A trip down memory lane

I’m inviting you to take a trip down memory lane with me this week, as I tell you a little about when I first came to live with my bipeds.

As soon as we left the house where I’d been living with my mother and siblings, my new bipeds carried me to the car. We didn’t have to go far at all, but I heard some passing youngsters say how cute I was! When we got in the car one of the bipeds sat with me and made sure I was comfortable and safe, so I settled down and went to sleep for most of the journey.

Memory Lane

This is how I imagine Memory Lane

Attribution: By Jongleur100 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When we arrived, they carried me indoors and took me to the kitchen. I had been allowed to investigate a little in my mother’s house, so I knew I was up to the task of finding out about my new home. I set off across the room and I soon came across a bowl of food. I later found out that the food had been intended for Pippin, the cat, but I hadn’t eaten for a couple of hours! I took every opportunity there was to eat while I was growing – I was always hungry!

After I’d licked the bowl clean, my new bipeds opened the back door. The doorstep was a bit tricky for my short legs, but I soon found my way out into the back garden to explore. I walked across the path and onto the grass. I hadn’t been on grass before, it felt springy under my paws. I wandered about while my bipeds kept an eye on me.

It wasn’t long before I heard some other people calling to my bipeds. One of my bipeds went and let some people called ‘the neighbours’ into the garden. They told me that I’m gorgeous and cute – I already knew that, but it’s always nice to hear! They enjoyed stroking me and rubbing my tummy. They didn’t stay very long and I went back to wandering about on the grass. Then I suddenly felt exhausted, so I flopped down for a nap. One of the bipeds scooped me up and carried me indoors and put me on a nice, soft blanket.

The next day I was taken to see a man they called the vet. He examined me and said that I was in good health. He talked with my biped about a number of things – food, vaccinations, worming, and where it was safe for me to go to socialise until the vaccinations took full effect.

Over the next few days I discovered a lot more about my home. My bipeds were pleased that I was already used to all the normal noises in a house, such as the vacuum cleaner and washing machine. I was accustomed to being handled by humans, but they began to do things like looking in my ears – I’m not sure what they expected to find in there! They also looked in my mouth regularly, sometimes touching my teeth and gums – I could have told them my mouth was empty. I’d had my paws touched frequently before, but they started to check between my toes – that tickled!

They brushed me every day. They had trouble persuading me to keep still to be brushed because I didn’t really like keeping still and I didn’t like being brushed. I love being brushed now and I can’t understand why I didn’t like it!

They also started taking me out and about to see more of the world. That was very exciting – I’ll tell you more about it another time.

I expect you’ve noticed that a lot of these things were in the Puppy Plan that I mentioned in my post about socialisation last week – some of it was confusing at the time but it all makes sense now.

I think you’ll enjoy this video of some Great Pyrenees puppies having some fun investigating an oversized drinking bowl.

See you next Wednesday!

89 thoughts on “A trip down memory lane

  1. Ah, that first journey in the car and finding out if you are going to be a good traveller. Sounds like you passed with flying colours Clowie.

    • I was a very good traveller in both senses of the word that day! I did my best to get into mischief a few times after that, but I’ve never been travel sick.

  2. What a lovely trip down memory lane Clowie! and the car trip is always a tricky one but you handled it so well!! and those pups are so very cute!! we look forward to more stroies of memory lane and it’s adventures πŸ™‚ hugs Fozziemum xx

  3. Wow Clowie you sure handled the car trip well. I was always sick. I am a bit better now. Love seeing you at the big drinking bowl. Well cute. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I pooped in the car on my first trip BOL.. Those puppies are adorable, Mommy wants them. Lovely trip down memory lane Clowie, Catch ya next week xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. I like puppy ‘tales’. But I really love grown up dogs who don’t get sick in the car or poo in the lounge. We all have to learn though, and I prefer a gentle touch to puppy training. Thanks for sharing your lovely story x.

    • I agree with you about the gentle touch in puppy training – along with a huge helping of patience. My bipeds say, although I was very cute, I’m much nicer to know as an adult.

  6. I love memory lane! You were well-behaved right from the start, C. I was very unsure and scared and mischievous when I first came here. I can picture you being all plummy and dumpy like the puppies in the video. So adorable. I was hoping one of them would get all the way in. Finally, he did!

    Love and licks,

    • I was very well-behaved in the beginning, but when I’d settled in I had a VERY mischievous phase that lasted quite a few months. They say I was too confident – is that even possible? I would have been straight in that water!

  7. Oh Clowie……what a lucky girl you were to come to such a nice and loving home……it’s very exciting being in a new place but it can also be kind of scary. Your bipeds certainly made sure you felt safe and totally at home right from the start! Loved the video of the little ones playing……I bet you were TONS cuter though right???!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  8. When the puppy squirted the other puppy typist tea went all over her keyboard! Top Tips!

