our Ailsa the first time she walked on it!

  17. Those pictures are beautiful!

    The bridge swayed? Oohhh… that would have been super scary. I would have been super scared. You’re really, really brave. Anyone ever tell you that?


  18. What an interesting place to visit. My mummy would definitely not like that bridge. She thinks you’re very brave for crossing it, she’d be lying on her front crawling along it LOL

  19. Clowie I would have LOVED every bit of that trip EXCEPT for the bridge! I wouldn’t like that either!

  20. Cool place! I don’t think Katie would have gone over a bridge like that. You are quite brave!

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