The disappearing cube

I am answering a Frequently Barked Question today.

FBQ: What are your least favourite toys?

I’m going to tell you about a couple of toys that weren’t a success. My bipeds say they’ve seen lots of dogs having fun with them, but these toys just weren’t right for me.

They showed me a ball and I watched while they put treats in it. It was obvious I needed to roll the ball around to make the treats fall out of the holes. I dashed around with it, bashing into the furniture. Each time the bipeds stood a chair back up, they told me to slow down! It only took me a couple of minutes to empty it out. They tried to encourage me to eat the treats that were on the floor, but after I’d eaten a couple I wasn’t interested in eating any more.

Mulberry, the cat, was having a lot more fun than I was. He was pretending to play ice hockey, using the treats as pucks. He dived about and he very soon had all the treats under the furniture. The bipeds took the ball away, I don’t know why they looked so disheartened. Then they moved the furniture and cleaned up the treats.

The next day they took the toy outside. I flicked it around until I’d emptied it – it was even quicker to do this outdoors as there was no furniture getting in the way and slowing me down. They kept pointing out the treats that were on the grass and that reminded me that I enjoy digging. They groaned and asked me to stop. That was really boring, so I asked them to play football with me.

A week or so later, the female biped showed me a cube. She rattled it and told me it was interesting. She knelt on the floor and showed me how to tip it over with my paw and that treats came out. It didn’t seem any more interesting than the ball had been. She sat back and encouraged me to do it for myself. I thought it would be more fun to flick it over than to knock it gently. I lifted my paw and brought it down hard on one corner of the cube. The cube flicked up like a tiddlywink. Now I was having fun!

I was still a puppy, so I didn’t take much notice of the funny noise that was coming from the biped. I wasn’t even curious about why she’d covered her face with her hands, or why her eyes seemed to be leaking. I was having a great time flicking the cube and seeing how high I could make it go! It wasn’t many minutes before it landed in the middle of the table. I was thinking about putting my front paws up on the table to get it when my biped removed the cube. I followed her and she put it in the cupboard. I don’t think I’ve seen that cube since!

Ahoy there mateys! from Wikipedia

Ahoy there mateys!
from Wikipedia

A few days later my bipeds were chatting and the female said, “It’s really embarrassing having a black eye. Everyone wants to know how it happened, but they don’t look as though they believe the answer!”

The male replied, “You could always wear an eye patch!”

“But I’d look like a pirate!”

He chuckled and said, “I’d rather have had a black eye than the bruises I had when we tried to teach her a high-five!”

They both laughed then, but I think they’re really pleased that I play gently now!

See you next Wednesday!

102 thoughts on “The disappearing cube

  1. Oh dear! Good that the bipeds can laugh about it now 😉 Ours have never been interested in those treat balls either.

  2. Sorry you didn’t like your toy, Clowie. I don’t think I would like it either. I like play wrestling and chasing ribbons with the human. Better Luck next time..


  3. Well hope you get the right thing next time 🙂 xoxx

  4. Wow sounds like great fun!!

  5. OMD we laughed at that and boy we needed it. My peeps got Greens’ Interactive Bowl for Ancient Pip and she seemed to like it but I hate it and bark and growl at it as it make you work for your treats and food. It gave Ancient Pip something to do without too much effort. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Sometimes humans just THINK they know what we’d like and they are so far off base it’s hilarious!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  7. OMG, C. You really had those treat toys flying! I have some IQ Treat toys. Mom thinks they will make me a problem-solver. I have to slide and lift and spin the little doors and layers and covers to get to the treats. I work on it like my life depends on it. I will do anything for a treat!

    Love and licks,

  8. I bet your mum would look great with an eye patch!

  9. We shouldn’t laugh Clowie 🙂 I don’t like those sort of toys,why should I have to work for my treats Bawahwhahha Catch ya next week xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. Katie had a treat ball as a puppy and she loves it to this day. It kept her busy and out of trouble. Her favorite toy is a tug a war rope used to pull Mom around the house in her office chair with wheels or her soccer ball. We aren’t big on playing with toys. Glad you mellowed down a bit with age too.

    • They were hoping that the treat ball would keep me busy and out of trouble! I like to play a game with the bipeds, not play with a toy on my own.

  11. Another possibility when you don’t like the toy is to do what one I know did with a barbell he didn’t like to retrieve. One time he picked it up and headed for the woods; when he came back, he didn’t have it and the bipeds never saw it again! Rex

  12. Oh Clowie..those treat toys can be hit and miss indeed ….perhaps some pups prefer human interaction…and glad your folks have survived your puppy hood hahaah! hugs Fozziemum xx

    • Yes, you’re right, I enjoy playing games with my bipeds but not on my own. They were quite pleased when I grew up enough to calm down!

      • I bet they were Clowie..enthusiasm is great a big pup it’s a challenge 🙂

        • Yes, it is quite a challenge when a large pup is too enthusiastic!

          • It is but then a large pup doesn’t understand they are large..they just are what they are 🙂 just like my small dog doesn’t know he isn’t a Rottweiler..and my Rottweiler we used to have didn’t know he was bigger than our old cat that scared him..that’s what peeps are teaching these things to pups!

          • Yes, that’s why socialisation and training are so important for all puppies, but especially important to start as early as possible with the large breeds.

          • I agree Clowie sadly our poor Forrest being a puppy farm puppy had his first social interactions with bigger dogs off lead who rolled him..owners had no control..we have done so much and have spent thousands over the past ten years trying to get him to be around other dogs but apart from Doc who is eleven and smaller he stresses terribly..he loves people our cats and even the sheep but other dogs no..he has never attacked another dog and we don’t put him in that situation we have 11 acres where the walks and runs and sniffs and sights give him a fun life..he loves Doc and they have great fun together..puppy farms have a lot to answer for…

          • Puppy farms do have a lot to answer for – it’s very sad that they are allowed. Forrest is very lucky to have 11 acres for fun walks with you.

          • He is the reason we know about puppy farms…eleven years ago I was clueless..trying to find out info on him I was shut down..i then had to know and boy was I shocked!! we have been firm advocates against animal mills ever since…we still hate that he can’t find joy with other dogs except Doc..and we cringe when we think of the fate he would have met with a family not prepared to financially deal with fact our whole move here was for our pets…to keep them safe..long story but they are safe here and yes lucky to have all this land and a dam to swim in..oh and roos to watch!!

  13. It’s good that your bipeds survived your puppy-hood, even if it meant a few bumps and bruises.

  14. Clowie, I can really understand why you would be so charming to have running about the house. I can understand the joy you give your bipends. I can only imagine the mischief you get into unknowingly, and the bemused looks your bipeds get when you do so. Clowie, you are so much more important to your biped than you will ever know. Carry on. Your doing great, Take care, Bill

    • Thank you! They did laugh a lot when I was a puppy – they said that if they didn’t laugh they would cry! I’m kinder to them now, I do my best to make them happy.

  15. Oh my goodness, you really put your people through their paces! And I thought I was tough on toys when I was a puppy – I bow to Clowie The Great, the new reigning champion! 😉

  16. Owie for the female biped! Sounds like Mulberry had some fun.. 😀

  17. hahaha! Too funny Clowie!!!! I loved reading that post!

  18. Cascadian Nomads

    Wilhelm has to eat cooked food out of treat dispensing toys or else he gulps his food down to quickly. But since all of the toys are larger and heavy than he is, we are all safe from harm while he plays/eats! 🙂

  19. Now the cube is in a cubby :o)

  20. Ouch! Puppies do need to learn to play gently. The Boxer puppy has just fallen asleep on my foot x.

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