  9. Clowie thanks for the memory lane! It reminded me of when my ‘one and only’ Oskar the Samoyed came home all those years ago. I love the Pyrenese puppy pool also. Happy way to start my day!
    Marty the Manx’s mom Kelly

  10. Lovely story and hilarious video!

  11. Socialization is so very important for puppies. It is hard in the US as we aren’t allowed most places, but in Europe where we could go on buses, in stores, etc, it was great! I’m sure you were an irresistible ball of white fluff as a youngster!

    • It’s a shame when you can’t go as many places as you’d like, but your family seem to manage to find interesting things to do together. I expect I looked a lot like Katie did, except that I have some coloured patches!

  12. I wasn’t as confident as you were when my family first brought me home, Clowie (maybe it was because I was so tiny and frail?). I whined for the whole 20-minute car trip and as soon as they let me loose in the house, I ran underneath the coffee table and hid. Then I decided that the Mommy Of The House looked pretty safe, so I curled up on her foot and went to sleep. I trapped her there for half an hour! But eventually I realized that my new family really loved me and protected me, so I relaxed and started having fun. I love the video of all the Pool Puppies – I bet you were one of the cutest puppies of them all! πŸ™‚

    • I think some breeds are more nervous than others and being tiny wouldn’t help with that. I’m glad you settled in nicely and relaxed with your family.
      They do say I was cute! It’s nice to see the puppies having fun investigating that pool.

  13. I love playing in my swimming pool can not wait it makes mom laugh

    • I hope you don’t have to wait too long! I love playing in the water.

      • It will be awhile before Spring we have lots of snow, more coming and really cold temps with blowing snow and crazy wind chills. Thank goodness for a woodstove

  14. Adorable video! Just imagining a fuzzy little puppy Clowie playing with the others!
    Sounds like your humans knew what they were doing and got off to a good start! Not sure about Alma’s pre-adoption upbringing, but just little things like checking ears/mouth and grooming go a long way – takes longer to get an adult dog used to that stuff!

    • Thank you, I think they did get me off to a good start. They found my rebellious phase a little challenging – they say I’ve taught them a lot!
      It takes a lot more patience to teach an adult dog to accept being handled, if they’re not used to it.

  15. Oh Clowie, I bet you were adorable as a pup:-)

  16. Those baby puppies are so dang cute Clowie. Glad your first car ride went smooth and you didn’t get car sick. Would be no fun to not be able to ride in the car! I am smiling over how you imagine Memory Lane Clowie, I like your imagination.. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, they are cute! I’m really glad I’ve never been car sick – I love going out in the car! Thank you, I like the way my Memory Lane looks.

  17. Precious video. Clowie, the introduction to your new family sounds so loving and wonderful. Your descriptions made all of us smile, laugh, and wag a lot, especially eating the cat’s food, the description of your short legs, and how you must have sent the neighborhood into ooh’s and aww’s. Always love your posts. Wag wag. Your friends across the big pond.

    • Thank you very much. I didn’t even miss my brothers and sisters until it was bedtime and then it seemed a bit strange. My legs grew two inches in my first week in my new home – that made it much easier to get up and down the step! You should look out for some cat food – it’s much tastier than dog food because cats are so fussy!

  18. Cat food is lovely.
    Food is lovely.
    Sounds like we have a lot in common Clowie. I’m told I was an adorable pup, I did well in the car, and I didn’t miss my 12 brothers and sisters. Probably helped that my adopted sister was waiting for me – she makes up for a whole litter of pups by her one crazy self πŸ™‚

    • It does sound as though we agree on the important things in life! I’m sure you were an adorable pup. You had a lot of brothers and sisters – I was one of eleven and I thought that was a lot!

      • My poor mum – she wasn’t looking to set a record but I was part of a very surprising litter – Labs don’t usually have THAT many pups.

        • That’s a lot of puppies for a Lab, your poor mum must have been surprised! The average for Pyrs is 7 – 10, but they can have as many as 15.

  19. What a lovely story! πŸ™‚ xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

  20. Aww Clowie! Thank you for sharing your trip down memory lane with us! It sounds like you had such a happy puppyhood … and that’s just the way it should be!
    I love the video at the end of the pups with the drinking bowl. How do you like big drinking bowls? Myfie is not keen at all, he won’t even drink out of them. But Ellie and millie are very nosy and they will eventually get in and take look around!
    hugs to you! Carrie x

    • I’m glad you liked my tale. I had a wonderful time as a puppy! I still have lots of fun with my bipeds.
      I think all drinking bowls should be large enough to climb into! My favourite walks include water as I love outdoor drinking bowls – bipeds usually call them lakes or rivers.

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