Is Jiminy guilty?

I have a mystery for you this week. There is some fairly compelling evidence to suggest that Jiminy the cricket is guilty, but we’ve all been in the wrong place at the wrong time! I’ll tell you about it and let you decide.

It all began last summer, the female biped was training the wisteria to form a fan shape in the corner of the garden. The growing shoots kept getting eaten and there was always a cricket nearby. She said that she knew it was the same cricket because one of his back legs was missing. She named him Jiminy!

Jiminy - the prime suspect

Jiminy – the prime suspect

The biped went and looked at the wisteria most days and clipped the new growth into the position she wanted. I would usually stroll around and sniff at more interesting things while she did this. Sometimes I would go and check on what she was doing and she would show me another chewed shoot and say that Jiminy had been busy again. He was usually nearby and he would stare at us from behind a leaf, as though we couldn’t see him.

The male biped asked her why she didn’t shoo the cricket away. She explained that Jiminy had a back leg missing and might not survive somewhere else. The male laughed and said that there was obviously no other option than to allow Jiminy to feed on succulent wisteria shoots.

A day or two later we went outside and found Jiminy right next to a chewed shoot. He was hiding behind one of the plant clips looking very guilty. Here is the photograph.

Jiminy next to a chewed wisteria shoot

Jiminy next to a chewed wisteria shoot

Now it’s time for you to decide and cast your vote. Jiminy was always near the chewed shoots, but he was never actually caught with one in his mouth. He could be as innocent as a dog who just happens to be near an overturned rubbish bin or a cat next to an empty goldfish bowl – you decide!

The wisteria has been growing like a weed since then and the photograph below shows it in flower this Spring. It produces enough shoots to keep Jiminy and quite a few of his friends very well fed.

See you next Wednesday!

Wisteria in flower this Spring

Wisteria in flower this Spring

99 thoughts on “Is Jiminy guilty?

  1. What a corker of a Wisteria! Even if Jimminy is guilty, it doesn’t seem to matter a fig 😉

  2. One little quintaped cricket can’t harm a rapidly growing wisteria! But he did still need to eat… Thanks for the fun wisteria mystery, Clowie!

    • You’re right, but at the time the wisteria was keeping its plans for world domination a secret!
      Thank you for introducing me to BoingyDog.

  3. My Momma was recently called for Jury Duty and we had this very same dilemma. The man claimed he did not know the car was stolen when he borrowed it. Never mind that he hung out with the wrong crowd or had a shady past. To Momma, there was ‘reasonable doubt’ that the man was not guilty since it is possible to borrow a car and not know it was stolen. Just because the man happened to have been in trouble in the past or did not have the very best people in his circle does not automatically mean he knew. It could be the ONE time he really did not know and he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Same as with Mr. Jiminy. Could be that another cricket came by, ate it, and Mr. Jiminy asked him not to eat anymore of it and leave…and just then when the other ‘creature’ left, you caught Mr. Jiminy – merely standing there. Could be Mr. Jiminy had just arrived minutes before and the part of the tree had torn from too strong a wind. I say there is reasonable doubt that it was Mr. Jiminy’s fault and standing nearby does not mean one did it. WOOF.

    • Jury duty is a huge responsibility – someone’s future hangs in the balance and I agree we should be very sure before we say ‘guilty’.
      You have made an excellent case in the defence of Mr. Jiminy.

  4. Innocent it was the squirrels. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  5. Hmmm. He’s probably guilty. Whee have the same issue with a devious looking caterpillar. Maybe whee need to set up CCTV on the veggie patch?!


    • I think you should have CCTV on your veggie patch. Veggies are important to you, so you don’t want a naughty caterpillar eating them all!

  6. Whenever I am standing near something naughty, it’s because I am guilty. Sssshhhh – Don’t tell Mom. My innocent face still works sometimes. Jiminy is definitely the culprit. Don’t let his innocent face fool you!

    Love and licks,

    • Your secret is safe with me, Cupcake. It sounds as though you need to keep working on your innocent face, but I’m fairly sure your Mom will forgive you anything because you’re so cute!

  7. I feel it is a mystery Clowie but if in fact Jiminy is the culprit he has done a fine job of pruning because that is one beautiful Wisteria..we had Lorry Locust…mowed my Salvias down to knubs 😦 but they thrived afterwards,,,,go figure 😉 Hugs Fozziemum x

  8. Perhaps all that “trimming” Jiminy and his friends did caused that wisteria to go crazy with growth because it is TRULY gorgeous and full and beautiful ! Jiminy is a good gardening assistant we think…..!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  9. Seems to be guilty, but with his handicap and the fact that it is growing despite being eaten, I would let him go!

  10. I think mister Jiminy isn’t guilty – maybe he was just having little snacks …..
    plants look lovely 🙂 xxx
    have a beautiful week xx and I found Jiminy for You 🙂 singing 🙂 xxxx

    Hugs To You and Your Mom xo

    • Thank you, I hope you have a lovely week. Was he singing, “Let your conscience be your guide”?

      • awww Miss Clowie …………….
        i can translate for you if you like 🙂 xx
        Cuando usted desea sobre una estrella
        Cuando usted desea sobre una estrella
        No hace ninguna diferencia lo que eres
        Cualquier cosa que tu corazón desee
        Vendrá a usted

        Si su corazón está en su sueño
        No hay petición demasiado extrema
        Cuando usted desea sobre una estrella
        Como hacen los soñadores

        El destino es una especie
        Ella trae a los que aman
        El cumplimiento de dulce
        Su deseo secreto

        Al igual que un rayo caído del cielo
        Pasos en Fate y que ve a través de
        Cuando usted desea sobre una estrella
        Sus sueños se hacen realidad

        El destino es una especie
        Ella trae a los que aman
        El cumplimiento de dulce
        Su deseo secreto

        Al igual que un rayo caído del cielo
        Pasos en Fate y que ve a través de
        Cuando usted desea sobre una estrella
        Sus sueños se hacen realidad

        xo xo xo xo xo C

    • The video didn’t load at first. I now see it’s, “When you wish upon a star” – much nicer – I love that song!

  11. LOL Definitely guilty. Although he looks more like a locust than a the crickets around here. Those locusts eat a lot and are really sneaky about it. 😉

    • I think he is a locust really. We get quite an assortment of grasshoppers and crickets here, from the size of a little fingernail up to the size of this one – about 3 inches long. My bipeds call them all Jiminy!

  12. Even though he’s probably guilty, I couldn’t shoo him away either. 🙂

  13. Jimmy is sooooo BUSTED.. he was right next to it..BOL Voted 🙂 xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  14. Yes, Jiminy is guilty, but he is an invalid. With a missing leg he isn’t a grasshopper, just a grass-hugger and he deserves some wisteria snacks :o)

  15. Probably guilty, but he gets extra points for being a clever survivor!

  16. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!! I said he is innocent!!

  17. Oh wow, quite the mystery! 🙂

  18. I say it is a mystery. Maybe Jiminy is defending the wisteria against the real culprits and if he were not there the wisteria would be gone! Good work, Jiminy! 😉

  19. 🙂 My mom sometimes says, “Jiminy Cricket” in place of a cuss word. So when you went out and found your plants eaten, instead of saying something naughty you now have a good excuse to yell out Jiminy’s name.

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