After you

I had this conversation with my biped when she was helping me with my correspondence this week.

Biped: Someone has left a question for you, Clowie. This person asks, “Why does a Great Pyrenees, or Pyrenean Mountain Dog, always have to go through the door first?

Clowie: We don’t!

B: Okay…

C: I always wait politely for bipeds to go through first, unless whoever I’m with tells me to go first.

B: Yes, you do.

C: You said that as though I wasn’t always that polite.

B: Well, you did want to push through the doorway first when you were a puppy.

C: Oh, I remember now! But there was always a knee in the way when I was small and as I became bigger the door would close again so that I couldn’t go through.

B: Yes, it sometimes took a while for us to get through a doorway. But you gradually learnt to sit and wait patiently.

C: Sit was the first thing I learnt to do well. When I was a bit older and had learnt the ‘wait’ command you would say ‘wait’ to me. Now you hardly ever need to tell me.

B: Why were you so keen to get through the door first when you were a puppy?

C: I think it was a mixture of puppy enthusiasm and curiosity. It’s always nice to discover what is happening on the other side of the door. Why do you want to go first?

B: The main reason is that I don’t like being towed along! It is important for a large dog to have good manners. It is so much easier to open and close a door, or a gate, if you’re waiting patiently and not pulling.

C: Yes, I suppose it is. But you always want to see what is on the other side of a door before I do when we’re in a place we haven’t been before. I sometimes think it would be better if I saw first so that I can protect you better – I am head of security!

B: So we have another reason why Pyrenean Mountain Dogs might like to go through doorways first!

C: Yes, doorways are very important in terms of security. You may have noticed that I often choose to sleep across the door to the room you’re in.

B: It would be hard not to notice you when I have to ask you to move so that I can open the door!

C: True! But I always move straightaway.

B: Can you think of any occasions when it’s been a good thing that you’ve waited to be told to come through the door?

C: Yes, when we stayed at that hotel in the south of France where that big dog was always loose in the corridors. He didn’t like me, did he?

B: No, I don’t think he was used to seeing a dog bigger than he is. It would have been very difficult for us to protect you if you’d gone through the door first.

C: Yes, he allowed you to shoo him away if he couldn’t see me. There was also that time when we lived in that old, stone house when we first came to Spain. There were workmen resurfacing the track by the house and they’d removed the steps down from the front door, without telling us!

B: There was a drop of about four feet when we opened the front door!

They had taken away the step and dug away a lot of the track.

The finished version – they had taken away the step and removed a lot of soil where the track had been

C: I don’t think I would have noticed the steps had gone!

B: It isn’t every day that stone steps just vanish like that! If you had charged through the door, I would probably have fallen over the edge and landed in a heap on top of you.

C: I’m glad that didn’t happen!

B: Me too!

C: It is now perfectly natural for me to wait for you to go through a door before me. When I was a puppy, you convinced me to sit. Then we progressed to ‘wait’ when I was less pushy and didn’t need to sit. Now you never need to tell me because I’m polite!

See you next Wednesday!

P.S. I won a prize on Dakota’s Den – thank you Dakota! Do pop over and visit Dakota if you don’t already know him. And if you do know him, make sure you have his correct address now that he’s moved! It’s

My prize is a candy jar from DogBreedCartoon with a Great Pyrenees on it. My biped is going to use it for herbs! I’m happy about that, even though it’s really mine! If you click here you can see the design I chose – a Great Pyrenees!

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  1. Clowie,
    You are so smart and very polite! I always try to wait too, but some times my nosy beagle nature gets the best of me.

    • Thank you! Sometimes it takes bipeds ages to do the simplest things – I don’t think they have any idea how patient we are when we’re waiting.

  2. The Great Pyrs I’ve met have been lounging either near or across the perimeter. They look relaxed and comfortable, but I just know that they’re waiting for a predator.

    • I think you’re right! We’re very good at looking relaxed while we’re keeping watch. I’m sure they’d leap into action in the blink of an eye if they noticed a threat.

