Where’s my doggy?

The other evening the male biped came into the room where I was relaxing and asked, “Where’s my doggy?”

I immediately leapt to my feet and rushed to him for a fuss and then I did a play bow and darted to the back door to invite him to come outside and play with me. He laughed and followed me. We had a lovely game of football and came back indoors.

I heard the female say, “It never fails to bring out the puppy in Clowie when you say that!”

They laughed about it and shared some memories of when I was a puppy. Like most puppies I wanted to leap all over them when they came home, but they didn’t think it was appropriate behaviour! They taught me to sit and wait until they told me that I could greet them.

I found it particularly difficult to do when the male biped had been away for a day or two, but he didn’t like me near his suits! He would tell me to sit before he came in through the door. He would tell me I was good and disappear to get changed. It used to seem like ages before he reappeared saying, “Where’s my doggy?”

That was my signal that I could approach him and tell him I was pleased to see him. We would have a lovely cuddle and he would take me outside so that I could bounce around and show just how excited I was. It gradually became our routine that I would have a cuddle and then dash to the back door to ask him to come outside for a game.

Playing with a puppy pal

Playing with a puppy pal

I don’t need telling to sit anymore. I go to the door when I hear them come home and stand with my tail gently wagging. I can usually tell whether my bipeds are wearing the type of clothes they don’t want me near, or if they’re carrying shopping. I watch them carefully for a slight nod of the head before I get close enough to touch them. If I don’t get a nod from them, I follow them and watch them. As soon as they’ve either put down what they were carrying or returned from changing their clothes, I’m there for a cuddle! I don’t usually mind waiting because they talk to me while I’m being so very patient and tell me how good I am.

My biped hardly ever says, “Where’s my doggy?” now, but when he does it’s a nice memory. I’m reminded of how exciting it was when I could rush up to him and have a cuddle after waiting, so I get almost as excited as I did when I was a puppy!

Are there things that remind you of when you were a youngster and bring back happy memories?

I have a piece of good news for you – Mary, aka MJ, will be going to a new home of her own soon.

See you next Wednesday!

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  1. I always love your stories Clowie! Some dogs get so excited when they see their bipeds that they start peeing on the floor. We used to tell people to do something similar to your bipeds training technique to help with that.

    • Thank you! I’m sure my bipeds are pleased I didn’t do that, some puppies make little puddles and some make lakes! It’s very difficult to wait to greet them at first, but it gradually becomes natural.

  2. Awww Clowie this isthe first time I have seen you as a little puppy you are so cute!!!!

  3. What a good doggy you are and such a cute puppy 🙂 we heard about MJ and it’s wonderful news isn’t it 🙂 Have a great day sweet one hugs Fozziemum x

  4. I am totally (head over heels) in love with Clowie…..

  5. Awwww. That’s so cute. Whee know a few doggies Mummy has met who could do with having lovely good manners like yours!

    Happy Wednesday

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

    • Thank you. We doggies tend to be very enthusiastic about everything. Sometimes it’s a good thing, but sometimes it’s better if we can tone it down a bit!

  6. My Mommy always say’s ” Where’s my Princess” I know I am going to get a super cuddle when I hear that. You are so good Clowie, I still get over excited and jump up sometimes. BOL Have a good week and see you next Wednesday xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. Clowie you were the sweetest puppy and you have grown into a lovely companion. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Clowie my furriend, you were the most precious pup ever! And what a gracious lady you have become….proud to call you furriend….purrs, Savannah

  9. What a great story! Clowie you are very clever to have studied your people so carefully and even learned to wait patiently while they change clothes. Your puppy picture is so cute and fluffy!

  10. Your so good! and thanks for mentioning MJ

  11. You may be the best behaved doggie in BloggieVille, C. Where’s My Doggie sounds Ike a super fun game. I don’t remember being a puppy. I don’t think it was fun at all. 😦 Nowadays, I like when Mom says, “Want to learn?” That means she will practice tricks with me AND give me lots of treats!

    Love and licks,

    • Thank you, Cupcake. It is a phrase I love to hear! I enjoy learning new things with my bipeds, it’s always fun to have their full attention and get treats!

  12. What a sweet story Clowie….I know that your male biped loves those memories just as much as you do…….as for “where’s his doggy” we know you’re right there by his side and always will be! As for me, I just love to hear my name called – I know one of my parents is looking for me and wants me to come to them and that always means a cuddle or a treat! WOO HOO!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  13. You always remind me so much of my sister. She is so well behaved too. I am the trouble maker in the family but that tag doesn’t bother me 🙂 Did you used to jump up on your humans?

    • I’ve never jumped up very much, but I’ve had my moments! They have usually managed to avoid it by asking me to sit. I was encouraged to keep all four paws on the floor from the moment I lived with them.

  14. I used to wee everywhere when my daddy came home BOL. I’m trying to learn not to jump and most of the time I get it right but sometimes I get soooo excited I can’t contain myself

  15. Ohh what a nice post Clowie!
    Doggy doesn’t jump on me when I get home, however, when I’m gone for more than a day and I get home he gets really excited and refuses to sit, he keeps growling, until I say “Where’s my gorda!” then he starts jumping like crazy but not on me.
    Then when he hears “Who is going out?” he brings all his toys and sits waiting for me to put the leash.
    Happy times.

    • Thank you! If I’m really excited, I bounce about next to them but I don’t jump on them. I don’t much like it when I see other dogs jump up my bipeds. I think I’d get on well with Doggy!

  16. Dear Clowie, you are better behaved than my sister Oceana she could use a mentor but our mom & dad love her in spite of her zeal! As always thank you for the lovely story you paint a beautiful picture with your words.

    • Thank you very much. I expect Oceana weighs less than I do. They tell me it’s important to have good manners for big doggies like me.

  17. Clowie mum says you are one big adorable softie 🙂 x

  18. Your bi-peds could start their very own puppy training class. How well behaved you are and smart to learn such subtle clues. Mr B also tries to change from work clothes before the kitties get a snuggle, but they’re not always co-operative. You sure have grown! Look how small you once were, and so fluffy and cute too!

    • I think my bipeds would enjoy that! Kitties usually have their own ideas about how things should be done. I was small – but not for long!

  19. Aw! That is a nice memory! We are jumpers too, so we understand wanting to go right up and greet!

  20. Clowie You tell such amazing stories ….
    I hope you publish them with Your paws !!!!!!!!! xo C

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