Not too close!

I was one of the doggies featured on Cat Forsley’s blog recently. If you haven’t seen the post, you should take a look – you may meet a new doggy friend there!

I’m going to tell you about our log fire.Β When the weather is cold and my bipeds are relaxing, they like to light a log fire. I’ve never found the actual fire particularly interesting, but the logs in the basket at the side of the fireplace are quite tempting! I don’t do more than sniff them now, but when I was a puppy I used to take one or two logs out to play with if I thought no one was looking. They always noticed! One of my bipeds would hand me one of my toys and put the logs back in the basket.

The cats, Mulberry and Pippin, like to sit close to the fire. Pippin is usually sensible, but Mulberry sometimes wants to be too close. When that happens I gently push him with my nose, until he moves away to a safe distance.

Log fire (from Wiki Commons)

Log fire (from Wiki Commons)

When Mulberry was a kitten, I think he would have climbed into the fire if he could. The bipeds were always moving him to a safer distance. They would play with him to try to keep him away from the fire, but he would keep going back again.

I heard my bipeds say that it wasn’t very relaxing having a fire when Mulberry was determined to get so close to it. I also heard them ask Mulberry if he would ever learn! I think he knew they didn’t want him to go so close, but he can be quite determined.

One evening Mulberry had been asleep on the sofa and then got down and approached the fire. I wasn’t sure whether the bipeds had noticed and I was closer to Mulberry, so I stood up and moved and blocked his path. He tried to walk round me, so I gently pushed him with my nose.

The bipeds chuckled and one of them said, “That’s right, Clowie! He’s going too close to the fire again.”

Ever since then, I’ve helped by keeping Mulberry at a reasonable distance from the fire when it’s alight. He doesn’t often need reminding now. Sometimes I suspect he’s teasing me, when he does edge closer to the fire. But I push him away for his own safety. When I settle back down again he’ll come and play with my tail. I think he likes to know that I look after him.

See you next Wednesday!

116 thoughts on “Not too close!

  1. Aw Clowie – you are such an amazing dog. I am truly inspired! : )))xox Monty

  2. Whew … will check it out and you are a good guard. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Please come and live with us, Fleur gets too close to the fire and Mummy Janey and Daddy Chris worry.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

    • I think I’d enjoy a holiday with you! I’d love all that snow and I might get to see a bear – I could scare it away for you. I’m sure I’d find time to convince Fleur not to get too close to the fire!

  4. Wow, you’re famous. Just saw you and commented about “you” at Cat Forsley’s site. That’s agreat photo of you. To this one, we LOVE logs. Me, Max, ate some of the side of the house when I was younger, BOL. Dad had to use some weird looking stuff to fill it in and patch it up. Me, Bella, a log, a log!!! Where’s the log? I wuv logs. We’ve never seen a fire but from how you describe protecting Mulberry tells us to beware. Always learn from our friend, Clowie. Max & Bella

    • You do need to be careful of the fire, but the good part is it means they bring logs indoors and they need a store of them in the garden. There’s a gate so that I can’t get to the woodshed, but sometimes the gate gets left open, woof! I think I’d have tried to eat the house if it was made of wood. I tried a wall that was made of plaster when I was a puppy – that wasn’t nice. But the doors and the skirting boards were good.

  5. Looking after kitties is hard work. I know my cat Jasper would get into such trouble if I didn’t keep an eye on him.

  6. Clowie, you are such a brilliant pup! And a very good sister to watch out for Mulberry like that! I bet your mom and dad are very proud of you πŸ™‚

  7. Bella and DiDi: Clowie, Mulberry is lucky to have you! Good work!

  8. Oh Clowie, that is soooooo nice of you to do that. I bet Mulberry really appreciates it and is sure that you are his best friend. That is such and important job for you. Take care.

  9. Clowie that is wonderful that you looked out for Mulberry so well! My Angel Bobo once singed his tail on a candle, fires can be quite dangerous but they are soooooooo beautiful!

    • Thank you, cats can get a bit carried away – they need an eye keeping on them!
      I like the change to your Gravatar.

  10. How great that Clowie nudges Mulberry away from the fire to stay safe…so caring & a great cat sitter. πŸ™‚

  11. Mulberry is lucky to have someone like you to protect him! His name reminds me that the mulberries are starting to ripen on the trees near us. There will soon be purple stains all over the ground!

  12. Clever Clowie! Mulberry would be toast without you πŸ˜‰

  13. I never grow tired of reading your delightful stories thank you so much for sharing them.
    If we’re not for you Clowie, Mulberry would be a marshmallow! Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, I’m really pleased you enjoy reading my stories. Mulberry needs an eye keeping on him. He’s very sweet (like a marshmallow) but he does silly things!

  14. Such a nice sister Clowie. My cat always jumped on our counter and one day she got to close to the stove fire and some of her fur caught fire. It was only singed a tiny bit and she wasn’t hurt thankfully. She was a pretty silly kitty πŸ™‚

  15. Long fur and fires certainly dont mix.
    At least you are aware of that.
    Stay warm.

  16. Aww very sweet Clowie. I love that you do that for Mulberry.. πŸ™‚

  17. How caring of you Clowie! You’re so smart. My dogs would say, “Go ahead, Cat. I dare ya.” Whenever my Maya goes to my parent’s house, she likes to steal the wood my dad has piled up for his barbecue pit. We discovered this by accident when I came to fetch her from the yard and found branches strewn across the yard. There were very few branches left in my dad’s pile. We all thought it was funny and cute, until it came to picking it up and restacking it.

    • Thank you! I think I’d like to help Maya with that wood. I’ve moved logs from the woodshed a few times. My bipeds never seem too pleased when I’ve arranged them on the lawn!

  18. Oh, you are so sweet, Clowie! I’m pretty sure if we got a cat, Rita would “accidentally” bump it into the fire. (But luckily we have a gas fireplace with glass across the front – so she wouldn’t actually char the kitty!)

  19. You are such a sweetheart xx so thoughfullllll xo Cat

  20. Mulberry is silly! He could have singed whiskers!

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