  3. The reader is erasing many people’s like you have 51 comments and 27 likes. Not possible. I have seen this on many other blogs.
    Clowie is so smart and such a good writer!

  4. yikes ……I apologize. it just massively duplicated my comments. so sorry~

    • Not to worry, it only took a moment to remove the duplicates! I’ve never seen WordPress do anything like that before, I think you’ve offended it!

  5. What an excellent conversation and answer Clowie…you are seriously one of the most polite pups that I have ever met! 🙂 But I must say that this is not just a large doggie problem, us small pups always want to go in the door before anyone else! I’m not sure that I can say it’s for “security” reasons though…more like small dog enthusiasm and down right curiosity! 😉 But we can all learn a little politeness and calmness from you! Happy Wednesday!

    • I think that large and small doggies are a lot more alike than most bipeds realise! But you can probably get through the door at the same time as a person without knocking them flying!

  6. Clowie you have better manners than I do! I ALWAYS go through the door first! I better not let my Mom see this! Thanks so much for the shout out and that was super kind of you to list my new address! Hope you like the treat jar! I think it is a great idea to use it for herbs…..especially since it is so darned small! BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • I love the jar! It’s good quality and the lid fits well. But there’s no way that it will hold enough treats, so I’m keeping the big teddy bear jar we have for my treats and letting my biped use it for herbs. She buys oregano loose at the local market and it is ideal for that.
      I was pleased to give you a mention!

  7. Hi Clowie,

    How are you dear puppy. ?.. I wish you are doing super well… 😉

    You are so smart & polite…. I really enjoyed this post…

    Congratulations on the Award.too…

    Woof Woof !

    Sending you love, Aquileana 🙂

  8. I always wait at the front door, but inside I’m not so polite BOL

  9. Congrats on your prize! I didn’t start teaching Maya to sit and wait until later in her life. As a result, her sit/stay isn’t as patient as yours. I should let her read your blog. 😉

  10. The missing steps would have given me quite the shock! I’m glad you had learned to be patient and your biped checked her surroundings before stepping out!

  11. Congratulations on winning that prize from Dakota! You are such a good girl Clowie 🙂 We never wait for our bipeds to go through the door first. We always beat them to it!

  12. Hey Clowie, Shiner likes to go through the door first a lot and it’s something I’ve been working on with her lately. I read that it can help with some possessive type issues. Maybe you can teach Shiner a thing or two! Congratulations on winning that candy jar, it is totally super cute!

    • I can see that it could help with some possessive type issues, but I think it’s worth remembering that female dogs don’t always play by the ‘rules’ that male dogs do when it comes to possession of something important.
      I was excited to win such a nice jar, thank you.

  13. Clowie, I think if you and I were to go through a doorway, I would hitch a ride on your back!! MOL

    You are very polite 🙂

  14. Pyrs do always want to go through a door first! Mine do and I always thought that the boss should go through first. Maybe Pyrs think that they are the bosses!

  15. Oh, sweet Clowie being polite is such a nice trait. That would have been scary finding your steps gone and such a big drop had someone fallen. They should have warned you before they took them. Congrats on your win. Hugs and nose kisses

  16. I told Jen I go thru first to make sure she’d be safe. Truth is, I just want to be first!

  17. Oh so very polite Clowie! You have an answer for everything lol;) nut your beds describe soever very interesting hazards lol even for the head of security 😀

  18. Boy, you’re right – it isn’t every day that your steps disappear. Sounds like a comedy routine or prank! You are so good and polite. We let Rita go out first usually. She’s just excited to get going!

    • The male biped said that we should look around for the camera! It didn’t seem possible that it had happened! I go indoors first sometimes, if they have stuff to bring in or want to take their boots off.

  19. All the dogs in this building pull their owners into the elevators and stuff. The other day when Pop came home. When he opened the door, I ran out. It was the first time I did that.

    • My bipeds don’t like being pulled at all, they refuse to move if I try! I expect your Pop will watch you more carefully now, I bet you worried him!

  20. We kitties like to go through the door first, too, and apparently, unlike Great Pyrenees dogs, we don’t learn better manners.

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